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Functionality, sophisticated design, visual appeal and versatility make a bathtub one of the key elements to creating a luxurious bathroom space. Installing an elegant tub is a great way to make a statement and turn your bathroom into a cozy and soothing place.

Achieving a spectacular bathroom design comes with a lot of meticulous planning and consideration. When designing your bathroom, you should choose the right tub that can completely transform your space adding a touch of character and style. In most cases, there is a critical decision you will have to make – a freestanding vs. a built-in bathtub. Both bathtubs can become a focal point of your bathroom creating the most intriguing and breathtaking space.

Freestanding and built-in tubs have been designed to provide you with the ultimate bath experience. They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes giving you a splendid opportunity to choose the tub that perfectly fits your bathroom. But in order to get the best tub for your space, you should do a little research and analyze the pros and cons of each type. Make a choice based on your budget, personal preferences and bathroom design. Think well what features you want to have in your bathroom. Hopefully, the information below will help you make the decision you will never regret.

What is a Freestanding Tub?

A freestanding tub has always been a symbol of luxury and style. Just like the name suggests, this tub stands alone and is not attached to the walls or other surfaces. A freestanding tub often becomes the centerpiece of a bathroom dictating its design.

Freestanding tubs come in different styles. You can prefer a clawfoot, pedestal or slipper bathtub. A fabulous clawfoot tub has four stylish feet that can add even more drama and romance to your bathroom space. Clawfoot tubs are usually shallower in comparison with the other freestanding tubs.

A pedestal tub sits on a platform. Whether you want to create a traditional or modern bathroom design, this tub would be the perfect choice. A slipper freestanding tub has one side raised, while a double slipper has both sides raised. This style can be clawfoot or pedestal as well.

Pros of Freestanding Tubs

There is a freestanding tub for almost any bathroom design. The tub can be put anywhere in your bathroom always attracting the attention and making a deep impression on all family members and guests. A freestanding tub allows you to use your space wisely and creatively. Modern freestanding tubs come with such unique features as air jets to provide you with more comfort and take your bath experience to the next level.

Depending on the material you prefer, a freestanding tub comes in different colors and finishes to ideally match your bathroom space. A luxurious freestanding tub gives you immense pleasure and satisfaction. It significantly increases the resale value of your home. So, if you are planning to sell your property in the future, getting a freestanding tub is definitely a smart investment.

Cons of Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are usually more expensive than built-in tubs. It can be explained by the fact that these tubs are more difficult to produce. Plus, they have more sophisticated and interesting designs. The vast majority of freestanding tubs are heavy. In most cases, you will have to reinforce your bathroom floor to be able to install the tub safely.

If you want to combine a tub with a shower, getting a freestanding tub is probably not the best way to go. You can attach a shower to a freestanding tub, but it will not look attractive. Moreover, using it will not be very convenient as well.

Freestanding tubs cannot provide you with the storage you need to keep your toiletries. You will have to think about additional storage space. The tubs are big enough what makes them more difficult to clean and maintain.

What is a Built-in Tub?

A built-in tub is usually installed against the walls or in the corner of your bathroom. This tub is a popular choice due to its functionality and practicality. Built-in tubs come in different styles including undermount, drop in and alcove.

Undermount tubs are installed beneath a deck, while drop in tubs are installed above the deck placing their weight on the deck itself. An alcove tub is the most common bathtub style. The tub is placed within three joining walls making it the perfect choice for smaller bathrooms.

Pros of Built-in Tubs

Built-in tubs are more affordable in comparison with freestanding tubs. A built-in tub is a great space-saving option. It saves precious bathroom space and can be easily combined with a shower. Plus, this tub provides more storage for your bath and shower products. Unlike freestanding tubs, built-in tubs are easier to clean and maintain. If you choose to install a built-in tub, you will have to clean just the inside of the tub. But with a freestanding tub, you will have to clean the outside of the tub as well.

Cons of Built-in Tubs

When it comes to installing a built-in bathtub, you do not have too many options. The installation usually requires more time and effort. If you decide to change the layout of your bathroom, removing your built-in tub can be challenging indeed. A built-in tub does not look as gorgeous and unique as a freestanding tub. However, it still can become a great addition to your bathroom.

Making the Right Choice

Choosing the right tub for your bathroom can be difficult, especially if you are not quite sure what you are looking for. If you have a spacious bathroom, a freestanding tub would be a better option. The tub has a timeless look and can breathe new life into your bathroom. A built-in tub is ideal for a limited bathroom space. Its simple, but yet interesting design will complement your bathroom adding a touch of elegance and style. No doubt, you should make a choice according to your taste and personal preferences.

Get a modern and sophisticated tub to change the way your bathroom looks and feels. Whether you prefer a brilliant freestanding tub or a functional built-in tub, you will create the bathroom of your dreams and enjoy it for many years to come.

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