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A custom kitchen needs a custom range hood. A custom range hood adds style to a kitchen and makes your cooking space unique. There are different ways to customize a range hood.

A custom range hood is designed according to your measurements. Initially, 3D model of a custom range hood is created. Once you approve a model, your range hood will be designed and built. Such a range hood will have a style and shape that meets the interior of your kitchen.

When it comes to selecting a custom range hood, many people find it difficult to get an inspiration. Today, we’ll help you come up with great ideas for custom range hoods.

So, let’s get started.

Custom Metal Range Hoods

Metal range hoods impress with their elegance. It makes sense to consider range hoods of this type if you would like to provide the modern look in your house. Range hoods made from brass, copper and stainless steel are worth considering. These materials will help you enhance your kitchen.

Custom Natural Stone Range Hoods

Custom range hoods, which are made from natural stone, will perfectly suit your modern kitchen. The truth is, natural range hoods have a luxurious and timeless look. Keep in mind that range hoods made from granite and marble will help you create your perfect kitchen.

Custom Farmhouse Range Hoods

A farmhouse kitchen impresses homeowners with its rustic style. It goes without saying that a custom range hood will be a good addition to your farmhouse kitchen. It’s worth noting that a farmhouse kitchen is associated with classic and natural styles.

The big question is – how to customize a range hood for the modern farmhouse kitchen? It’s necessary to customize range hood’s finishes. You should aim to install a range hood with the right finish in your kitchen. For example, it would be great to consider range hoods with wooden paneling.

A painted range hood would be a good option for a farmhouse kitchen as well. But most importantly, your custom range hood has to meet the cabinetry and appliances in your kitchen.

Custom Tuscan Range Hoods

Tuscan range hoods are worth considering if you would like to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen. Range hoods with paneling and molding would be a good option for a kitchen designed in a classic Tuscan style. Such range hoods will perfectly fit the design of your kitchen.

Custom Hidden Range Hoods

Do you have a small kitchen with the limited space? Or, maybe, you give a preference to a minimalist look? One way or another, you should consider hidden range hoods for your kitchen. Hidden range hoods are a space saving solution. It’s possible to hide a range hood behind cabinet doors. So, a range hood will be invisible. You will see a range hood only when you see it.

Range Hoods with Customized Hardware

Range hood’s hardware is one of the key design elements in your kitchen. Traditionally, the hardware on a range hood gets a lot of attention. It would be great to customize a range hood with decorative straps, unique handles and knobs. Such range hoods will add character to your kitchen space and enhance its aesthetics.

Custom Range Hoods with Lighting

It’s fair to say that lighting plays a key role in the design of a kitchen. Of course, the main function of a range hood is to purify air in your kitchen. So, a kitchen range hood removes cooking odors and smoke from a kitchen. It’s also important to note that a range hood can provide the additional lighting in your kitchen and illuminate a cooking area perfectly. It’s possible incorporate lighting into a range hood. Think about integrating LED strips, pendant lights or recessed lights into your range hood.

Custom Painted Range Hoods

Painting makes it possible to customize a kitchen range hood in a number of different ways. When painting a range hood, colors, shades and contrasts can be elected. By doing so, you’ll manage to create a custom range hood that will help your kitchen make a difference.

Custom Curved Range Hoods

Traditionally, people give a preference to square range hoods. However, curves can be added to a kitchen. It’s worth noting that a range hood of a curved style would be a good addition to the modern interior design of a kitchen. Curved range hoods are worth considering if your kitchen is designed in a classic style. It’s important to know that curves draw attention. That means that a kitchen with such a range hood will stand out.

Custom Glass Range Hoods

There are people, who choose to install glass range hoods in their kitchens. Glass range hoods come with decorative and frosted glass panels. It’s important to know that glass range hoods have their own benefits. Such range hoods provide the modern feel and increase lighting in a kitchen.

Choose the Perfect Range Hood for Your Kitchen

As you can see, range hoods provide plenty of room for customization. A kitchen range hood can be customized for everyone. Without a doubt, a well-designed range hood will help you create your dream kitchen. On the other hand, picking a custom range hood is not always easy.

When customizing a range hood, it’s incredibly important to take into consideration such factors as overall kitchen design style, range hood’s features, cooking needs and your personal preferences. There is no doubt that a well-designed range hood will contribute greatly to design of your kitchen and, most importantly, improve the functionality of your cooking area.

Of course, you should aim to get creative with a custom range hood. It’s necessary to perform the research and try to find the best ideas. Hopefully, our tips will help you get the most creative ideas and choose the right custom range hood for your kitchen. If you can’t figure out what type of a range hood is the most suitable for your kitchen, then ask a professional for an advice.

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