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A sophisticated bathtub is a great option for any bathroom. It brings a sense of comfort making your bathroom an ideal place for rest and relaxation. Clawfoot bathtubs are beautiful and practical. Bathtubs of this type add a lot of elegance and charm to bathroom space.
It’s crucial to pick clawfoot bathtubs that suit your bathroom design in the best possible way. It all depends a lot on the design style of your bathroom. Whether your bathroom is designed in a traditional, modern or retro style, clawfoot bathtubs are worth considering.
In fact, there are many ways to integrate a clawfoot tub into bathroom design. Today, we’ll provide tips for styling a bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub.

So, let’s get started.

Make a Clawfoot Tub a Centerpiece of Your Bathroom

The location of a bathtub plays an important role in bathroom design. The main advantage of a clawfoot tub is that it can be placed anywhere in bathroom space. If you put a tub in the middle of your bathroom, it will immediately attract the attention. In this case, your bathroom will look more vibrant and beautiful.

Pair a Clawfoot Tub with Marble Tiles

Marble has been always a symbol of luxury and style. It’s worth noting that clawfoot bathtubs go well with marble tiles. You’ll be able to create a truly fascinating bathroom space by pairing these two design elements. As a result, you’ll manage to achieve a soothing and calming atmosphere in your bathroom. So, a clawfoot tub will help you relax and recharge with positive energy after a stressful day.

Double-Sided Clawfoot Bathtubs are Recommended for Large Bathrooms

If you have a spacious bathroom, then you can get a double-sided clawfoot tub. Such a tub impresses with its majesty and unusual beauty. The tub offers plenty of bathing space and can accommodate two people at the same time. That means that such a tub would be the perfect choice for couples. Double-sided clawfoot bathtubs are often installed in bathrooms designed in a traditional style. It’s also important to note that double-sided bathtubs go well with natural stone flooring.

Clawfoot Bathtubs Go Well with Scale Tile Floor

A clawfoot bathtub will look truly unique and exquisite in combination with scale-shaped tile floor. Such a combination brings beauty and originality to a bathroom space.

If you have scale tile floor installed in your bathroom, then it would be great to consider clawfoot bathtubs that have matte finish. It’s worth noting that matte finish looks perfectly on scale tile floors. Give a preference to clawfoot bathtubs with golden claw foot color.

Red Clawfoot Bathtubs Add Personality to Bathroom Designs

It’s widely known that different colors evoke different emotions. Red is an accent color that gets a lot of attention. So, your bathroom will make a difference with a red bathtub. A red clawfoot tub can be a good choice for a luxurious bathroom design.

There is no doubt that such a tub makes your bathroom space more delicate. Red bathtubs would be a good option if there are elements of blue color in your bathroom design. If you choose to pick a red clawfoot bathtub, make sure it will go well with cabinet door covers in your bathroom.

Black and White Clawfoot Bathtubs are Worth Considering for Smaller Bathrooms

Black and white clawfoot bathtubs add drama as well as romance to a bathroom space. But most importantly, a smaller bathroom will look bigger with a clawfoot tub.

It’s important to know that black and white contrast provides a visual effect in a bathroom. Keep in mind that black and white colors go well with golden color. The truth is that a golden color diversifies black-and-white style and breathes a new life into your bathroom. That’s the reason why it would be great to consider clawfoot bathtubs with claw foot of brushed gold and polished gold colors.

It’s also important to note that golden hardware will be a good addition to a bathroom with a black and white clawfoot tub. It’s a great idea to add house plants to your bathroom space.

Clawfoot Bathtubs Combine a Neutral Color Palette Well

It makes a lot of sense to consider clawfoot bathtubs if your bathroom is designed in a neutral color style. A bathtub of this type will add personality to a space and create a warm and cozy atmosphere in a bathroom.

What is the Right Clawfoot Bathtub for a Luxurious Bathroom Design?

Clawfoot bathtubs come in a wide range of styles, colors and prices. So, picking the right tub can be hard. You should aim to select a bathtub that suits the design of your bathroom space and meets your needs and requirements in the best possible way.

There are certain things that you need to consider when selecting a clawfoot bathtub. First of all, you need to figure out what style of a clawfoot bathtub is the most suitable for your bathroom. Make sure that the look and feel of the tub corresponds to the design of your bathroom space. You should aim to create a comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub.

Colors are another important factor in selecting clawfoot bathtubs. You need to pay close attention to drain color and clawfoot color of a tub. Bathtubs are available in a large selection of colors. Choose clawfoot bathtubs of colors that go well with flooring and overall design of a bathroom.

Keep in mind that feet of clawfoot bathtubs come in different styles and finishes. There are ball and claw feet, lion paw feet, imperial feet, leaf shaped feet, cannonball feet and others. The finishes include: nickel, metal, gold, bronze, chrome.

The feet you choose can completely change the way your bathtub looks and add a touch of excellence to your bathroom space. So, explore all your options carefully and make the best possible choice. If you find it difficult to select the right clawfoot tub, ask an interior designer for help. With a gorgeous clawfoot tub, you can create a bathroom of your dream!

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