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Low-threshold shower bases are also known as barrier-free shower bases and zero-threshold shower bases. What is great about a low-threshold shower base is that it provides an easy access to shower area.

It’s worth noting that water doesn’t go all over bathroom floor if you have a low-threshold shower base in your bathroom. The reality is, low-threshold shower bases come with a special pan that doesn’t allow water to drain from shower onto the bathroom floor.

Shower bases of this type impress with their design and great features. Low-threshold shower bases have many great benefits. Today, we’ll explain what makes low-threshold shower bases an ideal option.

So, let’s get started.

What is a Low-Threshold Shower Base?

Low-threshold shower bases are shower bases that have low profile. The height of shower base’s profile is less than 40 millimeters. Some low-threshold shower bases have ultra low profile. In this case, height of shower base’s profile is about 20 – 25 mm.

Who is In Need of Low-Threshold Shower Bases?

It’s worth noting that low-threshold shower bases are a very popular option these days. Low-threshold shower bases would be the perfect choice for people, who have mobility issues. Such shower bases are suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities. It makes sense to consider low-threshold shower bases if your family has the elderly people.

The Top Benefits of Low-Threshold Shower Bases

An easy access to shower area. Low-threshold shower bases make your bathroom more accessible. They provide easy access to shower area. There is no need to step over a high threshold. So, you’ll find it easy to enter or exit the shower area.

Safer shower experience. A low-threshold shower would be a good option for homeowners, who are interested in safer shower experience. Low-threshold shower bases provide better safety. Shower bases of this type would be the perfect choice if there are elderly adults or individuals with mobility issues or balance issues in your family. It’s widely known that the vast majority of household injuries happen due to falls. The reality is, falls often happen in a bathroom. That’s why it’s so important for homeowners to minimize the risk of slip-and-fall accidents in a shower area. And of course, it’s much safer to enter and exit a shower area with a low-threshold shower base. Shower bases with low profile reduce the risk of falling in a bathroom significantly.

More comfort. A shower base with a low profile adds a lot of comfort to a bathroom. A low-threshold shower base will create a more comfortable atmosphere within your shower enclosure. This will help you get the most out of your shower time.
An aesthetic appeal. The truth is, a low-threshold shower is very appealing. With low-threshold shower bases, it’s possible to improve the design of a bathroom. Bathrooms can be designed in different styles. It’s important to know that low-threshold shower bases are suitable for different bathroom design styles. Such a shower base would be a good option for any bathroom. Just keep in mind that such shower bases look well with shower floor and other design elements in your bathroom. It’s a great idea to use low-threshold shower bases if you would like to connect the shower floor with other elements in your bathroom seamlessly. Shower bases with a low profile provide a bathroom with the modern look.

Easy customization. Low-threshold shower bases are customizable. Such shower bases are available in a vast variety of materials. Shower bases are made from such materials as acrylic, fiberglass, tile and solid surface. It’s worth noting that durability of low-threshold shower bases depends a lot on their materials. Give a preference to shower bases which are made from high quality materials. Make sure that hot water will not cause damage to the surface of a shower base. Shower bases come in different sizes. That means that homeowners can select a shower base of any size for their shower area. There are different finishes for low-threshold shower bases. And of course, you should aim to pick a shower base with no-slip finish. It’s possible to select a shape of a shower base as well.

Easy maintenance. It’s no surprise that a shower base requires regular cleaning. It’s easy to clean and maintain low-threshold shower bases. Due to a low threshold and smooth surface, dirt doesn’t accumulate on a shower base. That means that you’ll need to spend less time on cleaning your bathroom.

How to Choose and Install a Low-Threshold Shower Base

It goes without saying that a shower base plays an important role in your bathroom. A shower base is a powerful design element that gets a lot of attention in bathroom space.

A low profile shower base can become a focal point of your bathroom adding a touch of excellent and style. It will definitely make your bathroom more attractive, more functional, and most importantly safer. That means that such a shower base will be a good addition to your bathroom.

However, it’s incredibly important to pick the right shower base for a bathroom. Keep in mind that selecting a low-threshold shower base for a bathroom renovation project can be hard.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a low-threshold shower base. So, you have to be very selective when it comes to picking low-threshold shower bases.

Make sure that your low-threshold shower base meets your bathroom design needs and preferences. Also, you need to ensure that a shower base of your choice is compatible with plumbing and drainage systems in your bathroom. On top of that, a low-threshold shower base has to be installed properly in your bathroom.

Ask professionals for help in order to pick the right low-threshold shower base and have it installed correctly in your bathroom. Specialists will analyze your bathroom remodel needs carefully first and then advise you upon an appropriate shower base option. Have a low-threshold shower base installed professionally in your bathroom. Enjoy the comfort of an easy entry and get the best possible shower experience!

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