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Designing a bathroom can be very challenging. You should know how to use your space wisely in order to create a truly functional and beautiful bathroom. When it comes to bathroom renovation, a lot of homeowners think about shower bases. Some homeowners believe that having a tub would be enough, while the others prefer a tub/shower combo. What’s the answer then?

In fact, installing an elegant shower enclosure can take your bathroom to the next level. A shower will add character and style to your bathroom turning it into a cozy and inviting place. People prefer showers for a number of reasons. They are ideal for all ages. A shower does not require too much space to build. If you have a limited bathroom space, installing a shower would be a smart choice. Plus, a shower uses less water in comparison with a tub. So, it is more eco-friendly and sustainable.

A shower base is one of the key elements of your shower enclosure. The choice you are going to make largely depends on the type of shower you have and the design of the whole bathroom space. Let’s dig deeper to find out what shower base would be the right fit for your bathroom.

Most Common Types of Shower Bases

The most popular types of shower bases include flush-mounted, recessed and raised bases. If your bathroom is designed in a contemporary style, you should consider getting a flush-mounted shower base. A flush shower base is installed at the floor level. Today, it is a sophisticated and versatile option that can make any bathroom amazingly beautiful and modern. Visual appeal, accessibility and diversity make a flush-mounted shower base the ideal choice for your bathroom.

The base is a fantastic solution for small bathrooms where every inch matters. No doubt, with a flush shower base your bathroom will look more spacious. This design element will add a touch of drama and romance to your bath space. Ease of maintenance is another reason why so many homeowners prefer this type of shower bases.

A recessed shower base differs significantly from the previous one. It has a small deepening that keeps the water inside. Simple, but yet interesting, a recessed shower base will become a great addition to your bathroom. It is a functional and at the same time beautiful design element.

When looking for a shower base, we should decide whether we need a floor-level or a raised shower base. Raised shower bases are quick and easy to install. That’s the main reason why so many people prefer to buy them. This base reduces the risk of leaks and can be installed in any bathroom.

If you choose a luxurious material, a raised shower base can become a focal point of your bathroom making a statement and turning your shower enclosure into a work of art. However, this base is not the best choice for small children, the elderly and people with some mobility issues. A raised shower base is a better option for minimalist bathrooms rather than contemporary spaces.

Different Shower Base Shapes and Sizes

The right shower base can create a wonderful and harmonious look making your shower enclosure a centerpiece of your bathroom. As you already know, versatility is one of the key advantages shower bases have to offer. They come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
Rapid development in bathroom design has generated so many interesting ideas you can use for your renovation project. Square shower bases are extremely popular among homeowners and interior designers. They are easy to install and can fit ideally into a small bathroom space. Elegant appearance, versatility and the ability to provide more bathroom space make rectangular shower bases incredibly popular as well.

If you want to create a unique and sophisticated look in your bathroom, think about adding a pentagon shower base. This base is the best option for corner enclosures. A quadrant shower base is another corner-shaped option that has a curved front. This base can give your bathroom a modern and fabulous look. The standard sizes of shower bases range from 700mm x 700mm and up to 900mm x 900mm. More spacious shower bases can be 800mm x 1400mm and 1200 mm x 900mm.

Shower Base Materials and Textures

The most popular shower base materials include fiberglass, acrylic, natural stone, solid surface, wood, steel and tile. Fiberglass and acrylic are two affordable and lightweight options. They are easy to install. The two bases are also easy to clean and maintain. However, an acrylic shower base is more durable and strong in comparison with a fiberglass one.

Natural stone is an elegant and luxurious material. It can add a touch of uniqueness and excellence to any bathroom. A natural stone shower base will last a lifetime preserving its brilliant look. The only problem with this material is its price. Natural stone shower bases can be extremely expensive.

If you want to get the beauty and magnificence of natural stone, but cannot afford to pay for this material, consider solid surface. This material mimics the appearance of natural stone, but has a more affordable price tag. Solid surface is highly durable. It resists fading and discoloration. Solid surface comes in a huge variety of colors and textures. You can get a smooth, glossy or matte solid surface shower base to complement your bathroom design and express your personal style.

Wooden shower bases can create a fantastic atmosphere in your bathroom. However, these bases can be pricey and require regular maintenance. If you want to create a modern look in your bathroom, think about installing a stainless steel shower base. It is exceptionally durable, strong and resistant to corrosion.

Tile is one of the best materials for shower bases. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. With tile you can create a unique shower base and add a personal touch to your bathroom. You can prefer unglazed, matte, glossy, smooth or textured tile to make your shower enclosure stunning.

A shower base is an essential design element that plays a major role in your remodel. Get the base that will completely transform your bathroom and turn it into the best place to unwind.

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