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Choosing A Drain And Clawfoot Finish

We are proud to offer a plethora of different finishes to choose from for our bathtub drains and claw feet. Whether you choose to be bold and make a statement with your fixtures, or take a more subtle and minimalist approach, our variety of finishes allow you the creativity and joy of determining which path to choose.

Traditionally, most hardware has been matched to be under one color and finish. However, as different tastes and styles have evolved, many have opted for selecting certain fixtures to stand and pop out by alternating colors and finishes with their various fixtures. Explore all of our finishes that we offer below.

Every monitor or mobile display has different resolution settings and differs in the ability to portray colors. We have tried extremely hard to ensure that our photos are as life-like as possible. However, the actual color may vary slightly. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.


Polished Gold

A truly prestigious finish and one of the most commonly found metals, it has become more readily used in interior design over the last several years, especially within the bathroom setting.
Matte Oil Rubbed Bronze

Matte Oil Rubbed Bronze

An upscale color with a slight brown hue and undertone, the matte oil rubbed bronze is very similar in look and style to its matte black counterpart. It's warmer color palette combined with streaks of dark bronze create a luxurious look in any bathroom.
Glossy white

Glossy White

Featuring a high-gloss finish, this shade of white adds a sparkle of brightness while allowing for a subtle blend within the bathroom environment. It's the perfect finish to use when approaching a minimalist design aesthetic, allowing all of the elements of the room to fuse together.
Brushed black2

Brushed Gunmetal

A newer entrant to the world of finishes, brushed gunmetal has become quite popular in the past year. A subtler color to its matte black counterpart, brushed gunmetal is lighter and no less exquisite.
Brushed gold

Brushed Gold

A modern take on a timeless classic, brushed gold takes elements of its polished gold counterpart and modernizes it for the twenty first century. While less of a bold color, the grainy finish of the brushed gold allows it to pop out and makes its presence known.
Brushed nickal

Brushed Nickel

A more antique, luxurious, and hand-crafted look, brushed nickel appears more dull, matte, and darker in its appearance. Its grain direction gives the finish a warmer to the eye look, allowing it to be paired with more gentle and earthy colors.

Polished Chrome

A staple and timeless finish that can be found in any bathroom, polished chrome has been utilized in interior design for decades. Having a highly silver reflection, it can be integrated into any design style because of its flexible color scheme that can go along with any other colors and finishes.
Matte black2

Matte Black

Gaining popularity in North America over the last several years, matte black has truly redefined the look of bathrooms. Low in brightness and non-reflective, matte black will create the ideal contrasting color. Its matte finish helps to soften its appeal and make the appearance of the color more inviting.