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Tub to shower conversions are one of the most popular bathroom remodel options that provides a wide range of benefits. If your bathroom is outdated and does not meet your requirements any longer, you should definitely change it. Bathroom remodel can improve usability and functionality creating a truly fantastic space.

Some homeowners prefer replacing a tub with a shower. In fact, there are many reasons for that. You may want to get rid of the tub if your kids have already grown up and moved out. Or maybe you just want to change completely the way your bathroom looks and feels. But is it always a good idea to make a tub to shower conversion? Is it the right choice for you and your home? Let’s dig deeper to find out more about this bathroom makeover. Hopefully, the information below will help you understand whether removing the tub is the best decision you can make to refresh your bathroom and turn it into a cozy environment.

Pros of Converting a Tub to a Shower

For the vast majority of people soaking in a tub is a luxury they cannot afford. So, they prefer installing a shower which is better for everyday use. Obviously, a shower needs less space than a tub. If you have a small bathroom, putting a shower is a smart decision to make. A bathtub is a better choice for larger spaces.

With an elegant shower, a small bathroom looks harmonious and attractive. You will manage to create a warm atmosphere adding a touch of style and character to your bathroom. Installing a shower will also help you save water and a result pay less. You need a lot of water to fill the tub the way you need and enjoy your bath time. Most homeowners agree that they can save a huge sum of money annually if they prefer showering.

A tub to shower conversion can also make your home a safer place. Have you ever thought that people often get injured in a bathroom? Getting in and out of a bathtub can be a problem especially for people with mobility issues. A walk-in shower can significantly minimize the risks of falling or slipping. You usually have much space within the shower enclosure. It allows you to move freely enjoying the shower.

In fact, a shower is not just a functional thing. It can become the element of design that makes your bathroom look modern and luxurious. A spacious shower will not just bring you pleasure and satisfaction. It can attract more potential buyers in the future.

As you can see, a tub to shower conversion is not a bad idea. However, it’s still not the option for everyone. Let’s see when you should keep your tub instead of replacing it.

Cons of Converting a Tub to a Shower

We all know that kids like bathing in a tub. They can swim there enjoying the warm water and bubbles. In fact, it’s not just about bathing. It’s about playing as well. If you have a big family with kids and pets, getting rid of a tub is the worst thing you can do. It can be really difficult and inconvenient to bathe your baby in a shower. Using a tub is a much better option in this case.

There is another reason why you shouldn’t refuse from owning a tub. Soaking in hot water would be impossible without having a beautiful and functional tub in your bathroom. No doubt, you can replace your tub with a shower without hesitation if there is another tub in the house. Just keep in mind that conversion can be very expensive. It largely depends on the type of shower you prefer.

A tub to shower conversion is not a very good idea in terms of home resale value. You should keep at least one tub to make your property more attractive to buyers and sell it faster. You will face a lot of problems if you choose to sell the home that has no tub at all.

Replacing a Tub with a Shower

Analyzing the list of pros and cons is extremely important for making the right decision. If you think that converting a tub to a shower is exactly what you need, you should know what steps to take in order to realize the project.

In fact, you should contact a professional who will help you with your bathroom remodel. Knowing the accurate measurements of your bathroom space will help you understand what type of shower fits better. If you opt for a rectangular shower enclosure, the conversion is likely to be smooth and easy. Make sure that there are no plumbing issues that can prevent you from installing a shower. If you notice any problems, hire a professional plumber to fix them.

When it comes to choosing a shower enclosure, your options are endless. As you already know, rectangular shower enclosures are the most common enclosures that can be found in modern homes. You may also think about installing a quadrant, square or pentagonal enclosure.

Choosing a shower head can be challenging as well. You should spend some time to consider different shower heads to understand which one would be the best for you. With a high-quality and multi-functional shower head you will be able to create an amazing shower experience.

Once you choose the type of shower enclosure and shower head that are going to be installed in your bathroom, you should think well how to protect the walls within your enclosure. Tiles are one of the best options. Homeowners often prefer porcelain tile due to its durability, diversity and water resistance. Porcelain is a non-porous material. It effectively prevents the buildup of soap scum and mildew. You may also consider shower wall panels that come in a huge variety of patterns and colors. With stylish panels you can turn your shower enclosure into a work of art.

Converting a tub to a shower can be a life-changing decision. If you are still not sure whether the conversion is worth the expense, think well what works best for you and your family. You deserve to be happy.

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