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Range hoods are widely used these days. It goes without saying that a range hood is a very important appliance in your kitchen. A range hood delivers multiple significant benefits to homeowners.

It’s important to know that range hoods come with various accessories. There are many reasons why people choose to consider the additional accessories for their range hoods.

Accessories can enhance the design, functionality and, most importantly, increase the performance of a range hood. Generally speaking, accessories can improve your range hood and bring a lot of comfort as well as convenience to your kitchen. With the accessories, a range hood will function in the best possible way. It’s also important to note that accessories create a customized fit for a range hood.

There is a wide selection of range hood accessories available these days. Range hoods come with automatic shut-off features, remote controls, blowers, lights, extension kits, heat sensors and some other accessories.

It’s necessary to select the right accessories for a range hood. Today, we’ll describe the most important range hood accessories for a kitchen. Plus, we’ll provide the tips on how to pick and use range hood accessories.

So, let’s get started.

Automatic Shut-off Feature for Range Hoods

It would be great for a range hood to work for some time even after the cooking process has finished. Some homeowners are busy with the cooking process. That’s they may forget to turn off the appliance when it’s necessary. You can also forget to turn off the appliance once you start enjoying your meals. It’s worth noting that a range hood will consume a lot of energy if you tend to forget shutting off it.

Do you often forget to turn off a range hood? In this case, you can take advantage of the so-called automatic shut-off feature. Bear in mind that an auto-delay power off feature is found in many under cabinet range hoods.

If your range hood has such a great feature, then you can set the fun shutdown delay on the control panel by using up and down arrows. It’s necessary to set the amount of time you would like a range hood to work after shutting off. As a result, the appliance will turn off automatically. That means that you don’t need to worry that you’ll forget to turn off a range hood.

Remote Controls for Range Hoods

Remote controls make it easy to use a range hood in your kitchen. Range hoods that come with a remote control are easy to use. It’s more convenient to turn on and turn off such a range hood.

For example, you don’t need to approach the cooking area in order to turn on or turn off a range hood if it has a remote control. You can do this when sitting at your dining table and drinking a cup of your favorite tea.

You can also use a remote control to adjust the necessary range hood’s features when such a need arises. So, the appliance is fully controlled by a remote control.

Blowers for Range Hoods

It’s well-known that a range hood is a device that plays a very important role in air ventilation on your kitchen. That’s why a range hood has to run efficiently. A range hood may also have an external blower. It’s another useful accessory for a range hood.

Using this accessory is a good way to increase the efficiency of a range hood. Such a blower can enhance the functionality of a range hood significantly. A blower itself is a metal box. A box contains a filter, a ventilator as well as a motor. When working, a range hood blower pushes out air full of grease and pulls in clean air. A range hood blower will provide clean air in your kitchen space.


Of course, the main responsibility of a range hood is to capture and remove grease, moisture as well as smoke and odors from cooking in your kitchen. It’s also important to note that range hoods come with lights.

That means that a range hood can provide the additional lighting in your kitchen. There are different types of bulbs for range hoods. Incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs as well as LED lights are used in range hoods.

It would be better to give a preference to the range hoods that come with LED lights. The bulbs of this type work efficiently and don’t consume too much energy. So, you’ll be able to reduce your energy bills if you have LED lights installed in your range hood. It’s also important to point out that LED lights are a long-lasting and, therefore, cost-effective solution. All of this means that LED lights are the right investment.

Heat Sensors

Range hoods with auto heat sensors are also available on the market these days. It’s worth noting that the temperature sensor on a range hood is a very useful feature. If a sensor detects that there is too much heat in your kitchen, then it activates a range hood and turns on the blower. As a result, the venting process begins.

Extension Kits

A range hood extension kit makes it possible to extend the chimney in the kitchen. This accessory is installed on range hoods in the kitchens with high ceilings.

When selecting a range hood extension kit, you need to ensure that it’s suitable with the design of your kitchen and overall look of your range hood. And most importantly, a range hood has to be compatible with the model of your range hood.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many great accessories for range hoods. You have to be very selective when it comes to picking a range hoods for your kitchen space. First of all, you have to analyze your kitchen’s needs and explore all your options carefully. After that, you have to make a smart choice and pick a range hood that comes with all the necessary accessories. At Streamline, we are always ready to give you an expert advice and recommend you the best range hood for your cooking space.

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