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A beautiful and functional bathtub is a focal point of any bathroom. It is a key design element that creates the most fascinating atmosphere and adds a touch of elegance to the bathroom space. With a stylish tub you can turn your bathroom into a peaceful oasis where you can rest and relax after a stressful day. A new bathtub looks brilliant indeed. But as time goes by, the tub can become dull and unattractive making your bathroom look messy. As a result, a warm and comfortable atmosphere will be ruined.

If you are planning a bathroom remodel, you may face the question whether you should replace your old tub or just refinish it. Refinishing can be a good alternative to buying a new tub. However, there are some important factors to consider about the refinishing process. Let’s dig deeper to find out what refinishing really is and whether it can really breathe new life into your bathtub.

What is Bathtub Refinishing?

Bathtub refinishing is a cosmetic procedure that can refresh your damaged bathtub and give it a sparkling look. You should hire a professional who will examine the condition of your tub and determine what has to be done. It is crucial to understand how serious the cracks and scratches are. If there are no underlying issues, the refinishing can be done successfully.

It is also extremely important to prepare the bathtub and the surrounding area for the refinishing process. The chemicals used during bathtub refinishing can be harmful. That’s why, make sure that there is proper ventilation in your bathroom. Keep in mind that the tub has to be clean and dry before that process begins. A professional will sand down the surface of your bathtub in order to remove minor imperfections. After that the paint can be applied. Once the paint is dry, you can enjoy the amazing look of your newly refinished bathtub.

Benefits of Refinishing Your Tub

Refinishing is an effective and inexpensive way to give your worn out tub a new-like condition. If you compare the cost of bathtub refinishing with the cost of a new tub, you will see that the difference is huge. Plus, refinishing improves the durability of your tub. A newly refinished bathtub can last for many years without causing any problems. If you choose to refinish your bathtub, you will not have to go through a challenging replacement process.

Replacing your tub is not always easy. If your old tub is extremely heavy, removing it can be very difficult. Moreover, finding the right tub for your space can be hard as well.

When You Should Refinish Your Tub

If you really like your old tub that is still in good condition, you should definitely give it a chance. There are some warning signs indicating that it’s time to refinish the tub. No doubt, you should think about refinishing if you notice any chips or cracks on the surface of the tub. Chips are a common problem, especially for those bathtubs that are used on a regular basis. You will agree that a chipped bathtub looks unpleasant and untidy.

The discoloration of your bathtub is another reason why you should refinish it. When your bathtub turns yellow, it can be very hard to return its initial color without refinishing. But after the refinishing process your tub will look beautiful and shiny. You may also want to refinish your tub simply because you do not like its original color. Depending on the material your bathtub is made of, you can repaint it in almost any color.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Bathtub

If your bathtub is too old, you should think about replacing it. It’s not a very good idea to refinish the tub that is 25 years old or even older. You will have to replace it sooner or later. If your tub is severely damaged, refinishing it would be just a waste of money. Refinishing can fix only surface cracks. If there is structural damage, you should replace the tub. When your tub starts leaking, you should think about replacing it as well. Repairing it on a regular basis will be expensive.

If you notice mold and mildew buildup on the surface of your tub, you should replace it as soon as possible. Remember that refinishing can only cover up mildew, but it cannot remove it. If you keep on using the tub with mold and mildew infestation, you run the risk of developing serious health problems including allergy, respiratory diseases, headaches, fatigue and others.

Rust is another problem you often have to deal with in your bathroom. Once it appears, it quickly spreads all over the bathtub. Despite the fact that refinishing can extend the life of your tub, it is not the ideal solution. Once you notice rust on the surface of the tub, you should remove immediately. Otherwise, it will cause more serious problems and as a result you will have to replace the tub.

Refinishing or Replacing – What is the Best Option for You?

Refinishing is the right choice for different types of bathtubs. Both freestanding and built-in tubs are good candidates for this procedure. Bathtubs made of acrylic, cultured marble, steel and cast iron can be easily refinished. But if you still hesitate, not knowing which way to go, there are some questions you should answer before making the final choice.

Do you really want to remove your bathtub? If you are not quite sure, you should keep your existing tub and refinish it. Do you like your bathtub? If you really do, why would you replace it? Why do you want a new tub? You should definitely buy a new tub, if you do not like the design of your old tub and the atmosphere it creates in your bathroom. Unless your bathtub is severely damaged, you can try and refinish it.

A stunning bathtub can add style and character to your bathroom turning it into a luxurious spa. Keep your tub looking new and shiny to make your bathroom stand out.

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