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A door is a crucial component of a shower enclosure. A shower door affects the design of a bathroom. With a beautiful shower door, you can improve the overall aesthetic of the space. A shower door provides homeowners with the feeling of privacy. A door makes a shower unit more beautiful and adds style to a bathroom.

But most importantly, a shower door provides a bathroom with the functionality. The main function of a door is to keep water in a shower unit. And of course, a shower door always has to function properly.

Unfortunately, shower door issues may happen over time. Hot and cold water, hard water as well as cleaning chemicals have an impact on shower doors. That’s why a shower door may break down over time.

Different types of problems may occur with shower doors. Oftentimes, door’s moving parts need to be either repaired or replaced. There are other shower door problems. If something goes wrong with a shower door, then you have to fix a problem as soon as possible.

There are different types of shower door issues. Door issues may occur with framed and frameless shower units. Today, we’ll talk you through the most common shower door problems and provide tips to help you solve them quickly and efficiently.

So, let’s get started.


Leaks are one of the most common shower door problems. Do you see water leaking under a shower door? This problem may occur when the level of a threshold is low.

Water in a shower enclosure is a sign of problem with a shower door. If a shower door is leaking, it has to be fixed as soon as possible. The problem will get worse if a fast and effective solution is not found.

Shower door’s threshold serves as a dam. The main function of a threshold is to block the water and prevent leaks. If a shower door has a threshold, then the water will not flow out and return back to a shower unit. So, check shower door’s threshold from time to time. This will help you prevent leaks in the future.

Leaks around clamps are another common shower door problem. Mildew resistant silicone will help you solve this problem successfully.

First and foremost, you have to identify the leaking area in a shower unit. After that, it’s necessary to clean and dry the leaking area thoroughly. Finally, you have to apply silicone to it. Silicone will provide the proper seal and this will help prevent leaks.

Squeaky Hinges

A shower door may begin to make a squeak sound over the time. It’s worth noting that this sound is very annoying. So, it would be better to get rid of this sound as soon as possible. This problem happens due to the lack of oil.

First of all, you have to find a loud squeaking hinge. A loud squeaking hinge has to be well-lubricated. It’s possible to use silicone spray, WD40 or 3 in 1 oil for lubricating shower door’s hinges. When lubricating a shower door, you have to ensure that a lubricant will be delivered to the necessary area.

Keep in mind that shower door hinges can be closed. In this case, a lubricant will not be delivered to the necessary area if you spray it on a hinge. As a result, a shower door’s hinge will not be lubricated properly. It’s necessary to open a hinge before spraying a lubricant.

Hinge Corrosion

A hinge can be covered with corrosion over time. In this case, you either have to do cleaning in order to remove corrosion or replace a hinge. However, you must be prepared that finding shower door’s hinges is not always easy.

Water Stains on Shower Door Glass

Hard water stains may appear on glass in shower doors over time. That’s it’s so important to clean shower door’s glass regularly and remove water stains. Once water stains have been removed, it’s necessary to apply coating on difficult areas. By doing so, you’ll be able to prevent hard water stains on the glass in a shower door in the future.

A Shower Door Doesn’t Open and Close Properly

Sometimes, a shower door doesn’t open and close normally. This problem may happen for various reasons.
First of all, you should make an attempt to lift the door and try to get it back on track. If a shower door doesn’t roll correctly, then you have to check it for other issues.

Maybe, there are some problems with magnets. So, a need to adjust magnets may arise. If you do this, a door will manage to close properly. When a shower door magnet fails, it needs to be either repaired or replaced.

Do you see that a shower door doesn’t slide properly? If so, it can be something wrong with wheels. It’s necessary to check the rollers at the bottom of a shower door carefully. It’s easy to find wheels online. So, you’ll be able to replace them easily when such a need arises.

Do you find that your door is not sliding? Or, maybe, a door slides unevenly or doesn’t close completely? That means that a door can be misaligned. And of course, a misaligned shower door has to be fixed. Such a door requires alignments.

Initially, it’s necessary to inspect a shower door and check all its screws, hinges and rollers. Depending on the situation, you have to make the necessary adjustments to get the shower door back on track.

Proper Shower Door Maintenance

A shower door requires the regular maintenance. The proper maintenance makes it possible to avoid the most common issues of a shower door and extend its life.

It’s necessary to clean a shower door thoroughly on a regular basis. Shower door glass and hardware have to be cared for properly. It’s necessary to maintain shower door seals regularly as well. If a shower door is maintained properly, then it will serve you successfully for a long period of time.

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