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Are you planning to add a new tub to your bathroom? You may wonder whether a luxury bathtub would be a smart investment. In fact, there are many reasons why you should consider buying a luxury bathtub. The tub provides ideal conditions for rest and relaxation after a stressful day. Soaking in warm water helps you feel fresh and rejuvenated. It also gives you strength and energy to cope with everyday life and achieve success.

A luxury tub elevates your bath experience to the next level. When you soak, you get the immense pleasure and satisfaction leaving all your worries behind. No doubt, a luxury bathtub can significantly improve the quality of your life. Besides being extremely beneficial for your physical and mental health, a luxury tub can add a touch of character and style to the bathroom increasing the resale value of your home. With a luxury tub, you can completely transform the way your bathroom looks and feels. Let’s see what luxury bathtubs are available on the market today and which one can enhance your bathroom turning it into an amazing place to unwind.

Elegant and Sophisticated Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding tub has always been a symbol of luxury and style. These tubs are always extremely beautiful and eye-catching. A freestanding tub can become a focal point of your bathroom creating the most fascinating atmosphere. Freestanding tubs come in a huge variety of shapes and styles. You will definitely find the one that fits your bathroom space.

You can get a single slipper, double slipper, pedestal and even a corner freestanding tub. The tubs make your bathroom look fabulous indeed. They evoke glamorous and warm atmosphere. With a freestanding tub you can make a statement adding drama to your home interior.

Japanese Soaking Tubs for Deeper Relaxation

Traditionally made from wood, these deep tubs provide a truly unique bath experience turning your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. Today, Japanese soaking tubs can also be made from acrylic, copper, stainless steel and stone resin. The tub is the ideal choice for those homeowners who want to soak in warm water, but have limited bathroom space.

A Japanese soaking tub is designed for one person only offering therapeutic relief and refreshing your bathroom. However, some modern tubs can accommodate two bathers at the same time. Japanese soaking tubs can be rectangular, oval or round. Made for comfort and relaxation, a Japanese soaking tub is a beautiful addition to any bathroom.

Stunning Clawfoot Tubs

A clawfoot tub has a timeless look and is designed to add beauty and style to your bathroom space. You can prefer a classic, double ended, slipper or double slipper clawfoot tub. Your choice will largely depend on your bathroom design and personal preferences. A clawfoot tub will become a centerpiece of your bathroom adding so much luxury and elegance.

With a clawfoot tub you can create a unique and sophisticated bathroom space. Visual appeal, versatility and comfort make a clawfoot tub one of the best options for your bathroom. You have an amazing opportunity to choose the tub feet that you really like. It will help you express your personal style and turn your bathtub into a work of art. The most popular clawfoot tub feet include lion paw, monarch as well as ball & claw and imperial ball & claw.

The feet make your tub look more elegant and expensive. The most popular feet finishes are chrome, white, polished nickel, brushed nickel, polished brass and oil rubbed bronze. With the right finish your tub will look truly breathtaking. The magnificent clawfoot tub combines comfort and elegance creating a fantastic bath experience. Due to its timeless design, the tub will always remain popular. No doubt, it has the power to turn even the simplest bathroom into a gorgeous place.

Fabulous Drop-in Bathtubs

If your bathroom looks old and outdated, you should definitely refresh it. Adding a beautiful tub is a great way to breathe new life into your bathroom. If you want to create an inviting and inspiring place, think about installing a drop-in tub. There are so many fascinating drop-in tub ideas that can completely transform your bathroom adding personality and style.

The shape and design of your drop-in bathtub have a huge impact on the way your bathroom looks and feels. The vast majority of drop-in tubs are rectangular. But if you choose to add an oval tub to your bathroom, you will make your space look more elegant and airy. Stone and tile are the most popular surrounding materials often preferred by homeowners. With these materials you can create a truly unique and soothing atmosphere.

You may also use wood paneling to add rustic chic to your bathroom space. Using natural marble will make your bathtub look even more luxurious. To add brilliance and sophistication, some interior designers recommend putting the tub right into the floor. It will give you an extra level of comfort and relaxation.

Bathtubs with Innovative Features

Do you want to enhance your bath experience and take the most out of your bathtub? Consider buying a smart tub that can turn your world upside down. Imagine only that you will be able to change the music and water temperature without using your hands. It seems surreal. But in fact, it is the reality you can enjoy.

To experience the deepest relaxation, you can get a bathtub equipped with hydrotherapy jets. The massage jets have a striking effect on your health. They can improve your blood circulation, soothe muscle pain and help you cope with stress.

Chromotherapy lighting is another popular feature that people want to have in their bathtubs. It is also called color therapy. While bathing, LED lights produce different colors that can help you relax and boost your mood. Chromotherapy can also help you reduce anxiety and stress. As a result, you will sleep better at night.

The perfect bathtub is the one that meets all your requirements and expresses your individuality. With a luxurious tub, you can design your dream bathroom and enjoy it for many years to come.

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