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The beauty, versatility, durability and an affordable price tag make an acrylic bathtub a popular choice for many homeowners. An acrylic tub can add elegance and style to any bathroom boosting your bathing experience and improving your mood.

Taking a bath gives an amazing opportunity to relax after a long day at work. But buying a tub can be a challenge if you are not quite sure what you are looking for. In fact, there are a lot of important things you should know about the acrylic bathtubs prior to making the final choice. We will walk you through the world of stunning acrylic bathtubs to help you find your ideal tub. So, what is so special about the acrylic bathtubs and which tub can really make you happy?

What is an Acrylic Bathtub?

Before getting acquainted with the main advantages and disadvantages of acrylic bathtubs, you should know what these tubs are usually made of. Acrylic tubs are made of vacuum-formed acrylic sheets. In most cases, the material is reinforced with fiberglass to add even more durability. Due to the manufacturing process, the acrylic bathtubs are more expensive in comparison with fiberglass tubs. However, they are more affordable than the other bathtub materials.

The material these tubs are made of make it possible to customize your acrylic tub to the style, shape, size and even color you really need. An acrylic tub is a perfect choice for many people, but it may not be perfect for everyone. Just like any other bathtub, an acrylic tub has pros and cons. Let’s dig deeper to find out what they are.

What are the Pros of Acrylic Bathtubs?

Affordability is probably one of the main reasons why people choose to buy an acrylic tub. Whether you are renovating your bathroom or just want to replace an old tub, there will definitely be a bathtub that fits your budget. When it comes to choosing a bathtub, heat retention is another characteristic you should consider. Acrylic bathtubs can keep the water warm longer than the other bathtubs. Plus, acrylic tubs are easy to maintain and repair.

Acrylic tubs have a smooth and nonporous surface. These tubs are also lightweight. It makes them really easy to install and replace. An acrylic tub can complement any bathroom design adding a touch of luxury and romance.

What are the Cons of Acrylic Bathtubs?

Despite the advantages, an acrylic bathtub still has some drawbacks. In fact, these drawbacks are not too serious and in most cases will not discourage you from buying this fantastic tub.

The lightweight construction of the tub can make it feel hollow when you step inside. Plus, the surface of acrylic bathtubs is prone to scratching and staining if not maintained properly. Without regular cleaning, mold, dirt, rust and soap stains build up easily.

These tubs can last from 10 to 15 years. The durability usually depends on the amount of care and use. There are the materials that can last much longer.

Shapes and Sizes of Acrylic Bathtubs

Acrylic bathtubs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. The most common shapes include alcove tubs, corner tubs, clawfoot tubs and drop-in tubs. Alcove acrylic bathtubs are one of the most popular tubs often preferred by homeowners. An alcove tub is installed between the three walls. This is a great option for those people who want to combine a tub with a shower. Alcove acrylic bathtubs do not require too much space. They are ideal for smaller bathrooms. Alcove tubs are usually square or oval.

If you want to add style and glamour to your bathroom, think about buying a clawfoot acrylic bathtub. No doubt, this tub will become a centerpiece of any bathroom turning it into a fantastic space ideal for rest and relaxation.

The tub has four legs that make the design so special and unique. Traditional clawfoot tubs usually have lion paw feet or ball and claw feet. You may also find imperial, cannonball and leaf clawfoot tub feet. The tub claw feet may have different finishes including brass, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and polished chrome. The clawfoot tub feet can also be painted white to match the color of the tub.

Corner acrylic bathtubs are similar to alcove tubs, but they offer more room. If you prefer soaking in hot water for a long period of time and have a spacious bathroom, you should definitely consider a corner bathtub.

A drop-in acrylic tub is another popular choice. This tub is put into a framed enclosure that is usually finished to match tile or bathroom cabinets.

An average size of an alcove acrylic bathtub is 60 inches in length, 32 inches wide and 18 inches tall. If you are planning to install a clawfoot tub, keep in mind that the length of the tub usually ranges between 54 and 72 inches. The width ranges from 30 inches to 40 inches. And the depth of a clawfoor tub is 24 – 30 inches. In fact, you may find even a deeper tub. The corner acrylic bathtubs range from 42 – 76 inches in length, 31 – 83 inches in width and 17 – 29 inches in height.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Acrylic Bathtub

If you are looking for a bathtub that is easy to clean and maintain, an acrylic tub is exactly what you need. You will not have to spend too much time removing the dirt from the surface of the tub. Simple, but at the same time effective cleaning tips will help your acrylic tub look always fresh and new.

The good news is that there is no special cleaner you should use to preserve your tub. You can use a soft cloth and dish soap to clean the tub. For stubborn stains, you can use baking soda and nonabrasive sponge. If the surface of your tub has some imperfections or you just want to change the color of the tub, you can have it refinished. Keep in mind that you will have to get a new tub if your acrylic tub is already old, leaking and full of mold. In this case, refinishing will be just a waste of time and money.

When it comes to choosing an acrylic bathtub, high quality really makes a difference. Find a beautiful and functional acrylic tub that will take your bathing experience to the next level.

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