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A range hood is a very important kitchen appliance. A range hood removes unwanted grease, smoke and odors. The main function of a range hood is to provide effective ventilation and purify air in the kitchen. With a range hood, you’ll manage to maintain good quality of air in the kitchen during the cooking process.

A range hood can improve your daily cooking experience and contribute greatly to the design of your kitchen. However, you have to select the right type of a range hood.

Range hoods come in different shapes, finishes, materials and colors. Brass, copper, zinc and steel range hoods are available on the market these days. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of homeowners give a preference to stainless steel range hoods. There are many finishes for range hoods. So, you’ll find it easy to select the perfect range hood for any kitchen.

However, you have to be very selective when it comes to picking range hood finishes. When choosing finish for a range hood, you need to pay close attention to its design. You should aim to pick a beautifully designed range hood. Such a range hood will get a lot of attention in your kitchen. But most importantly, a range hood has to match cabinetry and other design elements in your kitchen. A range hood will decorate your kitchen.

However, each of range hood finishes has its own pros and cons. Today, we’ll talk you through the most popular range hood finishes. This will help you pick a range hood that suits kitchen design in the best way.

So, let’s get started.

Black Stainless Steel

A range hood with black stainless steel finish would be the perfect choice for the contemporary kitchen. Such a range hood impresses with its sophisticated look. Stainless steel is a strong and durable material that can perfectly resist heat. Another big advantage is that fingerprints and smudges are not evident on black stainless steel. However, a range hood with black stainless steel finish is not suitable for any kitchen. Due to black color, you may find it difficult to match a range hood with other appliances in your kitchen space.

Brushed Finish

Brushed finish is one of the most common finishes. The finish can be used in any part of home. Today, the finish is widely used in the kitchen. Brushed finish is suitable for a stainless steel range hood. The finish impresses with its beautiful texture. A range hood with brushed finish will create a visual effect and help you decorate your kitchen space. With such finish, you range hood will stand out and have a completely unique look. A brushed finish stainless steel range hood would be a good addition to the contemporary kitchen. Brushed finish is known for its timeless beauty. Brushed stainless steel finish is durable. The finish can preserve its beauty for a long time. Stains are not obvious on the surface of brushed finish stainless steel. So, you’ll not need to spend too much time on cleaning a range hood.

Classic Stainless Steel

A range hood with classic stainless steel has a classic timeless look. The finish is shiny. Such a range hood is suitable for modern and traditional kitchen designs. It’s important to know that classic white finishes have gained a huge popularity these days. Stainless steel is a strong material. The material is resistant to grease and moisture. A range hood with such a finish can resist high temperatures. Stainless steel doesn’t rust. It’s not difficult to clean a range hood with classic stainless steel finish. It’s necessary to use a cloth and a mild detergent to clean a range hood. However, stainless steel is an expensive material. So, not everyone can afford to buy a classic stainless steel range hood.

Matte Finishes

A range hood with matte finish would be a good option if a traditional finish is more to your liking. The finish impresses with its neutral aesthetics. A range hood creates a cozy feel and adds contrast to a kitchen style. Such a range hood matches different designs and can be installed in any kitchen.

Cleaning a range hood with matte finish can be hard. Stain, spills and dirt are easily seen on matter finishes. That means that you have to clean a range hood more frequently. You have to be very careful when cleaning a range hood with matte finish. The surface can be damaged during the cleaning process. That’s why you have to use specific agents for cleaning matter finishes.

What Range Hood Finish is Right for You?

A kitchen is a very important room in your house. Here, you can cook and enjoy your meals every single day. It’s the place where family gathers and friends meet to spend time together.

No doubt, a range hood is a valuable investment. A range hood gets a lot of attention and improves the overall appeal of a kitchen. So, a range hood increases the value of a home. That’s why you have to be very selective when it comes to choosing a range hood for your kitchen.

Of course, you should always select range hoods with the functionality in mind. Pay a close attention to range hood’s features. It would be great to consider range hoods with speed controls and lights. Plus, you shouldn’t forget about the comfort. On top of that, a range hood of your choice has to meet the design of your kitchen and fit your personal style.

Keep in mind that the finish of a range hood affects the design of a kitchen. So, you should always pay close attention to finish when selecting a range hood. It’s necessary to pick a range hood with finish that’s suitable for your kitchen design.

As you can see, each finish has its advantages and drawbacks. That’s why you should explore all of your options carefully and weigh pros and cons. Finally, you have to make the best possible choice. Get the right finish to match your kitchen!

Range Hood Finishes: Choosing the Perfect Look for Your Kitchen
Selecting the Right Range Hood for Your Kitchen