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There is a wide range of options available for range hoods. Range hoods come in different materials, colors and shapes. When selecting a range hood, it’s incredibly important to consider kitchen design.

Kitchens are designed in different styles. There are contemporarily, neutral, bold, decorative, sleek and minimalist kitchen designs. It can be difficult to find a range hood that’s suitable for your kitchen.

You should give a preference to range hood options that fit your kitchen style and meet your cooking needs and budget. It’s worth noting that a range hood is a key element in the design of your kitchen. So, it would be better to select a range hood when planning a kitchen renovation.

The main goal of a range hood is to provide good ventilation and remove dirty air as well as moisture during the cooking process. However, you have to make a smart choice and pick the right type of a range hood for your kitchen.

A range hood has to fit into your kitchen design perfectly. Moreover, a well-designed range hood will manage to improve the design of your kitchen and enhance its overall aesthetic. Today, we are going to help you come up with the best range hood design ideas for your kitchen.

So, let’s get started.

Range Hoods for Sleek and Minimalist Kitchen Designs

Minimalist kitchen designs require space saving range hood options. It’s a great idea to incorporate a range hood into cabinets if you have limited space in your kitchen. Ducted range hoods, which are built into cabinetry, are the most suitable option for a kitchen with a minimalist design.

A downdraft range hood is another good option that’s worth considering if you have a small kitchen. In this case, a ventilation system is built in either the cooktop or countertop. So, you’ll manage to save valuable space in your kitchen.

Range Hoods for Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Contemporary kitchen designs require something special. Range hoods with simple forms and shapes are worth considering if your kitchen is designed in the modern style.

Bold range hoods would be the perfect choice for contemporary kitchens. It would be great to use a cooper range hood in a contemporary kitchen. Such a range hood will provide wow factor and look well with other design elements in your kitchen space.

A bold black rectangle range hood is another good option for a kitchen that’s designed in a contemporary style. Such a range hood will go well with the modern cabinets in your kitchen and bring balance to your space.

More and more homeowners prefer to install wood cabinets in their kitchens. What is great about wood is that it brightens a kitchen. Wood adds warmth and character to a kitchen space. That’s why wood cabinets have become an internal part of the modern kitchen design.

Are you a kind of a homeowner, who wants a kitchen with wood cabinets? If so, you need to consider a marble range hood. The reality is, a marble range hood matches wood cabinets very well. Marble is a material that adds a lot of personality to a kitchen space. It’s also important to note that a marble range hood makes a kitchen stylish. Marble will draw a lot of attention and complement the countertops in your kitchen.

Range Hoods for Neutral Kitchen Designs

Some kitchens are designed in a neutral style. A range hood can be used to add colors to neutral kitchen design. Keep in mind that range hoods with metallic details and range hoods with a cold blue tone would be a good choice for neutral kitchen designs. Such range hoods will look great in your kitchen space.

It’s important to know that such range hoods meet kitchen’s neutral-based color palette very well and add a personal touch to a neutral kitchen space. On top of that, metal range hoods provide a sophisticated look in your kitchen.

Range Hoods for Bold Kitchen Designs

Many homeowners would like to have their kitchen designed in a bold style these days. A shiny cooper range hood would be a great option for such a kitchen design. A cooper range hood will get a lot attention in your kitchen and make it special. A cooper range hood is stunning. There is no doubt that a cooper range hood will add warmth to your kitchen space and diversify its colour scheme.

Range Hoods for Decorative Kitchen Designs

Barrel-style range hoods are worth considering if your kitchen is designed in a decorative style. With such a range hood, your kitchen will look more spacious. A barrel-style range hood doesn’t require too much space. That’s why it would be a good option for a kitchen with a low ceiling.

What Type of a Range Hood Suits Your Kitchen Design Best?

It goes without saying that a range hood is one of the most important kitchen design elements. That’s the reason why homeowners have to take it seriously and be very selective when it comes to picking a range hood. Explore all your range hood options carefully before making a final choice.

And of course, homeowners have to select a range hood with the design of their kitchen in mind. Plus, a range hood of their choice must have all the necessary features and meet homeowner’s needs as well as preferences.

The help of an interior designer is immeasurable in this process. So, it makes a lot of sense to ask an interior designer for an advice. After analyzing the design style of your kitchen as well as your needs and budget carefully, an interior designer will advise you upon an appropriate solution.

With an interior designer, you’ll find it easy to get an inspiration and come up with great range hood ideas. As a result, you’ll be able to make the best possible choice. But most importantly, a range hood of your choice will correspond to your style and contribute greatly to the design of your kitchen.

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