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How Bathtubs Increase Home Value

If you are planning a bathroom renovation, you may wonder whether keeping a bathtub can help increase the value of your home. In fact, adding or upgrading a tub during the bathroom renovation process can attract more potential buyers. And if you decide to sell your property, you may expect to recoup about 60% of what you have invested when remodeling the bathroom.

Any bathroom renovation is a huge task that can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. There are so many factors you should consider in order to achieve the best possible result and make your bathroom look fantastic indeed.

Some homeowners do not use their bathtubs. That’s why, they believe that replacing a tub with a walk-in shower is a much better option. But is it really so?

Today, real estate professionals think that homeowners should have at least one tub in their home to achieve the highest resale value. The study reveals that about 50% of home buyers prefer to have a master bathroom with a tub and a shower rather than just a walk-in shower.

No doubt, bathtubs are especially attractive to home buyers with kids and pets. So, you will be able to attract more buyers if you have a bathtub in your home. Let’s dig deeper to find out how exactly a tub can make your bathroom a more functional space and add value to your home.

Choosing Between a Bathtub and a Shower

A bathtub and a shower are two absolutely different fixtures that provide your bathroom with different advantages and disadvantages. It’s worth mentioning that some homeowners who do not have a bathtub choose not to add it even during the renovation process. Obviously, they make a big mistake in terms of increasing the resale value of their home.

Bathtub & Walk-In Shower

Bathtub & Walk-In Shower

Bathtubs come in a wide variety of styles and can add elegance and romance to any bathroom. When it comes to showers, they are more limited in design and can’t provide homeowners with so many options.

A shower is smaller than a tub. So, it doesn’t require too much space to be installed. A tub is a better choice for larger bathrooms. A regular bathtub and shower are very similar in terms of plumbing and maintenance.

If you are planning to sell your house in the nearest future, keep in mind that a bathtub is a much better choice in terms of resale value. It can be explained by the fact that bathtubs are more expensive and difficult to install. Freestanding bathtubs have become extremely popular over the last several years. They are very modern and have a truly fantastic look. Having this tub in your bathroom will definitely make a profound impression on your potential buyers.

Real estate experts agree that replacing a tub with a shower will turn your bathroom from a full bath with a shower, tub and toilet to a three-quarter bathroom. And this step can significantly decrease the value of your home.

A Tub in the Master Bathroom

If you are renovating your master bathroom, you may feel the temptation to remove the tub in order to increase space. This decision can make sense only if you are planning to use the bathroom by yourself. But if are going to sell your home soon, you should definitely think what the buyers may be looking for.

Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

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Getting rid of all bathtubs in the house may discourage families with kids and young couples from purchasing your home. No doubt, these buyers will be more attracted to homes with bathtubs. So, if there is only one bathtub in your house, give up the idea of removing it.

If you have to choose the bathroom where a tub will be kept, consider the hall bathroom. This bathroom is often used for bathing kids and pets.

If your master bathroom is large enough, consider installing a freestanding tub. This beautiful tub will reinvigorate your bathroom, turning it into an ideal place for rest and relaxation. A freestanding tub will make the bathroom complete, adding more luxury and glamour to it.

Selling a House without a Bathtub

A bathtub is just another commodity in the house. Experts agree that home sellers who have more commodities can attract a wider audience and sell their property at the best possible price. Having one tub is essential. Having more than one bathtub is not necessary. But what if there is no bathtub in the house? What are the chances of selling it successfully?

Remember that if there is no bathtub in the house, you should definitely get one. Some home buyers consider a tub an extremely important feature. People who are looking for a luxury home expect to have at least one bathroom with a tub. Today, a lot of luxury homes have several bathrooms and provide much space even for a garden tub. A garden tub is a soaking tub that offers the most fascinating bathing experience. It is always a freestanding tub that has an oval shape. Plus, it is much wider and deeper in comparison with a standard bathtub. No doubt, installing this tub in the bathroom will increase the resale value of your home.

First-time home buyers also agree that purchasing a home without a tub is not the best decision to make. These are usually young people who are planning to have kids in the foreseeable future. Infants and toddlers do not need a pool to practice their swimming. In fact, a comfortable and safe bathtub in your home is the ideal place for babies to practice their skills.

People who have grandchildren visiting often and staying at least for a couple of days will also find a home without a tub unattractive.

Of course, selling homes without bathtubs is not impossible. But with a beautiful bathtub, you increase your chances to sell the property within a short period of time and get the highest possible price for it.

ROI for a Bathroom Remodel

When thinking about selling their property, some homeowners consider the rooms that need to be improved. And bathroom is usually one of those rooms. A bathroom remodel is definitely a smart investment. But before starting this massive project, you should estimate how much money you will have to spend and how much you will be able to return in case you sell the home.

Keep in mind, there are different types of bathroom remodels you may consider. Your choice will largely depend on the budget and the final result you are planning to achieve.

If your bathroom is in a good condition, undergoing a full remodel may not be necessary. But if your bathroom is out of date and already needs repairs, starting a remodeling project is the best thing you can do in this case.

You will definitely want to remodel your bathroom if it has  cracked tile or a tub, mold, water damage as well as other critical issues.  If you sell a home with serious problems, you will have to pay for the repairs anyway. So, it would be much better to do the repairs beforehand in order to avoid the unnecessary stress.

Bathroom remodels are a complicated process that includes much more than just cosmetic changes. If your budget is tight, there is no need to worry. You will still be able to make some changes and create a beautiful space.

A mid-range bathroom remodel is a more serious project. It includes using such materials as ceramic tile floors, chrome fixtures, a toilet, and a porcelain-enameled steel tub. If you choose to make this type of bathroom remodel, you must be ready to spend about $20,000 and get back about $13,000. So, the average ROI is expected to be 65%.

An upscale bathroom remodel often includes structural changes. It also includes ceramic floor tile, high-end faucets, new lighting, heated floors and a luxury tub. Adding a freestanding soaking tub will turn your bathroom into a magnificent space that can really wow your potential buyers. Bathroom renovation of this type will cost you about $60,000. The return is expected to be about $34,000. The average ROI in this case is 56%.

Choosing a Bathtub to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

If you renovate your bathroom for resale, you should definitely keep the bathtub, because a luxury shower may not be attractive to some buyers. It would be even better if you could replace the old tub with a new one. Installing a shiny and beautiful tub will give the room a sense of unity and depth leaving a lasting impression. But what is the best type of a bathtub that will help you achieve the desired effect?

In fact, there is a wide range of bathtubs available on the market today. They all differ in size, shape and price. The common bathtub materials include acrylic, cast iron, porcelain, cultured marble, and copper.

Homeowners with a limited budget choose to install a standard built-in acrylic bathtub that is 60 inches long, 30-32 inches wide and 12-15 inches high. The average cost for this bathtub ranges from $500 to $900 without installation. The installation costs also differ depending on the existing plumbing conditions and some other factors.

If you want to turn your bathroom into a luxury space, you can put a clawfoot tub there. A clawfoot bathtub has a fantastic look. It complements any bathroom design, adding elegance and romance to it. A clawfoot tub is brilliant indeed. Located in the middle of the room, a clawfoot tub becomes the centerpiece of your bathroom making a deep impression on your guests as well as potential buyers. People looking for a luxury home will like the tub you have chosen.

Acrylic Clawfoot Bathtub

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Refinished Bathtub Can Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

You have probably heard many times that a house in a good location will sell faster and at a higher price than a similar house situated in a worse location. However, the location of the house is far from being the only factor that attracts buyers. Homeowners usually focus on bathtubs to increase the home’s resale value.

No doubt, potential buyers will compare your home and the bathroom with the properties they have already seen. Remember that positive impressions from the bathroom will help your home sell much quicker. Having a clean and shiny bathtub is crucial if you really need to sell your home faster.

Replacing an old bathtub can be expensive. If you can’t afford to buy a new bathtub, you can refinish an existing tub to give it a modern and fresh look. Refinishing your tub will give you an opportunity to get the excellent aesthetic result without spending a fortune. So, how should you refinish the tub to attract more buyers?

Bathtub refinishing process can be effective if your tub is still in a relatively good working condition. The process will help you remove such surface imperfections as shallow cracks, scratches and stains. But if your bathtub is too old, leaking or full of mold, you will have to replace it anyway.

If you choose to refinish your tub, hire highly trained bathtub repair experts who will help your worn out tub to get a clean and attractive look once again. You can also change the color of your bathtub by choosing the paint that you like.

Professional interior designers know how important color can be. The good news is that the days of pink and green bathrooms have already gone. Today, white remains the most popular bathtub color. However, some homeowners prefer to choose biscuit, black, blue, beige, gray and even almond bathtubs. It doesn’t matter which color you prefer. Just remember that the color of the tub must perfectly complement your bathroom’s overall design, creating a truly unique and relaxing space in your home.

A beautiful bathtub adds value to your home and makes it stand out from the rest. And most importantly, nothing can show your attention to detail and care better than a fantastic bathroom that a new owner will be proud of.

If you’re ready to purchase your bathtub, check out our article here on buying bathtubs.

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