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What is the Best Shower Door Style for Your Bathroom?

Are you searching for a new shower door for your bathroom? Whether you are planning to replace your shower enclosure or just want to update your existing one, a shower door is one of the most important things you will have to think of. With an elegant and functional shower door you can create a truly fascinating bathroom space where you can relax after a hard day at work. A...
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Are Shower Bases a Good Idea?

Shower bases have gained a huge popularity among homeowners these days. If you are updating your bathroom or building a new bathroom from scratch, then you should think about installing a shower base. The main function of a shower base is to direct water to the drain in a bathroom. That’s the reason why shower bases are always installed with a slope. So, water can easily go down your drain...
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Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Under cabinet range hoods have become a very popular option these days. Range hoods of this type remove odors, vapors as well as grease, smoke and heat from your kitchen space during the cooking process. Under cabinet range hoods are installed over cooktops and stoves. Such range hoods are a suitable option for kitchens with gas and electric appliances. Under cabinet range hoods are worth considering if you have a...
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Clawfoot Bathtubs for Modern Bathrooms

Clawfoot bathtubs have been always considered a symbol of luxury and style. These tubs are the perfect choice if you want to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom space. With a clawfoot tub you can create a truly fascinating bathroom design turning this space into a calming oasis, the ideal place for rest and relaxation. A bathroom remodel is a challenging, but yet rewarding process. You should take...
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Best Shower Door for Bathroom Renovation

Homeowners need to choose a shower door when they do bathroom renovation. And of course, it’s necessary to make a smart choice and pick the best shower door in terms of quality and style. A lot of shower doors are available these days. Shower doors come in a vast variety of types, materials and sizes. That’s why picking the right shower door for a bathroom can be hard. Today, we’ll...
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How Long Do Shower Bases Last?

Every bathroom is a unique project that has absolutely different fixtures including shower bases. With the help of an experienced interior designer you can create a truly fascinating bathroom space where even a minor detail matters. You can easily turn your bathroom into a peaceful oasis that brings you so much pleasure and satisfaction. Designing a bathroom can be challenging indeed. There are a lot of important things to consider...
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