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Glass is an extremely popular material for making shower doors. With an elegant and sophisticated glass shower door you can turn your bathroom into a truly gorgeous place. Glass looks fantastic. It adds a touch of character and style to any bathroom. Glass shower doors make your bathroom look bigger creating a cozy and vibrant atmosphere. Glass has a timeless look. The brilliance and versatility of glass shower doors make them one of the best options not just for modern, but for traditional bathrooms as well.

The ease of cleaning and maintenance is another reason why glass shower doors are often preferred by homeowners. Despite all the benefits glass provides, it has one minor drawback. It offers almost no privacy. No doubt, you want to feel safe and secure while showering. However, taking a shower in a fully transparent shower enclosure can be really embarrassing for some people. If you want to create a comfortable and soothing atmosphere in your bathroom, you should know how to make your shower doors more private. Let’s see what options you’ve got on the table and which one can become a perfect fit for your space.

Use Shower Curtains to Add More Privacy

If you are looking for an effective privacy solution, you may wonder whether it’s possible to put shower curtains over shower doors. The answer is definitely yes. It is an excellent way not just to add more privacy, but to decorate your space as well. There is a huge variety of curtains that can be used for your shower enclosure. Choose the curtain that complements your bathroom design and put it on top of the shower door. It is a simple procedure that does not require too much time and effort.

However, there is one important thing you should always remember. Install the curtain on the inside of your glass shower door. It will help you create a private atmosphere for a more comfortable and relaxing shower. Plus, it can protect your shower door from water stains and soap scum. As a result, you will not have to clean the door too often. If you choose to hang a shower curtain, there is a problem you may face. Shower curtains often become the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. So, you will have to wash the curtain on a regular basis and replace it from time to time.

Put Privacy Film on Your Shower Door

If you want to make your glass shower door opaque, think about using high-quality window film. Using this film is a great way to add more privacy to your door and create a calm atmosphere. With a stylish window film your shower enclosure will easily become a focal point of your bathroom. A window film can also become a design element that makes a statement and turns your bathroom into a beautiful place.

Keep in mind that you should choose a durable and long lasting film designed to withstand moisture. You will just have to wipe your window film when it gets wet. No special care is usually required. Plus, you do not need any previous experience to be able to put the film properly. If you need to put a small piece of window film, you can do it by yourself. But for larger pieces, you will definitely need help. You always have an opportunity to hire a professional who will do the job well. Window films come in a wide range of sizes and designs. So, you will definitely find the one that adds a touch of elegance and style to your bathroom space creating a more private atmosphere.

Opt for a Window Cling for More Privacy

A window cling is an inexpensive alternative to shower curtains. Just like a window film, it can be attached to the glass shower door to create a more soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Window clings are made in almost any pattern and color. They are also available in different sizes and can be easily cut into any shape. You can select the pattern and color that suit your bathroom design. With the right window cling you will not just add more privacy to your shower enclosure, you will create a romantic atmosphere as well.

Using Different Types of Glass to Add Privacy

Different types of glass can be used to make shower doors. Clear glass is transparent. It looks stunning indeed. Clear glass shower doors make your bathroom feel more spacious. However, this type of glass cannot provide you with privacy you need. If you want to create a more private atmosphere in your bathroom, consider shower doors made of frosted, textured, tinted or rain glass.

Frosted glass is an incredibly popular choice for shower doors. It offers privacy, but still allows natural light to get in. Versatility is one of the main reasons why so many homeowners prefer frosted glass for their shower enclosures. Frosted glass creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere adding a touch of drama and romance to your bathroom space.

If you need privacy, but do not want to sacrifice natural light, textured glass is another great option to consider. This type of glass is often used as a decorative element to bring more beauty and elegance to your bathroom. The texture of the glass may differ depending on the style and pattern you prefer. Textured glass panels usually have patterns on one side. A wide range of patterns gives you an excellent opportunity to choose the one that blends in with your bathroom design turning it into a truly fabulous place.

To give your bathroom a more sophisticated and unique appearance, consider tinted glass. This type of glass significantly reduces the amount of light that gets into your shower enclosure. However, you will still be able to see through the glass. With so many colors available, you can choose the one that complements your bathroom design. Keep in mind that darker colors can give you more privacy.

Rain glass is another option that can add more privacy to your shower door. This glass has a very interesting texture that looks like raindrops pouring down. Rain glass can make a statement and turn your shower enclosure into a work of art.

There are many ways to add more privacy to your shower doors. Choose the solution that suits you most. It will help you create the ideal conditions for safe and pleasant shower experience.

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