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When you are renovating your bathroom, there are a lot of things to consider. Upgrading bathroom vanity top is definitely one of those important things. Vanity tops are a functional and at the same time aesthetic addition to any bathroom. The ideal vanity top for your bathroom has to be durable, stain resistant, easy to maintain and simply beautiful. If you want your vanity top to last for many years, selecting fragile surfaces is not a very good idea.

No doubt, a high-quality vanity top can become a focal point in your bathroom complementing its overall design and creating a truly unique space for your morning routine. Choosing your next bathroom vanity top can be really challenging if you are not quite sure what to look for. Let’s talk about the most critical factors you should analyze in order to pick the perfect vanity top for a reasonable price.

What’s Your Budget?

That is definitely the first question you should answer prior to choosing the right bathroom vanity top. Depending on your budget, you have an opportunity to select between low-priced, mid-priced and luxury vanity tops. If your budget is tight, you may consider laminate vanity tops. However, you should keep in mind that vanity tops made of laminate are less likely to add value to your home. That is the main reason why you should consider some other option if you plan to sell your property in the future.

If you are looking for something more durable and attractive, consider cultured marble, cultured granite and solid surface vanity tops. These mid-priced vanity tops are extremely popular among homeowners. They offer excellent quality for a reasonable price.

If your budget permits, you may think about getting expensive vanity tops that will add even more character and style to your bathroom. Luxury vanity tops include marble, granite, quartz, concrete as well as glass and wood.

The Pros and Cons of Different Bathroom Vanity Top Materials

There is a huge variety of bathroom vanity top materials you can choose from. The most popular include marble, granite, quartz, solid surface and ceramic.

Marble has a sophisticated and timeless look. Marble vanity top will add elegance and style to your bathroom. This material offers a huge selection of colors that will suit any bathroom design. Marble is an easy-to-clean material. You will not have to spend too much time and effort to keep your marble vanity top in a good condition. Marble is heat-resistant. However, it can chip easily. You should be careful and avoid dropping some heavy objects on your vanity top. Plus, marble absorbs water and can stain over time.

Granite is another popular choice for vanity tops. Granite is an extremely durable material resistant to chips and scratches. So, you do not have to worry even if something heavy falls on this vanity top. Granite vanity tops are heat-resistant as well. This material does not stain easily. However, stains may appear if some liquid is left on the surface of this vanity top for a long period of time. Granite vanity tops can be found in many different colors and patterns. This material can make your bathroom look and feel gorgeous indeed.

Quartz is another popular vanity top material. It is one of the strongest materials you can find on the market today. Quartz is a non-porous material that effectively resists stains and water spots. Obviously, it requires low maintenance and always looks fantastic. Quartz vanity tops resist heat, scratches and chips. If you prefer a quartz vanity top for your bathroom, you will not have to worry about it being damaged easily. One of the most significant drawbacks that quartz vanity tops have is their price. They can be very expensive.

Vanity Top Materials

55.1″ Solid Surface Resin Streamline K-0990-55 Vanity Top

Solid surface vanity tops are a great alternative to the expensive quartz and granite bathroom vanity tops. This material consists of mineral dust mixed with plastic resins. Solid surface mimics the magnificent beauty of natural stone, but has a more affordable price. These vanity tops are very hard and durable. They are also very easy to clean and maintain. Solid surface has antibacterial properties. So, you will not have to worry about mold and mildew growth. Solid surface vanity tops often come with integrated sinks.

Ceramic bathroom vanity tops provide a simple look. They are available in different styles and sizes. The ceramic vanity top with integrated sink is easy to clean and maintain because there is no gap between the top and the sink. Ceramic is a fragile material prone to cracks and chips. If broken, this material cannot be repaired. However, ceramic is still a good option if your budget is tight and you want to reduce expenses.

Selecting the Style and Finish for Your Bathroom Vanity Top

When it comes to buying a vanity top, there are two styles you can think of – freestanding and built-in style. There are also different types of bathroom vanity tops including sink-integrated top, cut-out top, single-bowl integrated top, double-bowl integrated top, vessel top, single-basin cut out vanity top and double-basin cut out vanity top.

Choosing the right finish for your bathroom vanity top is also important just because it can completely change the way your bathroom looks and feels. An elegant, polished finish is always a great choice for any vanity top. No matter what material you select, a glossy finish will always increase the brightness of your bathroom.

Matte vanity tops are less reflective in comparison with the polished surfaces. However, a lot of homeowners prefer matte bathroom vanity tops due to their sophisticated beauty and elegance. Unlike the glossy surfaces, matte vanity tops can hide scratches much better. If you prefer the romance and amazing look provided by a matte surface, think about choosing a solid surface vanity top. But if you want to enjoy a sparkling beauty of a glossy finish, consider marble, quartz or granite vanity tops.

Inside your bathroom, a vanity top is always eye-catching. Choose the one that will enhance the beauty of your bathroom making it the most stunning place in your home.

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