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There is a large selection of range hoods available for sale these days. Range hoods come in different styles. So, it’s possible to find a range hood option for any kitchen layout.

However, homeowners have to be very selective when it comes to picking a range hood. When choosing range hoods, you have to pay close attention to their features. You have to analyze the different types of range hoods carefully and make the best possible choice.

Today, we’ll talk you through different types of range hoods and discuss their ventilation styles and features. Additionally, we’ll give tips to help you select the right range hood for your kitchen. All of this will help you figure out what type of range hoods fits your kitchen design style and cooking preferences best.

So, let’s get started.

Different Types of Range Hoods

There are different types of range hoods. The most common types of range hoods are: built-in range hoods, downdraft range hoods, island range hoods, under-cabinet range hoods and wall-mounted range hoods.

We’ll provide you with the detailed information on each type of range hoods. As a result, you’ll manage to learn more about range hoods, do comparison and pick the right type of a range hood for your kitchen space.

Built-in Range Hoods

Built-in range hoods would be the perfect choice if you want to hide a range hood in the kitchen cabinet. A built-in range hood works like a traditional range hood. However, a range hood of this type doesn’t affect the design of your kitchen.

A built-in range hood removes grease, smells and steams during the cooking process effectively. Many built-in range hoods are equipped with a filter. When a range hood of this type is working, the air is re-circulated and returned back to kitchen.

Downdraft Range Hoods

Downdraft range hoods would be a good option if you have a kitchen island. It’s important to know that downdraft range hoods are mounted into countertops. Range hoods are raised up during the cooking process. When hoods of this type are used, ductwork is installed beneath the floor.

Island Range Hoods

This range hood option is suitable for homeowners, who have a kitchen island. In this case, island range hoods would be a good addition to a kitchen space.

Island range hoods are available in many different styles. Such range hoods are mounted under a kitchen island to ceiling. Ductwork goes through ceiling. That’s why you have to be sure that it’s possible to install ductwork through your ceiling. So, ductwork will connect hood and outside of your home and your kitchen space will be vented through ceiling.

Under-cabinet Range Hoods

Under-cabinet range hoods are installed above the cooktop. It makes a lot of sense to consider under-cabinet range hoods if you have cabinet installed above your cooking area.

Range hoods of this type are small. Such a range hood gives homeowners an opportunity to save cabinet storage space. So, you’ll manage to get valuable storage kitchen space.

With an under-cabinet range hood, the air is either vented outside or returned back to the kitchen. Under-cabinet range hoods are well-known for their great design. Hoods have the modern look.

It’s worth noting that hoods of this type come in variety of styles and finishes. A lot of homeowners give a preference to black stainless steel range hoods. Such hoods match a large variety of countertops and make a kitchen stylish.

It’s also important to note that under cabinet range hoods provide the additional lighting in a kitchen. However, if you have kitchen cabinets of cream and white colors then it would be better to consider white range hoods.

When under cabinet range hoods are not used, they are almost invisible in your kitchen. However, it’s necessary to pull out a range hood during the cooking process.

Wall-mounted Range Hoods

Wall-mounted range hoods have triangular design and flat sides. It’s a wall-aligned cooking appliance. That means that such range hoods are mounted at a kitchen wall.

Range hoods of this type are available in different design styles. So, you’ll be able to explore all options and pick the perfect wall-mounted range hood for your kitchen.

Such a range hood will match the design of your home. But most importantly, a range hood will remove grease, fumes, food particles as well as smoke and toxins from the air and reduce kitchen fog and odor.

What Type of a Range Hood is the Most Suitable for Your Kitchen Space?

There are many important things that you need to take into consideration when selecting a range hood. After analyzing all these factors carefully, you’ll be able to pick the right range hood for your kitchen.

It’s worth noting that your choice depends a lot on your kitchen layout and kitchen size. Give a preference to a range hood that looks great and meets your kitchen design style.

Plus, you have to make sure that a range hood of your choice has to have enough venting power. That’s why you need to pay close attention to this important aspect.

A range hood shouldn’t make a lot of noise in your kitchen. That’s why you have to pay a close attention to range hood’s noise level.

On top of that, you need to buy a range hood with all the necessary additional features. Lighting is a key feature of a range hood. A range hood can provide extra lighting in your kitchen space. It would be great to consider range hoods with LED lighting.

It’s a great idea to consider a range hood with an automatic turn on and shut off feature. And of course, such a great feature as auto shut off timer will make your cooking process much easier.

At Streamline, we offer a large collection of range hoods. We offer high quality range hoods from the world’s top manufacturers. Our professionals can help you make the best possible choice. After analyzing your kitchen layout and cooking needs, we’ll advise you upon an appropriate solution. Range hoods are equipped with the ventilation systems of premium quality and that’s why they can function well in your kitchen space for a long time.