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Solid surface resin bathtubs provide people with a wide range of benefits. The perfect tub can take your bath experience to the next level helping relax after a hard and stressful day. The ideal bathtub can add a touch of elegance to your home making it vibrant and truly gorgeous.

Choosing your best tub can be really overwhelming if you are not quite sure what you are looking for. You can get easily confused by a huge variety of bathtubs available on the market today. You should think well what you expect from your tub and what features you would like to have. With so many options available, you will definitely find the bathtub that fits your needs, lifestyle, and most importantly, your budget.

While choosing a new tub for your bathroom, the material it is made of is probably the first and most significant thing to consider. The bathtub material has a great impact on the overall lifespan of your tub, heat retention properties and the cost of installation. Solid surface is one of the most popular materials often preferred by homeowners today. Solid surface bathtubs are amazingly beautiful and highly durable. This tub will become a fantastic addition to your bathroom making it look brilliant indeed. Let’s take a closer look at this material to help you understand whether this is the one you really need.

What is a Solid Surface Bathtub?

Solid surface is known to be a man made material. It is a combination of natural minerals, synthetic materials as well as polyester resins and pigments. Today, different companies produce different types of solid surface materials. In most cases, the material is non-porous and low-maintenance. It mimics the appearance of naturally found stone materials such as marble and granite.

Solid surface is one of the best materials for making bathtubs. A solid surface resin tub is a great option for people who want to get a fabulous bathtub, but cannot afford to pay for natural stones than can be extremely expensive. So, why are these tubs so popular? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of solid surface resin tubs.

The Pros of Solid Surface Bathtubs

No doubt, a solid surface tub adds a touch of style, elegance and drama to your bathroom. There are many reasons why you should think about getting this bathtub. The tub looks stunning with its smooth and immaculate surface. It can easily become a focal point of your bathroom creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With this tub, you will be surprised to realize how pleasant and even unbelievable your bath experience can be.

A solid surface tub is made of healthy and environmentally friendly materials. The material is strong and highly durable. If maintained properly, it can last for many years without causing any problems. Solid surface is also antibacterial, resistant to mold, mildew and stains. It’s absolutely safe and can be used by every member of your family.

A solid surface tub retains heat very well. This characteristic is especially important for those people who get extreme pleasure from soaking in warm water. If you choose to buy a solid surface resin tub, you can be sure that it will keep your water warm for a long period of time.

The tubs come in different shapes and sizes. You can get a rectangular, oval or square solid surface bathtub. You may also select a stunning freestanding tub, a functional alcove tub or a spacious corner solid surface tub. The tubs have different colors as well. During the tub manufacturing process, various color pigments can be mixed with the materials. As a result, we get tubs of the most beautiful and unexpected colors. You will find the tub that perfectly suits your bathroom design.

Solid surface bathtubs can be easily cleaned, maintained and repaired. With regular cleaning, you will be able to keep the tub new, fresh and shiny. The color of your tub will not fade over time. It will always remain bright and beautiful. Despite the fact that the tub is durable enough, scratches may appear on its surface making your bathtub look old and unattractive. Even if such an unpleasant situation occurs, there is no need to worry. A solid surface tub can be repaired easily without taking too much of your time and effort. You will need fine-grit sandpaper, a soft cloth and a polishing compound. You may also hire a professional to get the job done really well.

The Cons of Solid Surface Bathtubs

There is a solid surface tub for any bathroom. However, even these magnificent tubs have some drawbacks you should know about. While looking for your best solid surface tub, the price is probably the first thing that will catch your attention. Despite the fact that solid surface bathtubs are more affordable than natural stone tubs, they are still more expensive in comparison with the other bathtub materials.

The price of a tub largely depends on the brand and size. Keep in mind that you will have to pay more than $2,000 for a solid surface tub. The best quality tub may cost $25,000. It is really expensive. But the tub is worth the money.

The weight of a solid surface tub is another factor to consider. It can be heavy indeed. The average weight is about 100 pounds. Make sure that the floor in your bathroom can withstand the pressure of the tub you are planning to install.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Solid Surface Tub

Cleaning your solid surface bathtub is not difficult. It is recommended to rinse the tub thoroughly after each use and wipe it with a soft cloth. You should avoid using the abrasive products that can damage the surface of your tub. Use mild cleaners instead. Prefer natural homemade cleaning solutions to remove dirt and grime from your bathtub. Clean your tub regularly to preserve its amazing beauty and charm.

Elegant, durable and sophisticated, a solid surface resin tub will become a great addition to your bathroom. Make your home a better place with a stunning solid surface tub.

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