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Hinged shower doors are one of the most popular options for bathrooms in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles. Whether you are planning a bathroom renovation or just want to replace your shower enclosure, choosing the right shower door is extremely important.

The door you prefer should perfectly fit your bathroom style. The right shower door can complement your bathroom design making the space look more vibrant and unique.

In fact, the shower door you install in your bathroom should not be just beautiful and elegant. It has to be functional as well. That’s why, hinged doors remain one of the best solutions for shower enclosures. The doors usually come in various styles and designs. You will easily find the hinged shower door that resonates with your bathroom space and adds a touch of elegance to it.

A bathroom remodel is a serious project in which every detail has to be thought through. You should choose the key features and color palette that will create a harmonious and unified atmosphere within your bathroom space. A shower enclosure you install can become a focal point of your bathroom bringing a sense of excellence and style. And with the perfect shower door you can turn even the simplest shower enclosure into a work of art. Let’s find out why hinged shower doors are gaining so much popularity and whether they are really worth installing.

What are Hinged Shower Doors?

As the name suggests, this type of doors is hinged on one side. That means that the door opens outwards, right into your bathroom. Hinged doors provide you with enough space to get in and out of your shower enclosure. It is particularly important for the elderly people and people with mobility issues. Hinged shower doors are available in different sizes. No doubt, you will be able to get the door that perfectly fits your shower enclosure and takes your shower experience to the next level.

Pros of Installing Hinged Shower Doors

Hinged shower doors are often selected by homeowners, architects and interior designers due to a wide range of benefits they provide. Unlike sliding shower doors, hinged doors do not have tracks. That is the main reason why they are much easier to clean and maintain.

Hinged doors provide better safety just because they have a wider opening. This type of doors helps create a more comfortable and safe environment within your bathroom space. It is immensely important for people who suffer from mobility issues.

Hinged shower doors are aesthetically pleasing. They add beauty and sophistication to your bathroom turning it into a relaxing escape. Plus, hinged doors are easier to install in comparison with the other types of shower doors. They can be used not just for shower enclosures, but for shower and tub combos as well.

Cons of Hinged Shower Doors

Despite the elegant look and functionality of hinged shower doors, they still have some drawbacks you should know about before making a purchase. A hinged shower door requires more space in comparison with a sliding door. So, installing this type of door can be a problem in a smaller bathroom.

Often, the water drops on the floor when you open the door after taking a shower. If you choose this type of door, you will have to wipe the floor to remove the water each time you use your shower enclosure.

Framed Hinged Shower Doors

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom space, you may consider replacing your shower curtain with a glass shower door. When it comes to choosing hinged shower doors, you should know that they can be framed or frameless. Obviously, both types have pros and cons you should analyze before making the final choice.

Framed shower doors have a metal frame around. Frameless doors come without any frames. In comparison with frameless doors, framed shower doors are easy to install. A professional will have just hang the metal frame which already has the glass panel inserted. Framed doors can be the perfect choice for any shower enclosure. They come in different sizes and designs.

Hinged shower doors are watertight. They prevent the water from leaking on the floor. Plus, hinged doors with metal frames are more affordable in comparison with their frameless counterparts. At the same time, these doors are more difficult to clean and maintain. Mold, mildew and soap scum can build up around the frames. In this case, cleaning the door can be really difficult.

There is another reason why not every homeowner prefers framed shower doors. They may look outdated. However, you still can find framed shower doors that perfectly fit your modern bathroom space.

Frameless Hinged Shower Doors

If you want to create a luxurious bathroom space, frameless shower doors are exactly what you need. They are durable, versatile and sophisticated. With a frameless door, your shower enclosure will look truly elegant. This type of door is easy to clean and maintain. A frameless door does not collect soap scum, mold and mildew. That’s why, you will not have to spend too much time and effort to keep your frameless shower door spotlessly clean and sparkling. Plus, frameless doors are much easier to replace.

Along with so many benefits, frameless doors still have some drawbacks. They can be very expensive. They can also break more easily in comparison with framed doors. They are not completely watertight. The installation of frameless doors may be difficult as well.

Is a Hinged Shower Door Right for Your Bathroom?

A hinged shower door is a beautiful and practical choice for a shower enclosure. However, it’s not suitable for every bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, it can be really hard to incorporate a hinged shower door into your space. This type of door needs more room just because it opens outwardly. So, if you have limited bathroom space, you will probably have to consider the other shower door.

Are you looking for high-quality shower doors for your bathroom renovation project? Hinged shower doors will become a great addition to your space. Turn your bathroom into a beautiful, comfortable and cozy place with hinged shower doors.

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