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Are you looking for beautiful and functional shower doors to update your bathroom space? It is extremely important to choose the right shower doors that will not just complement your bathroom design, but improve the quality of your life as well. Selecting the perfect shower doors is a challenging, yet rewarding process. There are so many crucial factors to consider in order to make the best possible choice.

The process of choosing the doors for your shower enclosure usually starts with analyzing the design of your bathroom. Do you have a bathroom in modern or traditional style? If you have a traditional bathroom, you should consider framed shower doors. But if you have a modern bathroom and want to add even more luxury to it, installing frameless shower doors would be the ideal option.

Today, you may get easily confused by a huge variety of shower doors available on the market today. The doors come in absolutely different shapes and sizes. The glass shower doors are usually made of differs as well. Modern shower doors have elegant, sophisticated and sometimes even unusual designs. With these shower doors you will be able to create a truly unique and exquisite bathroom space. Let’s dig deeper to find out the most popular shower door trends you can easily incorporate into your bathroom design.

Frameless Shower Doors for a Modern Bathroom

It’s hard to imagine a modern shower enclosure without frameless shower doors. This type of door looks stunning indeed. It can add a touch of excellence and style to your bathroom turning it into a modern and beautiful space. The lack of metal framing makes the bathroom look more spacious. Plus, this type of shower door can be easily combined with any shower enclosure and bathroom design.

Frameless shower doors do not collect soap scum, dirt and grime. That’s why they are much easier to clean and maintain in comparison with the other types of shower doors. With frameless shower doors you will make a statement and change completely the way your bathroom looks and feels. Frameless doors will turn even the simplest shower enclosure into a work of art that strikes with sophistication, beauty and style.

Different Types of Frameless Shower Doors

When it comes to choosing frameless shower doors for your bathroom, keep in mind that they can be pivot, sliding or hinged. No doubt, a pivot frameless shower door is a modern design option that will make your shower enclosure a focal point of the bathroom. The doors are the ideal choice for those homeowners who want to add a beautiful touch to their bathroom and create a cozy space.

Sliding frameless shower doors are another modern design solution for your bathroom. The doors provide easy access and can be installed in small bathrooms. That is the main reason why sliding doors are often preferred by those homeowners who have limited bathroom space, but still need a stylish and functional shower enclosure. Sliding doors combine elegance and practicality turning your bathroom into a cozy and comfortable place.

Hinged frameless shower doors are a popular design solution as well. Just like the name suggests, the doors have hinges that can become a powerful design element. The hinges have different finishes that can perfectly fit your bathroom design. Consider installing oil-rubbed bronze, chrome or brushed nickel hinges to enhance the beauty of your bathroom space.

Textured Glass Shower Doors for a Beautiful Bathroom

Do you want to create a truly unique bathroom space? Think about choosing textured glass shower doors that have a modern design and can turn your bathroom into a bright and attractive place. Textured glass provides a lot of benefits you can enjoy. The doors have fantastic patterns and designs. You can easily find the pattern that reflects your personal style and makes your bathroom modern.

This type of glass is a popular option among those homeowners who need more privacy and want to add an elegant touch to the whole space. With a textured glass shower door your bathroom will never look boring or dull. Aesthetic appeal is one of the main reasons why textured glass remains popular in shower designs. With this type of glass you will transform your bathroom into a soothing oasis ideal for rest and relaxation.

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors to Update Your Bathroom

Semi-frameless shower doors are something between framed and frameless doors. It is a popular solution that can improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. The doors have less metal on the edges in comparison with a traditional framed shower door. The amount of metal the door has helps it remain stable. But still the door looks beautiful and modern.

Semi-frameless shower doors are easy to clean and maintain. They are beautiful, elegant and trendy. Plus, the doors are more affordable in comparison with their frameless counterparts. The doors can fit any bathroom design, especially if you want to create an elegant and modern space. It is a great option for those homeowners who cannot choose between a framed and frameless shower door.

Corner Shower Doors for Your Bathroom Remodel

Corner shower doors are a stylish and modern design element you can prefer for your bathroom remodel. This type of door is ideal for smaller bathrooms. It can save so much precious space and still be functional. If you have limited bathroom space, you should do your best to make it look bigger than it really is. And with a corner shower door you can easily achieve that purpose.

Corner shower doors come in a wide range of sizes and styles. You can choose the style that will enhance your bathroom design and make it really stand out. A small bathroom is not a problem if you know how to use the available space wisely. So, with a corner shower door you be able to get the most out of your bathroom space.

Shower doors are a great addition to any shower enclosure. With modern shower doors you will transform your bathroom space breathing new life into it. Get high-quality shower doors to improve your shower routine.

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