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A shower base is an extremely important part of a shower enclosure. It helps create a safe and comfortable atmosphere within your shower enclosure. At the same time, it is a valuable design element that can add a touch of character and style to your bathroom interior. With the right shower base you can take your shower experience to the next level always getting the immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Choosing the ideal shower base can be really challenging. There are a lot of things to consider including its size, shape and material. No doubt, the longevity and durability of the shower base depends on the material it is made of. The most popular shower base materials are acrylic, fiberglass, solid surface and porcelain. Each material has pros and cons you should analyze to get the best shower base for your bathroom space.

Creating a luxurious bathroom interior is the dream of every homeowner. But making the right decisions and choosing impressive design techniques will help you turn your dream into reality and make your bathroom a truly beautiful and functional space. Let’s explore your options to find out which shower base material would become the perfect match for your bathroom space.

Acrylic Shower Base for Your Modern Bathroom Interior

Acrylic is one of the most popular materials used for making bathtubs and shower bases. The material is strong and durable enough. An acrylic shower base will last for many years preserving its initial beauty. The material is smooth and non-porous. That’s why, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

It’s also worth mentioning that acrylic is lightweight. Plus, it’s easy to install. You will not have to reinforce your bathroom floor to make sure that it can withstand the weight of an acrylic shower base. An acrylic shower base comes in different sizes and colors. You have got an excellent opportunity to choose the base that will become a focal point of your bathroom complementing and even improving its design. This base is a budget-friendly option. It is the ideal choice for those homeowners who have a tight budget, but still want to get a high-quality shower base.

Despite all these benefits, acrylic has some minor drawbacks you should know about before installing the base. Acrylic is a durable material, but it may be prone to scratching. Without proper care and maintenance, your acrylic shower base may also lose its beautiful white color and turn yellow. That’s why, it’s crucial to remove soap scum, mildew and hard water stains from the surface of the base. It will help you significantly extend the lifespan of your acrylic shower base. Anyway, this base is the perfect option for any modern bathroom space.

Fiberglass Shower Base for a Minimalist Bathroom

Fiberglass is another affordable option for your bathroom interior. In comparison with its acrylic counterpart, fiberglass is even cheaper. The price makes a fiberglass shower base a great alternative for some homeowners. However, the material is thin and not durable enough. Moreover, fiberglass is a porous material and absorbs water easily. As a result, a fiberglass shower base is more susceptible to mold and bacteria growth. The material is also prone to cracks and scratching. You must be careful when choosing the right cleaning agents for your base. Avoid using any harsh chemicals just because the surface of a fiberglass shower base can be easily damaged.

If you choose to install a fiberglass shower base, keep in mind that you will have to replace it more often in comparison with the other bases. Anyway, you will be able to create a simple, but functional bathroom with this base. When it comes to choosing a shower base for your enclosure, fiberglass can become a good temporary solution.

Solid Surface Shower Base for a Truly Luxurious Space

A solid surface shower base is the ideal option for an elegant and sophisticated bathroom space. The material is highly durable and can last a lifetime. Solid surface is a luxurious material. It mimics the appearance of natural stone, but has a more affordable price tag. The material is very easy to clean and maintain. No special cleaning agents are required. You can use such household products as white vinegar, dishwashing liquid and baking soda. Avoid using bleach and harsh chemicals as they can seriously damage the surface of the base.

Solid surface will become a great addition to any bathroom space. The base is safe and comfortable. It will bring a sense of coziness and style to your bathroom turning it into a soothing oasis where you can rest and relax after a stressful day. Solid surface bases come in different shapes, sizes and colors. You will definitely find the one that can completely transform your bathroom space. It’s worth mentioning that solid surface is more expensive than acrylic and fiberglass. Plus, the material can be heavy indeed.

Porcelain Shower Base for a Comfortable Bathroom

Porcelain is another durable material you can prefer for your shower base. It is an excellent material for those who seek convenience and practicality. The material remains stable for many years preserving its attractive look. A porcelain shower base is easy to clean and maintain.

It also comes in different shapes and sizes. You will definitely find the base that fits perfectly into your bathroom interior. Along with that, porcelain is not the ideal material. It has some disadvantages as well. It can be expensive to install. Plus, chips and scratches can be visible on the surface of the base.

Choosing Your Perfect Shower Base

In fact, you should consider a lot of different factors to be able to choose the shower base that perfectly meets all your needs and requirements.

It’s crucial to choose the right shape and size for your shower base. Make sure that the base you prefer can be paired with your shower enclosure. Prefer a high-quality material that will last for many years adding a nice touch to your bathroom space.

The material you select for your shower base plays a vital role in the way your bathroom looks and feels. Get the material that combines elegance, functionality and style to make your bathroom even more beautiful and sophisticated.

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For people who seek quality, comfort and convenience, buying a shower base is definitely the right choice. A shower base will add elegance, luxury and style to your bathroom space providing you with the highest levels of comfort and relaxation.

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