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Range hoods are one of the most important kitchen appliances that remove fumes and smoke during the cooking process making your kitchen a much healthier place. It’s really hard to imagine a modern kitchen without this useful device. In fact, a range hood does not just make your kitchen functional, it makes it more attractive as well. A beautiful range hood can become a powerful design element adding a nice touch to the whole kitchen space.

There are different types of range hoods available on the market today. No doubt, you will find the range hood that can be easily incorporated into your space adding a touch of luxury and style to your kitchen interior. If you have a stove built into a kitchen island, putting a range hood over it would be definitely a great idea. In this case, a range hood will become a focal point that creates a visual effect and completely transforms your kitchen space.

The way your range hood looks and functions largely depends on the material it is made of. The most common materials include copper, stainless steel, tempered glass, zinc, bronze, nickel silver and even wood. Stainless steel has gained huge popularity due to a number of benefits the material provides. If you are planning to add a stainless steel range hood to your kitchen space, let’s see what it has to offer and whether this device is really a good investment.

The Advantages of Getting Stainless Steel Range Hoods

A stainless steel range hood will look perfect in almost any kitchen interior. A sophisticated design of the appliance will bring a sense of character and style to your kitchen space. Stainless steel is the material that works exceptionally well with different countertops, cabinetry and floors. It will complement your kitchen design helping you create a truly unique and functional space.

Durability is another reason why so many homeowners and interior designers prefer installing a stainless steel range hood. The material has an extremely high impact resistance. It can last for many years without causing any problems. Stainless steel range hoods are also resistant to water damage and corrosion. Plus, the material has a non-porous surface that prevents bacteria buildup. This advantage makes a stainless steel range hood very easy to clean and maintain. It would be enough to wipe the appliance with a soft cloth to make it look clean and sparkling. You may also use a mild dish soap to achieve even better results.

If your budget is tight, but you still want to get a high-quality range hood, stainless steel is the material you need. This kitchen device has an affordable price tag and can become the ideal solution for so many kitchens. Moreover, a stainless steel range hood can increase the resale value of your home attracting more potential buyers. But even if you are not planning to sell your property in the nearest future, you and all your family members will be able to enjoy the beauty and functionality of your stainless steel range hood.

And finally, stainless steel is the perfect choice for people who really care about the environment and want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. The material is 100 percent recyclable. It can be recycled into the same product without losing its quality. So, it’s definitely a smart idea to invest in a stainless steel range hood.

The Drawbacks Stainless Steel Range Hoods May Have

Despite the fact that a stainless steel range hood has so many benefits, it still has some drawbacks you should know about before buying the device. Stainless steel has a shiny appearance. However, it looks attractive only when it’s clean. Fingerprints and smudges can make your range hood look dirty and unpleasant. So, you will have to remove them on a regular basis. For some homeowners, it can be really a problem.

If you want to create a truly unique and luxurious kitchen space, you may opt for a black stainless steel range hood. Just keep in mind that scratches can easily appear on the surface of this appliance. In fact, a black stainless steel range hood is not as popular as its classic counterpart.

Things to Look for When Buying a Stainless Steel Range Hood

When buying a stainless steel range hood, there are a lot of important features to consider. As you already know, a range hood is designed to suck out the odors and toxins during the cooking process. That’s why, suction power is the first factor you should think of. Your range hood has to be powerful enough to do the job well.

Make sure that a stainless steel range hood you are planning to buy has 3 speed settings. This feature will give you an opportunity to adjust the suction power according to your needs. Standard range hoods have low, medium and high suction levels. Plus, the speed buttons must be easy-to-use. Some range hoods may have a touch pad control instead of buttons.

Range hoods can be extremely noisy. And it can be irritating indeed when the appliance produces so much noise. So, you should choose a stainless steel range hood with baffle filters if you really need a quiet device. Keep in mind that ductless range hoods are much louder just because they need more power to operate properly. Opt for range hoods that have larger ducts.

Getting a stainless steel range hood with LED lights is a good idea as well. LED lights are long-lasting, energy-efficient and low maintenance. They are very bright and can provide you with great visibility. This function will make your cooking even more pleasant and satisfying.

Choosing the right finish for your range hood is another important thing to consider. With your kitchen design in mind, you can select a traditional stainless steel, black stainless steel or matte finish for your range hood.

A stainless steel range hood is a great addition to almost any kitchen. It will completely change the way your space looks and feels creating the most fascinating kitchen atmosphere.

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