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It’s hard to imagine the modern homes without range hoods. Nowadays, it’s possible to see a range hood on any kitchen. A range hood is a very important kitchen appliance. It removes smoke, flying grease and heat from the air and creates comfortable environment in a kitchen.

There is a large selection of range hoods available for sale these days. So, picking the right range hood that fits your kitchen needs can be hard. You have to be very selective when it comes to choosing a range hood. It’s necessary to take into account such factors as design, ventilation type, noise level, size, shape and price.

Wall-mounted and under-cabinet range hoods are two very popular options. Wall-mounted range hoods vs. under-cabinet range hoods – which is better? Now, let’s dig deeper into this question and try to find the answer.

Today, we’ll compare these two types of range hoods one to another, describe their key features as well as pros and cons. This will help you figure out what type of a range hood is best for you.

So, let’s get started.

Pros and Cons of Wall-mounted Range Hoods

It would be better to install wall-mounted range hoods in large kitchens. A wall-mounted range hood is mounted to the wall. A range hood is positioned above the stove.

Range hoods of this type are well-known for their powerful fans and filter units. Such a range hood will easily remove smoke, grease and food particles from the kitchen area.


– Wall mounted range hoods are very powerful. Range hoods of this type have large fan capacities. So, they can handle large volumes of air during the cooking process.
– Wall-mounted range hoods impress homeowners with their great features. The key features of a wall-mounted range hood include: auto shit off timer, LED lighting, smart blower systems and others.
– Wall mounted range hoods are made from high quality materials that don’t rust. That’s why range hoods of this type can serve you successfully for a long period of time.
– Wall mounted range hoods have the appealing look. Such a range hood will draw a lot of attention and contribute greatly to the design of any kitchen.


– Homeowners say that wall mounted range hoods are very noisy. Range hoods have powerful fans. The fans make a lot of noise when working at the maximum speed.
– It’s not easy to install a mounted range hood. The installation process is complex and requires special knowledge, skills and tools.
– Wall mounted range hoods require too much space and a lot of ductwork. That’s why it’s not recommended to install range hood of this type in small kitchens.
– Air pollutants, grease and oils accumulate quickly in the range hood. So, such a range hood has to be cleaned and maintained regularly. That means that maintaining a wall mounted range hood can be costly.

Pros and Cons of Under-Cabinet Range Hoods

An under-cabinet range hood would be the perfect choice for small kitchens where the space is limited. An under-cabinet range hood is installed above the cooking area. It can be integrated into kitchen’s cabinetry.

It’s worth noting that range hoods of this type are equipped with efficient blowers. It’s fair to say that an under-cabinet range hood is a space-saving solution. A range hood doesn’t take too much space. It’s a great idea to install such a range hood in a kitchen with low ceilings.


– Under-cabinet range hoods are worth considering if you would like to get the most out of your kitchen space. It’s possible to use under-cabinet range hoods in small kitchens. Range hoods of this type don’t affect the design of a kitchen.
– Under-cabinet range hoods don’t require a lot of ductwork. That’s why they are easy to install and easy to maintain.
– Under-cabinet range hoods come with the modern features. Homeowners can use additional lighting, adjustable fan speeds, touch screen controls as well as remote-controlled start and stop feature during the cooking process.
– Under-cabinet range hoods come with low-powered exhaust blowers that don’t make too much noise. That’s why range hoods work quietly. Under-cabinet range hoods are a good option for homes where it’s incredibly important to maintain low noise level.
– Under-cabinet range hoods are an affordable solution. Range hoods of this type are much cheaper. Also, it doesn’t take too much time to install and maintain under-cabinet range hoods. That’s why installation and maintenance costs are lower.


– Under-cabinet range hoods are less powerful. And of course, this has an impact on range hood’s efficiency. Such a range hood can’t handle high amounts of air.
– Under-cabinet range hoods can’t extract hot steam as well as vapors effectively. If a range hood doesn’t do a good job, then the buildup of condensation may begin to accumulate in the kitchen.
– It’s also important to note that under-cabinet range hoods can’t work successfully at extreme temperatures. So, it’s not recommended to use such range hoods in the kitchens where constant deep fry or heavy grease cooking is performed. A range hood will not manage to improve ventilation in the kitchen where boiling grease and oil droplets are released quickly.

What Type of a Range Hood is Right for You?

As you can see, each type of range hoods has its own pros and cons. Now, let’s return to our main question and try to make the final decision. So, a wall-mounted range hood or an under-cabinet range hood?

First of all, you have to explore both options and analyze their pros and cons carefully. After that, you have to pick a range hood that fits your kitchen ventilation needs in the best possible way.

Your choice depends a lot on your kitchen design, cooking needs and budget. Do you have a small or large kitchen? If your kitchen is large, then it would be great to consider a wall-mounted range hood. On the other hand, an under-cabinet range hood is a better option for small kitchens.

A wall-mounted range hood would be a better option in terms of efficiency. However, such a range hood is more expensive compared to an under-cabinet range hood.

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