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A beautiful and modern bathroom can significantly change the way your home looks and feels. Using natural materials, geometrical shapes and neutral colors will help you create a contemporary bathroom that impresses with its elegance and style. Today, there is a new trend to incorporate natural materials to make your bathroom a soothing, relaxing and simply gorgeous place. Consider using natural stone and wood to add even more luxury to your bathroom.

When designing your bathroom, choose natural colors including green, blue, brown and beige. These colors work incredibly well with natural materials creating a tranquil environment where you can relax and unwind after a stressful day. In fact, designing a bathroom can be really challenging. There are different design elements that can completely transform your bathroom space creating the most inviting and harmonious atmosphere. No doubt, a beautiful and sophisticated bathtub is a key design feature that can easily help you turn your bathroom into a peaceful and luxurious oasis. Your bathroom will not be complete without an elegant tub. Let’s dig deeper to find out what bathtub you should get to design a modern and stylish bathroom space.

A Freestanding Tub to Add a Touch of Character to Your Bathroom

A freestanding bathtub is much more than just a tub. It is an essential design element that can play a decisive role in the way your bathroom looks. With a stunning and luxurious freestanding tub you can make your bathroom unique. Freestanding tubs are immensely loved by homeowners and interior designers. They can bring elegance, style and character turning even the simplest bathroom into a work of art.

A freestanding tub quickly becomes a focal point of your bathroom making a deep impression on all family members and guests. The tubs come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. So, you will be able to choose the one that complements your bathroom design.

A Timeless Clawfoot Tub to Create a Stylish Bathroom

A clawfoot tub has always been a symbol of luxury and style. These tubs are not just stunningly beautiful, they are functional as well. A clawfoot tub can beautify your bathroom space offering a unique bath experience. It can be placed anywhere in your bathroom making a statement and adding a touch of romance.

Some homeowners believe that a clawfoot tub is the best choice for traditional bathrooms. However, this tub can become a great addition to a contemporary bathroom. A clawfoot tub is the perfect option for larger bathrooms. But you can still put a clawfoot tub in a small bathroom making it feel more spacious and elegant.

A Colored Bathtub to Make Your Bathroom Bright

If you want to create a truly outstanding bathroom space, think about adding a colored bathtub. With so many colors available, you will be able to choose the one that can express your personal style adding a touch of drama to your space.

A blue soaking tub is a great choice for modern bathrooms. It has a fantastic design that can help you make your bathroom more vivid and spacious. Blue color has a soothing effect. It will turn your bathroom into a serene oasis, the ideal place to relax after a long day at work. Plus, a blue tub will enhance your bathroom design adding a touch of sophistication and style.

Have you even thought about adding a yellow tub to your bathroom? Yellow color reflects light very well making the whole bathroom feel warm and inviting. A yellow bathtub will create a sense of coziness helping you enjoy every minute you spend in your bathroom.

If you want to add more drama and romance to your bathroom space, think about installing a black bathtub. This tub is a great choice for people who want to combine elegance and simplicity in order to create the ideal bathroom space. A black tub will make a charming and comforting atmosphere turning your bathroom into a marvelous place.

Red is a bold color that can energize your space breathing new life into it. A red freestanding tub is another great choice for a stylish bathroom. It adds luxury and comfort to your bathroom creating a truly dramatic and warm space.

A Beautiful Pedestal Tub for a Luxurious Bathroom

A pedestal tub is a modern take on a classic soaking tub. It resembles a claswfoot tub. However, it has a platform instead of feet. A pedestal tub is a great addition to any bathroom. It quickly becomes a key design element that decorates your bathroom bringing more character and style to your space.

In order to design a modern and stylish bathroom, choose a pedestal bathtub that has clean lines and elegant look. This beautiful tub will add a touch of excellence to your bathroom complementing its décor and improving its visual appeal.

A Wooden Bathtub to Elevate Your Bathroom Design

When remodeling your bathroom, you will definitely need a new tub that can make your space more vibrant and luxurious. Wooden bathtubs are gaining popularity due to their interesting appearance and benefits they offer. The tubs provide the ultimate bath experience creating the most comfortable conditions for rest and relaxation.

Today, there are plenty of wooden bathtub ideas that can transform your bathroom space adding a touch of chic and style. You may prefer oval, rectangular and even round tubs. A wooden tub with white interior will create a cozy atmosphere making your bathroom extremely beautiful. A wooden tub with glossy finish will become a centerpiece of your bathroom. A dark wooden tub will add more drama to your space creating the bathroom of your dreams.

A Copper Bathtub to Make a Statement in Your Bathroom

If you are tired of your boring bathroom and want to create a truly unique environment, think about getting a copper bathtub. This tub will immediately transform your space and make it stand out. A warm color of the bathtub will help you create a welcoming atmosphere. A copper tub in combination with the other exquisite elements will help you make a striking bathroom you really like.

A bathtub is an essential part of a modern and stylish bathroom. With an elegant and sophisticated tub you will design a very interesting and stunningly luxurious space. Get the tub that will change your bathroom and your life.

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