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Soaking in a tub can provide you with a wide range of benefits. It’s really great for your mental and physical health. Even if you are too busy to take a bath every day, you should do it at least twice a week. Warm water can help you relax after a hard day at work and leave all your worries behind. It can also soothe your muscles, improve emotional health and help you sleep better at night. Bathtub accessories will add a lot to your comfort.

Today, there are so many different bathtubs with innovative features and accessories that can take your bath experience to the next level. Tub manufacturers constantly offer something new to attract more customers and turn their bath time into a truly miraculous adventure.

When it comes to replacing your old bathtub, you may get easily confused by a huge variety of features and accessories that modern tubs may have. Let’s see what things you can add to your tub to make your bath even more relaxing and luxurious.

Consider Getting a Jetted Bathtub

A jetted tub is known to be a bathtub with hydrotherapy jets. There are a lot of homeowners who do not consider it necessary to include a jetted tub into their bathroom renovation project. They believe that a jetted tub is just a luxurious item and nothing more. In fact, you will be immensely surprised to find out what jetted tubs have to offer.


The jets positioned all over the tub can massage your muscles increasing blood circulation and relieving tightness. No doubt, a headache can turn your day into a nightmare. You can’t even imagine how quickly a jetted tub can help you get rid of that terrible headache. A tub with jets will help you feel fresh and rejuvenated as well.

High blood pressure is another reason why you may need a jetted tub. Soaking in warm water can help you lower your blood pressure. A jetted tub can help you reduce stress and start living a happier life.

Aromatherapy tubs

Can there be anything more comforting and relaxing than soaking in warm water? Sometimes, soaking in pure water is not enough. That’s why, you should use an aromatherapy system that is usually located on the rim of the tub. The system diffuses the essential oils making your bath extremely pleasant and joyful. It’s really hard to overestimate the benefits of aromatherapy. Breathing in the fragrance of essential oils can soothe your nerves, calm your mind and boost your immune system.

What is a chromatherapy tub?

Do you still think that LED lights can be used for your home’s interior design only? In fact, today lights can be used in your bath. Chromatherapy is known to be color therapy. It is often preferred by people who want to enrich their bath experience. Colors can evoke different emotions. Some certain colors can make us feel calm and relaxed.


Have you ever thought that colors can affect your mood? Each color has its own meaning and purpose. Red hues are used to improve appetite and blood circulation. Yellow color boosts your nervous system, while orange hues make you feel cheerful and happy. You may also prefer blue color that helps you relax. Green hues reduce stress and create the harmony you need so much. If you feel agitated, purple color will help you calm down and achieve tranquility. White color is great for your body and soul. It helps get rid of headaches and recharge your batteries.

Using a bathtub ozonator

Using an ozonator is a great way to sanitize your tub water keeping it always crystal clear and fresh. Once ozone gets into the water, it starts killing the bacteria and viruses that can be found there. A bathtub ozonator is extremely powerful. It effectively removes the contaminants in the water. Due to this machine, you will need a much smaller amount of chemicals than you usually do.

Ozonators are absolutely safe for human health. Oxygen is the only byproduct of ozone. There will be no chemical residues. Ozonators do not cause the environmental pollution as well. A high-quality ozonator will work for several years without causing any problems. After that, you will probably need a new one.

Portable bathtub seats

A bath seat is a useful accessory that can make bathing much easier and more comfortable for people with some mobility issues. The seats are gaining huge popularity. They come in a wide variety of designs that can add a touch of style to any bathroom. If your budget is tight, you can get a bath seat made of plastic or foam. They are affordable and lightweight. Despite the fact that these seats look simple and offer no additional features, they can do their job well.

But if you are looking for a more luxurious item, you can prefer a seat with some additional features including heated backrests or massage jets. Made of composite materials or stainless steel, these seats are extremely durable. They will last for many years adding beauty and character to your bathroom.

Using bath pillows for extra comfort

Taking a bath is always relaxing. But taking a bath with a pillow provides even more comfort and relaxation. Keep in mind that the pillow you choose should be made of the strong and durable material to be able to support your neck effectively. Your bath pillow should be water resistant. However, you still shouldn’t leave the pillow in a damp environment for a long period of time. Mildew can appear inside the pillow. As a result, you will have to buy a new one.


There are some effective tips that can help you make your bath pillow last longer. You should rinse your pillow thoroughly and dry it after each use. You shouldn’t put it near the source of heat or moisture. Avoid using harsh chemicals to keep your bath pillow clean.

With the right features and accessories you will manage to get the most out of your bath. It’s really important to create a warm and soothing atmosphere in your bathroom. Consider your needs to get the accessories you will definitely benefit from.

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