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Convertible range hoods help get rid of grease, moisture, odor, smoke and steam during the cooking process. Range hoods of this type are an alternative to ducted and ductless range hoods. Convertible range hoods provide the proper ventilation and help homeowners keep their kitchens look clean and fresh.

This blog post concentrates on convertible range hoods. We’ll tell you what a convertible range hood is and explain how a range hood of this type works. Additionally, we’ll talk you through the key features and the top benefits of a convertible range hood.

So, let’s get started.

What is a Convertible Range Hood?

Convertible range hoods are suitable both for gas and electric ovens. It’s important to know that convertible range hoods are available in different installation types. Such range hoods can be installed either ducted or duct free.

Oftentimes, convertible range hoods are installed above the cooking surface and under cabinets. There are island mount and wall mount convertible range hoods as well.

Under cabinet range hoods are installed beneath the kitchen cabinets. Wall mount convertible range hoods are attached to the wall. Island range hoods are installed above the cook top.

Keep in mind that convertible range hoods are available in different sizes. The bigger range hood is – the better it can perform. It would be better to consider larger range hoods if you have enough space in your kitchen.

Features of Convertible Range Hoods

The modern convertible range hoods impress homeowners with their great design, proper ventilation and amazing high tech features. It’s worth noting that convertible range hoods come with many great features like added bespoke mechanics, halogen lighting, touch control, automatic shut off and others. And of course, each of these features will contribute greatly to the comfort of your cooking area.

What is the Difference between Convertible, Ducted and Ductless Range Hoods?

There are different types of range hoods. There are ducted, ductless and convertible range hoods. Each type of range hood has its own venting option. A range hood can do either re-circulation or external venting.

Ducted range hoods do external venting. Such range hoods come with ductwork and vent air out of a kitchen. Ductless range hoods provide air circulation. The air is filtered and returned back to the kitchen.

What is great about convertible range hoods is that they can be configured. Depending on how a range hood is configured, it will either push air outdoors or re-circulate it inside the house. So, you can select the ventilation type for your range hood. Give a preference to the type of ventilation that’s more suitable for the layout of your kitchen.

How Does a Convertible Range Hood Work?

A convertible range hood comes with a fan and can work as a ducted and a ductless range hood. A fan is used to clear air and provide ventilation within your kitchen.

It’s possible to configure a range hood. That means that you can select either ductless or re-circulating ventilation. With such a range hood, air can be vented either outdoors or air is filtered and then it’s re-circulated back to the kitchen space. Keep in mind that filters need to be replaced regularly if you choose a ductless configuration for a range hood.

When a convertible range hood works as a ducted range hood, duct is used to vent air outside the kitchen. With a convertible range hood, air is vented through the wall or through the ceiling.

Benefits of Convertible Range Hoods

Convertible range hoods offer multiple significant benefits to homeowners. Generally speaking, range hoods of this type are flexible and easy to install. Let’s dig deeper into the benefits of a convertible range hood.

Convertible range hoods are worth considering if you are planning to replace a range hood in your kitchen. Whether you have or don’t have ductwork, a convertible range hood would be the perfect choice.

One way or another, it’s easy to install a convertible range hood. Flexibility of a range hood makes the process of installation simple. It’s worth noting that the installation process doesn’t take too much time. It will take you no more than 10 minutes to get a convertible range hood installed in your kitchen.

There is no shortage of convertible range hoods available for sale. Range hoods of this type come in different sizes. Whether you are looking for a range hood for ductless or ducted style, you’ll be able to find a range hood option that meets your cooking needs.

A convertible range hood impresses homeowners with its beautiful design. It will look great and perfectly combine other design elements in your kitchen.

But most importantly, convertible range hoods are well-known for their high ventilation power. Such range hoods can work at high speeds and do a great job in your kitchen.

What is the Right Convertible Range Hood for Your Kitchen?

A lot of convertible range hoods are available on the market today. However, you have to be very selective and pick the right range hood for your kitchen. Explore all your options carefully and make the best possible choice!

It’s necessary to select convertible range hoods with the sizes of your cook top in mind. You have to choose convertible range hoods which are bigger than your cook top. In this case, a range hood will perform well and capture all pollutants in your cooking area successfully.

And of course, everything has to be meticulously planned. That means that you should know where you want the range hood to be installed and prepare for the installation in advance.

On top of that, you should take into consideration your available budget. First of all, you have to set a budget for a range hood. After that, you have to consider convertible range hoods that meet your budget.

At Streamline, we offer a large selection of convertible range hoods. We have convertible range hoods for all tastes and budgets. Our specialists are always happy to help you make a decision and choose the right convertible range hood that meets your kitchen and cooking needs in the best possible way.

What is a convertible range hood?
What is a Convertible Range Hood?