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Selecting the right bathtub is essential for creating a truly beautiful and elegant bathroom space. With a sophisticated tub you can transform your bathroom into a stylish place ideal for rest and relaxation. A gorgeous bathtub can become a great addition to any bathroom. No doubt, it is a powerful design element that can easily beautify your bathroom and breathe new life into it.

If you are one of those people who can’t imagine their lives without soaking in warm water, installing a deep tub is exactly what you need. This tub will not just help you recharge your batteries, but complement your bathroom design as well. With an elegant soaking tub you will manage to create a bathroom of your dreams adding a touch of luxury and style.

When it comes to choosing a beautiful bathtub, your options are almost endless. The bathtubs differ in style, shape, size and color. But how do you know which one would be the perfect fit for your space? Let’s dig deeper into this question and analyze the most popular bathtubs that can help you design an amazingly beautiful and luxurious bathroom.

The Sophistication of Freestanding Soaking Bathtubs

A freestanding bathtub has always been a symbol of utmost luxury and style. If you choose to install this tub, it will quickly become a focal point of your bathroom attracting the attention of all your family members and guests. A freestanding tub can fit any bathroom design completely changing the way your bathroom looks and feels.

The tub has a unique look and is often associated with luxury. No doubt, it will add an exquisite touch to the whole bathroom space. Moreover, a soaking tub provides even more comfort and satisfaction in comparison with the other bathtubs. It is the ideal tub for those people who really want to create a relaxing spa-like experience at home.

The Elegance of Drop-In Bathtubs

One of the most effective ways to add more comfort and style to your bathroom space is by getting a drop-in tub. If you have a spacious bathroom and really like soaking in warm water, you will definitely enjoy the beauty and sophistication of this bathtub.
In fact, a drop-in tub is an extremely popular bathtub you can prefer for your bathroom renovation project. This tub can be installed in almost any bathroom. With this tub you can easily create a soothing spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. Soaking in a drop-in tub will help you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Imagine only how wonderful it can be to plunge into warm water leaving all your worries behind.

The Timeless Beauty of Clawfoot Bathtubs

There is hardly any other bathtub that can be compared to the beauty and elegance of a clawfoot tub. The tub will be a nice addition to bathrooms both in traditional and modern designs. You will definitely agree that there is something special about a clawfoot tub, something unique that can turn your bathroom into a work of art.

A clawfoot tub creates a truly majestic atmosphere within your bathroom space. You can choose not just the tub, but its feet as well. You can select the bathtub feet that can become a valuable design element bringing a sense of luxury and style. Plus, clawfoot tubs come in a variety of materials including acrylic, solid surface, cast iron and natural stone.

Modern Simplicity of Alcove Bathtubs

An alcove bathtub is one of the most popular and affordable bathtubs you can find on the market today. The tub is the perfect combination of simplicity and style. An alcove bathtub creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere helping you relax after a long day at work. If you have a smaller bathroom, this tub is exactly what you need. It helps you save so much precious space still enjoying your bath time.

Due to the unique design that an alcove bathtub has, it is often combined with a shower. No doubt, it makes this tub even more practical for regular use. The tub offers plenty of storage and is easy to install. It’s definitely the perfect option for those homeowners who need the tub that combines elegant look, functionality and style.

The Tranquility of Japanese Soaking Tubs

A Japanese soaking tub is the ideal option for connoisseurs of comfort and style. This tub is much deeper in comparison with the other tubs. It provides a truly relaxing and soothing atmosphere. A Japanese soaking tub makes a difference adding a unique touch and turning your bathroom into a peaceful oasis.

This special tub is suitable for smaller bathrooms. They do not take too much space, but provide a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. The tub comes in different shapes including square, round and oval. Each shape has its own benefits. You can easily choose the one that meets your needs most.

The material you prefer for a Japanese soaking bathtub is essential for function and appearance. The most popular materials for these tubs are acrylic, wood and stone resin. A wooden tub will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere helping you reconnect with nature. Stone resin tubs have a modern look and are extremely durable. Acrylic tubs have a smooth surface pleasant to the touch. Plus, they have an affordable price tag.

Adding More Luxury and Style to Your Bathtub

To add even more style and uniqueness to your bathroom space, choose a bathtub with innovative features. The features that homeowners usually prefer include hydrotherapy, mood lighting, temperature control, aromatherapy and many others.

Hydrotherapy is the perfect option for relaxation and stress reduction. Mood lighting can create a romantic atmosphere within your bathroom space. You can choose the color that helps you relax leaving all your worries behind. Temperature control is a very useful thing. With this feature you can be sure that the water is always warm. Aromatherapy will soothe your nerves and improve your mood.

A luxurious bathroom is a dream of every homeowner. And you can easily turn this dream into reality with a beautiful and sophisticated bathtub.

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