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Planning a bathroom renovation? If your bathroom looks old and tired, it’s definitely the right time to change it. The bathroom basin is one of the key elements that can change the way your bathroom looks and feels. By renovating your bathroom, you can completely transform the space that you have making it more beautiful and functional. Even a small and nonfunctional space can turn into a cozy and comfortable bathroom ideal for space and relaxation.

An elegant basin can provide a stunning effect making your bathroom a truly amazing place. It can be really challenging to find the best basin for your bathroom, especially if you are not quite sure what you are looking for. Your choice will largely depend on the amount of space in your bathroom and its design. It’s extremely important to get a high-quality basin that will last for many years bringing you joy and satisfaction. No doubt, a bathroom basin is a purchase that requires careful consideration. Let’s dig deeper to analyze the most important aspects of buying a fantastic basin for your bathroom.

Most Critical Things to Consider Selecting Your Perfect Basin

Analyze the whole bathroom space to choose the basin that will be the best fit. Think well who is going to use the bathroom. If you are planning to renovate your kid’s bathroom, keep in mind that you should never install a glass basin there. But for a master bedroom, this basin would be a perfect choice.

The size of your bathroom matters as well. You may want to choose a corner basin for a small bathroom or a pedestal one for a spacious bathroom. It’s also crucial to choose the basin with a comfortable height. The ideal basin height should be equal to the height of your waste. In this case, you will experience no problems using this bathroom furniture. Do not forget to analyze the location of the toilet seat, shower and the tub. If you put the basin in the wrong place, you will make your bathroom look untidy and poorly organized.

The faucet is another important thing to consider. Install the faucet that perfectly matches the style of your basin to make the basin look even more elegant and attractive. Select the basin that will complement your bathroom design and make it the most beautiful room in your home.

Different Types of Bathroom Basins

There is a wide range of bathroom basins you can choose from. Those homeowners who have small bathrooms often prefer wall-mounted basins. As the name suggests, this basin is fixed directly to the wall. It provides a simple, but at the same time elegant look to your bathroom.

A wall-mounted basin would be a great option if saving space is your top priority. You should also keep in mind that the pipes under the basin will be visible.

Pedestal basins are another popular choice. These are freestanding basins that usually consist of two parts – the basin and the column. Today, you can find traditional and contemporary pedestal basins. These basins are ideal for smaller bathrooms. The elegant and graceful basins will make your bathroom look fabulous indeed.

If you want to add more style and character to your bathroom, think about getting a countertop basin that has a truly modern and unique look. In comparison with wall-mounted and pedestal basins, countertop basins can offer more storage space. These basins are very interesting and unique. They are also practical and versatile. A countertop basin will become a great addition to any bathroom. This basin is considered one of the easiest bathroom basins to install.

If you want to make a minimalist bathroom, adding an under counter basin would be a great idea. This basin sits well under the counter creating a perfect look and adding more style to your bathroom.

A fully recessed basin is a fabulous option for any bathroom. The basin is usually put into the countertop. As a result, just a small part of the basin protrudes above the countertop. This basin is spacious and offers additional storage space for bath products. This type of basins comes in a huge variety of styles. You can choose the one that suits your bathroom design and makes you really happy.

If you are looking for something unusual, consider a semi-recessed basin to make your bathroom stand out. This basin is something between a countertop and a fully recessed basin. It is the ideal choice for those homeowners who have a small bathroom, but still want to add some cabinets under the basin. It is a great option for children’s bathrooms as well.

A corner basin is another great option that helps save so much precious space in your bathroom. This basin can be either hung on the wall or put on a storage cabinet. Corner basins come in different shapes and colors.

The Best Material for Your Bathroom Basin

The most popular bathroom basin materials include ceramic, natural stone, solid surface as well as wood and glass.

Durability, affordability and reliability make ceramic basins a good option for your bathroom. These basins are resistant to bacteria and stain. They are easy to clean and maintain. Despite the fact that ceramic basins are durable enough, they can crack or chip if you drop something heavy.

Natural stone bathroom basins look luxurious. Each basin is just a work of art. The most popular types of natural stones used for making basins include marble, granite and onyx. A natural stone basin can add elegance and romance to your bathroom. However, you should maintain it properly. Natural stones are porous and can absorb water. So, it is extremely important to coat these basins with special material to preserve their brilliant look and functionality.

Solid surface has become an extremely popular material in recent years. It mimics the look of natural stone, but has an affordable price tag. If you are on a tight budget, but still want to get a high-quality bathroom basin, solid surface would be a great option for you. These basins come in a wide range of styles and colors.

Wood basins bring warm and welcoming atmosphere to your bathroom. Teak is often used to create wood basins. This wood basin is water-resistant. It is mold and mildew resistant as well. Bamboo is another popular material for wood basins. These basins have a unique appearance and can add a nice touch to your bathroom.

Glass bathroom basins are a beautiful and durable alternative to the other basins. They do not stain or scratch. If maintained properly, glass basins can last for many years preserving their initial look. They do not break easily. However, a rapid fluctuation in temperature known as thermal shock can cause your glass basin to break.

With so many options available, you can find the basin that perfectly suits your bathroom interior. Choose the basin that reflects your personality and gives your bathroom a fresh and modern look.

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