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Homeowners need to choose a shower door when they do bathroom renovation. And of course, it’s necessary to make a smart choice and pick the best shower door in terms of quality and style.

A lot of shower doors are available these days. Shower doors come in a vast variety of types, materials and sizes. That’s why picking the right shower door for a bathroom can be hard.

Today, we’ll talk you through various shower door options and discus their pros and cons. We’ll also give you tips that you need to follow to select the right door for your shower and bath space. This will help you come up with the best shower door ideas and make a smart choice.

So, let’s get started.

Different Types of Shower Doors

There are different types of shower doors. Each type of doors has its own pros and cons. Now, we’ll talk about the most common types of shower doors. So, you’ll manage to figure out what type of a door is the most suitable for your shower and bathroom.

Pivot shower doors

A lot of homeowners choose to have pivot shower doors in their bathrooms. A pivot shower door is a swing-out door. This type of shower doors is the most suitable for bathrooms of small and medium sizes. A pivot shower door would be the perfect choice if you have a standalone shower in your bathroom.

Sliding shower doors

A sliding shower door is another popular option. It’s a slide open door. What is great about sliding shower doors is that don’t require too much space. So, it makes a lot of sense to consider such a door if your bathroom is small. A sliding shower door is an ideal option for bathrooms with angular and curved showers.

Bifold shower doors

A bifold shower door is a good alternative to the standard shower doors. It has too much in common with pivot doors and sliding doors. Such a door will get a lot of attention and make your bathroom space unique.

Round shower doors

This type of a shower door has rounded edges and impresses with its unusual design. A round shower door is a good option for homeowners, who are interested in door types that open inwards. It’s important to know that round shower doors are a space-saving option.

It’s a great idea to select round shower doors for small bathrooms with corner showers. Keep in mind that round shower doors are easy to clean. So, you’ll not find it hard to maintain such doors and keep them beautiful and shiny.

How to Choose the Right Shower Door

Selecting a shower door is a very responsible task. So, you should always take it seriously. There are many important things to consider when it comes to choosing a shower door.

You should take into account the amount of space in your bathroom and the functionality of your shower door. Pay a close attention to the design of a shower door. Make sure that a shower door of your choice meets your personal style preferences.

It’s also important to note that choosing shower doors is the process that requires meticulous planning and preparation. Initially, you have to decide what type of a shower door you need. Analyze the pros and cons of each shower door type and pick a shower door that meets your design style and needs in the best possible way. Also, you should know if you need a sliding shower door or a swinging shower door. Keep in mind that there are frameless and framed shower doors. Your choice mainly depends on your taste and personal preferences.

On top of that, you have to select glass texture for your shower door. There are different types of shower glass. These include: clear glass, frosted glass, tint glass, patterned glass, etc. For example, frosted glass and patterned glass would a good choice for homeowners who want to add more privacy to a bathroom. A shower door should have a perfect look in your bathroom. Explore all your options and give a preference to the glass textures which are more to your liking.

Homeowners should select a shower door with shower location and the amount of bathroom space in mind. A shower door of your choice has to meet the shape of your shower enclosure. There are rectangular, square, quadrant, d-shaped and frameless shower enclosures. First of all, you have to decide what shape of a shower you are going to install in your bathroom. After that, you should select a shower door that is suitable for your shower enclosure shape.

When selecting a shower door, it’s necessary to make certain measurements. You have to measure the width and the height of a shower door. A door has to be measured from top to button. By doing so, you’ll get the height of a shower door. Make sure that the tallest member of your family will be able to go through a shower door easily.

What is Best Shower Door for Your Bathroom?

It’s incredibly important to find the right shower door for a bathroom. Would you like to save space or add beauty and comfort to your bathroom? A shower door has to meet your requirement and perfectly fit your bathroom space.

Your choice depends a lot on your bathroom. Do you have a small or large bathroom? Sliding doors would be the perfect choice for small bathrooms. On the other hand, swinging shower doors and pivot shower doors are worth considering if you have a large bathroom.
Some homeowners give a preference to shower doors that adds a unique touch to a bathroom. If you would like to add style to your bathroom, then think about shower doors with glass texture.

It would be great to ask professionals for help. The specialists will analyze your needs carefully and recommend you the perfect shower door for your bathroom. Follow professional’s advice to make a smart choice and pick a shower door of your dreams.

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