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This elegant and sophisticated tub would become a great addition to your bathroom interior. Its diamond shape will bring a sense of luxury and style completely changing the way your bathroom looks and feels. The tub offers amazing bath experience. Soaking in this beautiful tub gives the utmost pleasure and satisfaction.

This soaking freestanding tub has a lot of advantages which make it really worth installing. It will create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom and turn this space into a peaceful oasis. If you are looking for something special and unique, this bathtub model is definitely the one to consider.

Incredible Strength and Durability

The strength and durability of any bathtub largely depends on the material it is made of. Acrylic is an extremely popular material often used during bathtub manufacturing process. You can be sure that this diamond-shaped freestanding bathtub is made of high-quality acrylic. If maintained properly, this bathtub will preserve its beauty for many years to come. It will never fade or turn yellow. It will always stay glossy white and sparkling adding an exquisite touch to the whole bathroom space.

In fact, acrylic is known to be one of the best bathtub materials due to a wide range of benefits it offers. It is not just strong and beautiful. It is also lightweight, resistant to breakage, repairable, and most importantly, affordable. This Streamline 63″ N-620-63FSWH-FM bathtub model is produced from premium quality acrylic with a thickness of 3.8mm. The bathtub is built to withstand everyday use and last longer. Due to the increased thickness, the tub is also less prone to cracks and scratches.

For added strength and durability, this Streamline N-620-63FSWH-FM acrylic tub is equipped with a stainless frame. Adding this frame is an effective way to provide additional support creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for bathers. The stainless-steel frame is also reinforced with fiberglass to make sure that the tub will never lose its shape and always look stunning.
The surface of this luxurious bathtub is glazed to get a glossy and sparkling finish. Due to the glaze, the tub never fades and preserves its amazing look for a long period of time.

Comfortable Size

A freestanding tub is definitely a smart investment. Soaking in the tub is extremely beneficial for your skin, muscles and joints. This Streamline N-620-63FSWH-FM freestanding tub has an extremely comfortable shape and size providing the most relaxing bath experience. The tub is 63 inches in length, 28.7 inches in width and 23.6 in height. The interior dimensions are 43.3 inches length, 19.3 inches width and 15.4 inches height.

Soaking in this luxurious tub offers a lot of therapeutic benefits including lower blood pressure, improved blood circulation and stress relief. You are going to feel fresh and rejuvenated. The size of a Streamline diamond-shaped tub is ideal for a long and relaxing bath. After using the tub for the first time, you will agree that this is the best investment you have ever made. This soaking tub will turn your bathroom into a soothing oasis creating an extremely harmonious and calming atmosphere.

Different Drain Colors

A Streamline 63″ N-620-63FSWH-FM soaking tub comes with a polished chrome drain. Polished chrome is a versatile finish that offers timeless glamour and unique shine. Its glossy look adds sense of style to the bathtub complementing the whole bathroom design. This finish has high durability and is resistant to corrosion. It incorporates easily into any bathroom space and turns the bathtub into a work of art.

But if polished chrome is not the finish you are looking for, there is no need to worry. You can always contact our specialists and choose the drain color that suits the design of your space most. We offer different drain colors including brushed brass, brushed gold, brushed nickel, brushed gunmetal, glossy white, matte black, matte oil rubbed bronze, polished brass and polished gold. A Streamline freestanding tub looks perfect with any of these colors.

Choose the color that harmonizes with your bathroom space and its décor. No doubt, a well-matched drain color will turn a freestanding bathtub into a masterpiece that makes your bathroom really stand out. Add a unique touch to the whole bathroom interior with a beautiful and elegant drain color.

The drain usually comes separately. It can be found in the bathtub box. There is also the guide saying how to install it properly. But if you are not quite sure you can do it by yourself, you can always contact out specialist to get professional help.

The Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

The Streamline 63″ N-620-63FSWH-FM freestanding tub is made of high-quality acrylic that is very easy to clean and maintain. The tub has a smooth surface which makes the cleaning process even simpler and quicker. No special cleaning agents are required to keep your soaking tub beautiful and shiny. You can use such household products as white vinegar, baking soda and dishwashing liquid to effectively remove dirt, grease, soap scum and hard water stains from the surface of this freestanding tub. No harsh chemicals should be used for cleaning an acrylic tub. They can significantly damage the tub leaving no change to restore it.

Additional Information

A luxurious 63″ Streamline N-620-63FSWH-FM soaking freestanding tub will complement any bathroom design. It looks brilliant and can easily become a centerpiece of your bathroom turning it into a soothing escape.

There is some other information you should consider before buying this gorgeous bathtub. The tub has an overflow. It is an extremely important feature that effectively prevents flooding and damage to the bathroom floor. The tub cannot be combined with a deck-mount faucet. An elegant freestanding faucet will perfectly complement this beautiful tub. The tub holds about 63 gallons of water providing you with the most satisfying bath experience. This Streamline bathtub comes with a 5-year warranty. By the way, bathtub replacement parts are always available.

63″ Streamline soaking freestanding tub is the perfect choice for a truly luxurious and unique bathroom space. Breathe new life into your bathroom with this exquisite diamond-shaped tub.

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For people who seek quality, durability and affordability, buying an acrylic bathtub is definitely the right choice. This tub will add elegance, luxury and style to your bathroom providing you with the highest levels of comfort and relaxation.  

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