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If you still have no tub in your bathroom, you should seriously think about getting one. Adding a clawfoot bathtub will bring more elegance and luxury to your bathroom. This tub can completely change the way your bathroom looks and feels. No wonder, why so many homeowners choose to install clawfoot tubs during a bathroom renovation process.

Getting a clawfoot tub is a major purchase. That’s why, you should know all the details about these bathtubs in order to make the right choice. You can expect a tub to last for many years. So, the tub you buy should bring you pleasure and satisfaction. It has to be not just beautiful, but functional as well.

Are you planning a bathroom remodel and want to invest in a clawfoot tub? Keep on reading to find out more information about these tubs. Hopefully, this information will help you select the tub that will become a focal point in your bathroom and make you happy for many years to come.

What is a Clawfoot Tub?

A clawfoot tub is a freestanding tub that has four feet to rest on. A clawfoot tub has an exceptional look that has remained unchanged for so many years. It is always modern and never goes out of style. This tub is deep enough to provide you with a fantastic bathing experience. If you are one of those people who like to spend a lot of time soaking in a hot tub, a clawfoot tub is definitely the ideal option for you. This tub is usually made of the materials that retain heat very well. So, you will be able to relax in your tub for as long as you want. A clawfoot tub is also easy to install. The only thing you have to do is to connect the tub to the plumbing system.

Most Popular Clawfoot Tub Materials

Clawfoot bathtubs can be found in a wide selection of materials including cast iron, copper, acrylic and stone resin. If you are looking for a highly durable tub, cast ion is your best option. It will definitely last for many years, if not decades. Probably, the most significant drawback of the cast iron tub is its weight. There may be some problems during bathroom installation process. Make sure that the floor in your bathroom can support the weight of the tub. In some cases, the floor requires reinforcement.

Copper is another high quality material. A copper tub has an elegant look. It can add style and character to any bathroom. Copper also creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Despite the fact that copper tubs are not very popular among homeowners, they still can be a great choice in some situations. Copper tubs are resistant to scratching and are very easy to clean. They can also be very expensive.

Today, acrylic clawfoot tubs are gaining more popularity due to their light weight and affordability. Acrylic tubs look really wonderful. They are easy to install and clean. Despite the fact that acrylic tubs are durable enough and resistant to cracking, they can scratch easily.

Stone resin clawfoot tubs are made of natural stones crushed and pieced together by polymer resin. These tubs are highly durable and do not scratch easily.

Clawfoot Tub Styles

Clawfoot tubs have been around since late 1800s. This tub can be the centerpiece of any bathroom by adding luxury and improving the design of the whole space. These days, clawfoot tubs can be found in different color combinations and styles. However, four styles are the most popular.

Classic clawfoot bathtub is the most popular version often preferred by the homeowners. This tub is oval with a flat rim. In fact, it is rounded at one end and square on the other. This tub can be combined with a wall mounted, freestanding and deck mounted faucet. It all depends on the place where you are going to put your tub in.

Double-ended clawfoot tub is usually rounded at both sides. Specialists recommend combining this tub with a deck mounted faucet. A single-slipper clawfoot tub has a very interesting shape. There is a higher edge at one end of this clawfoot tub. This shape provides a comfortable position helping your entire body to rest and relax.

A double slipper clawfoot tub has two edges raised for even better bathing experience. The tub is usually shallow in the center and deeper at the ends. Depending on its size, a double slipper can easily accommodate two people.

Tub Feet Styles and Finishes

No doubt, the feet are the most distinguishing feature of every clawfoot tub. There are different styles to choose from. And the style of the feet determines the overall look of your tub. In most cases, the tub claw feet are made of cast iron or aluminum. The most common finishes include brass, chrome, oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel. If you’d like, the tub feet can be painted white to match the color of the bathtub. If you want to add drama to your bathroom design, you can select the clawfoot tub feet with black finish. This tub would have a striking and truly unique look.

The ball and claw is definitely one of the most popular styles. In fact, this style is the reason why the tub has got its name. These feet add elegance and glamour to the bathtub making it look fantastic indeed.

The lion paw is another traditional feet design. These feet will become a great addition to your bathtub turning it into a stunning work of art. This design is extremely popular among the homeowners who want to bring the vintage look into their bathroom.

Cannonball feet are a simpler version of ball and claw design. This style is ideal for people who want a minimalistic look. The tub feet look nice and function well. The Armada feet have flat surface and provide a better stability. They can be decorated with gilding and make your tub look even more fantastic and unique.

Getting a clawfoot bathtub is an excellent way to breathe new life into your bathroom. The magnificent beauty of the tub will turn your bathroom into a peaceful oasis you will never want to leave.

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