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Are Tub to Shower Conversions Worth It?

Tub to shower conversions are one of the most popular bathroom remodel options that provides a wide range of benefits. If your bathroom is outdated and does not meet your requirements any longer, you should definitely change it. Bathroom remodel can improve usability and functionality creating a truly fantastic space. Some homeowners prefer replacing a tub with a shower. In fact, there are many reasons for that. You may want...
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Frequently Asked Questions about Bathtubs

Finding your perfect tub is not always easy. A lot of bathtubs available for sale. Today, there is a huge variety of bathtub designs and features you can choose from. You can get a luxurious traditional tub or a modern whirlpool tub to make your bath even more relaxing and pleasant. With the right bathtub, you can create a soothing atmosphere in your bathroom and turn this environment into a...
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Choosing the Perfect Shower Door for Your Enclosure

A shower door is a very important element of a bathroom. A shower door affects the functionality of your shower as well as the overall appearance of your bathroom space. Are you installing a new shower in your bathroom? Or, maybe, you need to upgrade a current shower in your bathroom? One way or another, you have to buy a shower door for your enclosure. It’s crucial to pick the...
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What Does Your Dream Bathtub Look Like?

It’s hard to imagine a modern bathroom without a tub. A bathtub has a huge impact on the way your bathroom looks and feels. If installed correctly, a tub can easily become a focal point improving your bathroom design and adding a touch of style and elegance to it. If you are planning a bathroom renovation project, a tub is definitely one of the key elements to consider. Some homeowners...
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What Makes a Bathtub Comfortable?

A tub is one of the most important elements in a bathroom. Homeowners should aim to choose a bathtub that provides them with a relaxing effect. Comfort has to be one of the top priorities when it comes to picking a bathtub. A comfortable tub brings pleasure and creates the perfect bath experience. It’s like a bed where you can relax and float comfortably. Such a tub is super functional...
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What Should I Know Before Buying a Bathtub?

Whether you are going to build a new bathroom in a recently built home or do a bathroom upgrade, you need to buy a tub. Buying a bathtub is a very important task that requires meticulous planning and preparation. How to choose the perfect bathtub? What to look for in a bathtub? What bathtubs do you need to consider? It’s crucial to know the answers to all these important questions....
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