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We design products that go
beyond their utility, crafting something with

Who We Are

Streamline is a family-owned company that is a direct importer, wholesaler, and distributor of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. We have three warehouses across North America: In Ontario, CA; Miami, FL; and in Vancouver, B.C. Doing so allows us to offer a world-class assortment of our bathroom and kitchen products to thousands of customers through our distribution network at a moment’s notice. You can not only find us at every major online home improvement retailer, but offline as well. We work with a network of authorized dealers that include showrooms and retailers throughout the country who carry our products.

Who We Serve

Whether you are a general contractor, interior designer, or home renovator, you’ll find the necessary tools you need here at Streamline. We understand what your needs are: Simplicity, consistency, and reliability. Understanding your needs allows our team to constantly craft and create new products to enable you to succeed. We are on a never-ending path to be more accessible to you and providing crafted and reliable products. With Streamline products, you can rest assured that you will receive quality, innovation, and convenience.

How It All Started

Streamline was incidentally founded in 2012 after one of the founders had to renovate his own bathroom. Looking both online and offline, he couldn’t find a bathroom brand that was consistent in terms of quality, affordability, and model option. And so he set out on a mission: To provide the largest bathtub collection at an affordable price with consistent quality. As we pursued our mission, we added new products along the way within the bathroom, kitchen, and lighting categories. We are proud to say that we have accomplished our mission: In 2018, we amassed the largest bathtub model collection in North America. However, where one mission ends, a new one begins. We’ve expanded our vision to deliver and cater to customers across a wider spectrum of products and a broader range of categories in the home-improvement field.