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If you are planning a bathroom remodel, you may think whether to keep the tub or replace it with a shower. In fact, having a high-quality a drop in bathtub in your home is extremely important. Real estate experts agree that adding a drop in tub to your bathroom can attract more potential buyers and increase the resale value of your home. But even if you are not going to sell your property in the nearest future, getting a tub would be a plus for you and your family.

Choosing the right tub for your bathroom can be a tough task. There are so many things to consider in order to make the decision you will never regret. A high-quality tub can last for many years without causing any problems. You should find the tub that will be not just durable, but beautiful and functional at the same time.

The process of choosing a tub can be quick and simple only if you know what you are looking for. But what if you don’t? You may get easily confused by a huge variety of bathtubs available on the market today. If you are still not quite sure which tub would become a great addition to your bathroom, consider buying a drop-in bathtub. Let’s dig deeper to realize why this tub is so popular and what makes it the best fit for your bathroom.

What is a Drop-In Bathtub?

A drop-in bathtub is a tub put into a frame or structure. This structure is usually called a surround. A drop-in tub is often chosen by homeowners due to its ability to add a touch of elegance and romance to a bathroom.

A drop-in bathtub surround can be constructed from almost any water-resistant material including natural stone and tile. You can choose the material that will complement your bathroom design turning it into a truly fantastic place.

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Drop-In Tub

If you think about buying a drop-in tub, you should definitely analyze its advantages and disadvantages before making the final choice.
If you prefer soaking in warm water on a regular basis, a drop-in tub would be a great option for you. This tub is usually bigger in comparison with the other tubs. It provides more space for bathing and relaxation. Drop-in tubs come in a wide variety of styles and designs. No doubt, you will be able to find the tub that fully meets your needs. You can choose the installation height and put your tub anywhere in your bathroom. Just make sure that the pipes will let you install the tub where you want.

A drop-in tub provides more storage space for toiletries and other products. Due to the fact that the exterior of the tub is hidden, it is very easy to clean and maintain. Updating or replacing the tub will not be a problem as well. A drop-in tub seems to be an ideal choice for any bathroom. However, it still has some drawbacks you should consider before getting the tub.

As you already know, drop-in tubs need a surrounding base to set properly and look attractive. But building the surround can be expensive. It fact, it may cost even more than the tub itself. In comparison with freestanding tubs, it can be much more difficult for drop-in tubs to access plumbing. This tub is not the best option if you want to combine it with a shower.

Shapes and Sizes of a Drop-In Tub

When selecting a drop-in tub, you should know the dimensions that will perfectly suit your bathroom. On average, a drop-in bathtub is 60 inches long, 32 inches wide and 20 inches deep. However, these measurements can change significantly according to your needs. If you have a spacious bathroom, you can choose a bigger drop-in tub that will provide you with even more pleasure and satisfaction.

When it comes to choosing the shape of a drop-in tub, there are also a lot of options available. The most popular tubs are rectangular. However, they can be found in almost any shape. You can choose an hourglass or oval drop-in tub to add even more style and character to your bathroom. If you need additional bathing space, you may think about buying a corner drop-in bathtub. You may also prefer a round or square drop-in tub. These tubs look truly gorgeous. They can rejuvenate your bathroom and provide you with the perfect bath experience.

The Most Popular Drop-In Bathtub Materials

The quality of the bathtub you choose largely depends on the type of the material it is made of. The most popular materials include fiberglass, acrylic, cast iron, copper and solid surface.

Fiberglass is the most affordable material. However, it is porous and not durable enough. If you choose to install a fiberglass drop-in tub, just be ready to replace it within a short period of time. Acrylic is a better option in comparison with fiberglass. It is non-porous and more durable. Acrylic drop-in bathtub can retain heat well enough. This tub is prone to scratching. But it can be easily repaired if such a need arises.

If you are looking for an elegant tub that will last for decades, consider a cast iron drop-in tub. Cast iron is the most durable material you can find today.

Due to the immense strength of this material, a cast iron drop-in tub is resistant to chipping and scratching. Plus, you do not have to spend too much time and effort to keep your tub beautiful and shiny.

If you want to add more charm and create a unique atmosphere in your bathroom, opt for a copper drop-in tub. Copper provides a cozy and timeless look, making your bathroom a fascinating space. Copper is a highly durable material that does not require too much cleaning as well. Copper has antimicrobial properties. It prevents mold and mildew growth.

Solid surface is another popular drop-in bathtub material that has gained huge popularity. This material resembles natural stone, but it’s more affordable. Solid surface has a smooth texture and great heat-retention properties.

When choosing a drop-in tub, consider your needs and think well what you really expect from this particular tub. Get the tub that exceeds your expectations, improves your bathroom design and takes your bath experience to the next level.

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