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The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. As time goes by, you may notice that this space does not serve your needs any more. In fact, there are some clear signs indicating that your bathroom needs renovation. Cracks, stains, leaks, mold and mildew should be removed as soon as possible. Even outdated design can become the reason why you may want to refresh your bathroom and make it a more attractive place.

Imagine only how much pleasure and satisfaction a renovated bathroom can bring. You will definitely agree that visiting a beautiful and functional space is a great way to start your day. Your bathroom remodel includes not just replacing tile floor, updating plumbing fixtures or choosing relaxing paint colors. You may also want to remodel your shower enclosure. If that is the case, then choosing the ideal shower base would be one of the most critical decisions you will have to make. A shower base is a design element that can completely transform the atmosphere of the whole space. Let’s dig deeper to find out what make a shower base the best fit for your bathroom.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Shower Base

When it comes to selecting a shower base, the material is probably one of the most important factors to consider. The most popular materials include fiberglass, acrylic, copper, natural stone, solid surface and tile. Each material has its own pros and cons.

Affordability and pleasant look make fiberglass a popular choice. Shower bases made of this material are strong enough and easy to install. However, fiberglass is prone to staining, if not maintained properly. Plus, the material can be scratched easily. Fiberglass is not the best choice for people who are looking for something special and unique. The material offers limited size and color options.

Acrylic is the best choice for people who need a durable and easy to maintain shower base. Acrylic is a lightweight and affordable material that comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. The material provides you with a fantastic opportunity to get the shower base that complements your bathroom design and creates a truly harmonious atmosphere.

Copper is an excellent choice for a custom shower base. It is an extremely durable material. It can be easily molded into any shape. So, you will get the shower base that perfectly fits your space. A copper shower base can add elegance and sophistication to your bathroom turning it into a warm and cozy place. Cleaning your copper shower base does not require too much time and effort. It is always simple and easy.

The brilliance and high durability of natural stone can transform even the simplest bathroom into a luxurious space. Natural stone shower bases withstand the passage of time and preserve their initial beauty. Cleaning and maintaining this shower base is not a difficult process.

The only problem with natural stone shower bases is their price. They can be really expensive. But when you get a shower base made of natural stone and start enjoying all the benefits it has to offer, you realize that it’s really worth the money spent.

To breathe new life into your bathroom, you can prefer a shower base made of solid surface material. Appearance, durability and functionality make solid surface one of the most popular materials. Solid surface mimics the appearance of natural stone, but it less expensive. It is also a non-porous and low-maintenance material ideal for shower bases.

Tile is another shower base material often preferred by homeowners and interior designers. The material provides endless design possibilities. With the tile, you can make a unique and truly special shower base. The tile resists water, stains and mold growth. However, tile shower bases can be more difficult to install and maintain.

What is the Best Shape for Your Shower Base?

Shower bases are available in different shapes. The most common shapes include square, rectangular and corner. Your choice will largely depend on the shower enclosure you have, your taste and personal preferences.

Versatility makes a square shower base an incredibly popular option. This base fits different door styles and is ideal for small bathrooms. Rectangular shower bases provide more space and comfort. It is the perfect choice for larger bathrooms. Corner shower bases can also offer the level of comfort you need, but at the same time save precious bathroom space. If you have limited bathroom space, a corner shower base is definitely the option for you.

Selecting the Proper Threshold for Your Shower Base

When choosing a shower base, you should also think about the threshold you might prefer. Today, curbless showers are gaining huge popularity due to the unlimited design options they offer. A curbless shower base can add luxury and style to your bathroom. Plus, this base reduces the risk of falling while getting in and out of the shower enclosure.

But if you are looking for something more traditional, get a curbed threshold for your shower base. It effectively prevents the water from getting to the bathroom floor. You may also use a temporary threshold that can be removed once you don’t need it any more.

Choosing the Color for Your Shower Base

Depending on the material, shower bases come in different colors. Make sure that the color you prefer makes a statement and complements the bathroom design. With the right color you can create a beautiful and truly impressive picture.

No doubt, white is the most popular choice. It looks stylish and elegant. A white shower base can become a great addition to any bathroom. If you do not like experiments, the white color is exactly what you need.

To add drama and character to your bathroom space, think about installing a black shower base. Black is a powerful color that creates a comfortable atmosphere and makes you feel safe. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t mix warm and cool colors. Contact a professional if you are not quite sure which color would work best for your bathroom space.

With an aesthetically pleasing and durable shower base you can beautify your bathroom and even increase the resale value of your home. Invest in a quality shower base and you will never regret.

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