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An acrylic bathtub is definitely a luxury item. This tub can completely transform your bathroom adding more style and character. With a clawfoot tub, your bathroom will look more expensive and attractive.

Whether you are planning to build a new home or just remodel your bathroom, choosing a bathtub is always a serious decision. The tub you buy should be beautiful and functional. Your ideal tub meets your requirements and even exceeds your expectations. A clawfoot tub is a symbol of elegance and style. Getting this tub is one of the best ways to refresh your bathroom and make it look fantastic indeed.

Just like other tubs, clawfoot tubs come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, styles and sizes. Clawfoot acrylic tubs are gaining huge popularity among homeowners. Let’s dig deeper to find out why these tubs are really worth buying and what factors you should consider before making the final choice.

Why Buying a Clawfoot Acrylic Tub is a Great Idea

The most common clawfoot tub materials include cast iron and acrylic. Cast iron tubs are made to last for decades. These tubs are durable indeed, but at the same time they can be extremely expensive. Today, an acrylic tub is a great alternative to a cast iron tub. If you are looking for an elegant calwfoot tub with an affordable price tag, consider tubs made of acrylic.

Why Buying a Clawfoot Acrylic Tub is a Great Idea

68″ Streamline N903ORB-WH Clawfoot Tub and Tray With Internal Drain

Acrylic bathtubs have a lot of advantages. In comparison with cast iron tubs, acrylic clawfoot tubs warm up much quicker. In fact, acrylic tubs maintain the temperature of the bathroom and do not have to be filled with very hot water to warm up.

These tubs are lightweight. They are much easier to install and move around. An empty acrylic clawfoot tub weighs about 120 pounds. An empty clawfoot cast iron tub weighs 200-400 pounds. The difference is really striking. It is extremely important to know the exact weight of the tub you want to buy to make sure that the floor in your bathroom can support it. No doubt, acrylic clawfoot tubs are a better choice for upstairs bathrooms.

Acrylic is a soft material, smooth to the touch. It can last for many years if maintained properly. Scratches may appear on the surface of the tub, but they can be easily removed. Clawfoot acrylic tubs withstand regular use and cleaning. You can be sure that a clawfoot tub made of high-quality acrylic sheets will not fade, stain or yellow over time.

You may wonder how much you will have to pay for a clawfoot acrylic tub. This tub usually costs $700 – $2,000.

Clawfoot Acrylic Bathtub Styles

A clawfoot tub is a fascinating centerpiece in your bathroom. When selecting an elegant tub, there are several styles you can consider. Classic clawfoot tubs are timeless indeed. With this tub, your bathroom will always look unique and exquisite. A classic clawfoot bathtub is usually oval shaped. In fact, this tub is square at one end and rounded at the other. The tub supports your head, back and neck providing the ideal bathing experience. This vintage tub can be put next to the wall or stand freely. If you want, you can easily combine this clawfoot tub with a shower.

Double ended clawfoot tub is large enough and can accommodate two bathers at the same time. Traditionally, this tub is rounded at two ends. Slipper tub has one raised end to provide a better sitting position, when double slipper has both ends raised and sloping. These clawfoot tubs have charming appearance. They impress with their majestic beauty and functionality.

Clawfoot Acrylic Bathtub Styles

60″ Streamline N180GLD Soaking Freestanding Tub and Tray With External Drain

A pedestal tub is a version of a classic clawfoot tub. Instead of feet, this tub uses a pedestal that raises it above the floor. A pedestal acrylic tub will become a great addition to your modern bathroom. Today, these tubs have clean lines and a subtle, gorgeous look. You can find an oval, rectangular and even bowl shaped pedestal acrylic tub.

Choosing the Right Size of Your Clawfoot acrylic clawfoot

Choosing the right size of your clawfoot bathtub has a huge impact on the way your bathroom looks and feels. Getting a very small tub can make you feel uncomfortable while bathing. However, getting a very large tub can make your bathroom look smaller than it really is.

In fact, clawfoot tubs are designed to be large and deep. That’s why, they are often chosen by the homeowners who prefer soaking in hot water on a regular basis. If you have a small bathroom, but still want to become the owner of a beautiful and functional clawfoot tub, consider a compact tub that is just 48 inches long. But if you have a spacious bathroom, a bigger tub will look more harmonious there. In this case, you may consider an oversized clawfoot tub that is 72 inches long. An average size of a clawfoot acrylic tub is 60 inches.

Selecting the Color of Your Clawfoot Tub

Some people wrongly believe that clawfoot tubs are always white. In fact, acrylic clawfoot tubs can be finished in almost any color imaginable. No doubt, you will be able to find the tub that will upgrade your bathroom adding a touch of character and style. The interior of your clawfoot tub usually remains white, while the exterior is colored. It helps create high-contrast design making your tub stunning indeed and adding drama to your space.

Clawfoot acrylic tubs can be cream, biscuit or even black. You can choose a bold and vibrant shade as well. Today, dark blue, light blue, green, grey, purple, red and even yellow tubs are also available.

Things to Know about Clawfoot Acrylic Tub Installation

When choosing your clawfoot bathtub, you should also consider where you want the drain and faucets to be placed. Keep in mind that a double-ended clawfoot tub has the hole for plumbing on the side of the bathtub. A classic clawfoot tub usually has the holes on the flat end. In order to install the tub you will either have to move the tub to the existing drain or run the drain pipes under the flooring to the place where you want to put the tub.

With a clawfoot tub, you also have an opportunity to choose where you want the faucets to be installed – on the wall, on the floor or on the bathtub itself.

Most clawfoot bathtubs have the matching feet you can use. However, you still have an opportunity to mix and match any feet that you like and consider appropriate.

A clawfoot acrylic tub is a fantastic way to give your bathroom a brilliant look. Turn your bathroom into a spa with this fabulous tub and enhance your bathing experience.

Clawfoot Tubs: Everything You Need to Know

Cast Iron or Acrylic Clawfoot Bathtub