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A shower door is a very important element of a bathroom. A shower door affects the functionality of your shower as well as the overall appearance of your bathroom space.

Are you installing a new shower in your bathroom? Or, maybe, you need to upgrade a current shower in your bathroom? One way or another, you have to buy a shower door for your enclosure.

It’s crucial to pick the right type of shower door for a bathroom. So, homeowners have to take the process of selecting a shower door seriously.

Choosing the perfect shower door for a bathroom is not always easy. The truth is that a lot of options are available for sale these days. There are many things to consider before buying a new shower enclosure door. That’s why some homeowners find it difficult to pick a shower that meets their preferences and requirements.

Today, we’ll talk you through different types of shower doors and give you tips for choosing the perfect shower door for your enclosure. This will help you find out how to choose a shower door and make a smart decision.

So, let’s get started.

Different Types of Shower Doors

Different types of shower enclosure doors are available today. Each type of doors has its own pros and cons. We’ll describe various types of shower doors and give you recommendations to help you make your decision easy.

Sliding Shower Doors

Those homeowners, who have small doors or need space-saving solutions, should consider buying sliding shower doors. It’s a great idea to use sliding shower doors for guest bathrooms. With doors of this type, you don’t lose any space.

Doors create slim. That’s the reason why a door doesn’t require too much space when you open it. However, a sliding enclosure door is suitable for enclosure of any shape and can be used in any bathroom.

Sliding shower doors are stylish. It’s also important to note that sliding doors are very practical.

There are both framed and frameless sliding shower doors. Shower doors of this type are made of glass and plastic.

Like any other types of shower doors, sliding doors has drawbacks. The main disadvantage of sliding shower doors is that they have a smaller space for entering the shower enclosure.

Bi-fold Shower Doors

Bi-fold shower doors are another space-saving option. The shower doors of this type save space and function very well.

Bi-fold shower doors are more beautiful than traditional shower doors. Such doors can bring style as well as elegance to your bathroom.

There is no doubt that bi-fold shower doors would be the perfect choice for the modern bathrooms.

Hinged Shower Doors

Hinged shower doors impress with their simplicity. However, such doors are less practical than sliding shower doors. It’s important to know that doors open outwards. That means that you should provide enough space around the shower enclosure for a hinged shower door to open.
What is great about hinged shower doors is that they provide a secure enclosure. That means that your bathroom will not be damaged by steam and water.

A door opens and closes on a hinge. Hinged shower doors are a good option both for curved and straight shower enclosures. It makes a lot of sense to consider buying hinged shower doors if you have rectangle or square shower enclosures.
Hinged shower doors would be the perfect choice for homeowners, who like the classic design. However, the doors of this type come in many different styles. So, you’ll find it easy to pick the shower doors that meet the interior design of your bathroom best.

Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot shower doors can be designed to open inwards and outwards. It all depends on your preferences and how much space you have in your bathroom.

Such doors are not a good option for a small bathroom. Pivot shower doors are worth considering for bathrooms with non-slip floors and wet room bathrooms.

A pivot shower door is wide when you open it up. That means that pivot shower doors require more space. You need to ensure that nothing stops pivot shower doors from opening. Otherwise, a door can be damaged. If pivot shower doors open outwards, they may soak carpets or rugs.

How to Choose the Right Shower Door

There are many important factors that homeowners need to take into consideration when shopping for a new shower enclosure door. In order to choose the perfect shower door for your bathroom you should know such things as the location of your shower enclosure, size of showering space, design, finish and, of course, budget.

Homeowners have to take all the necessary measurements in order to choose the correct shower enclosure door for a bathroom. But most importantly, you need to ensure that your measurements are accurate. Making measurements will help you figure out the width, height and depth of a shower enclosure door. As a result, you’ll be able to pick the door of the right size.

Weight of a door also matters. Make sure that a shower door is suitable for floor in your bathroom.
Also, you should take into account glass thickness when choosing shower doors. Doors with thicker glass are more durable, safer and provide better insulation. On the other hand, such doors are more expensive.

What is the Best Type of a Shower Door for Your Bathroom?

Shower doors come in many different styles and materials. You should explore all of your options carefully and pick the type of shower enclosure door that meets your needs, preferences and the design of your bathroom.

Would like to make you bathroom more stylish? If so, you should give a preference to traditional shower doors with transparent glass. However, a frosted glass door would be a better choice if you want privacy.

Frameless shower doors make a bathroom look more spacious. It’s also important to note that such doors are easy to clean. Semi-framed doors provide a shower with a stylish look. Framed shower doors create the modern appearance in a bathroom.

When it comes to picking shower doors, homeowners often give a preference to aluminum and composite materials. Such doors have an aesthetically pleasing look.

It goes without saying that a new shower door will be a good addition to your bathroom. A new door will help you renovate your bathroom and provide you with great shower experience.

Choosing the Perfect Shower Door for Your Bathroom

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