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There are different types of range hoods available today. Each type of range hoods has its own unique features as well as pros and cons. The type of a range hood affects the design and functionality of a kitchen.

A range hood is a ventilation unit. The main task of a range hood is to improve the quality of air in a kitchen. That means that you should aim to select a range hood that meets your ventilation needs.

Wall mount or island range hood – which option is better? Wall mount and island range hoods are two popular options. However, these types of range hoods are installed and placed differently in your kitchen.

Today, we’ll dig deeper into wall mount and island range hoods. Plus, we’ll describe the main differences between them. As a result, you’ll manage to explore two different types of range hoods, compare them one to another and make the best possible choice.

So, let’s get started.

Pros and Cons of Wall Mount Range Hoods

A wall mount range hood is installed against a wall above the cooking area in your kitchen. Such a range hood is the ideal choice for the kitchen where the cooking area is positioned against the wall. In this case, ductwork goes through the wall and connects the cooking area to the place where the air is exhausted out of the kitchen. That means that air is vented vertically through the wall.


A wall mount range hood effectively cleans air in the kitchen. This type of range hood can successfully remove large volumes of smoke and odors from the kitchen space.

A wall mount range hood impresses homeowners with its great features. Range hoods of this type come with such features as exhaust timer, multiple fun speeds, thermostat control, touch control with digital display, remote control and some others.

It’s also important to note that a wall mount range hood comes with LED bulbs. If you use this feature, you’ll have additional lighting in your kitchen. It’s worth noting that LED lighting provided by a wall mount range hood is energy-efficient.

A wall mount range hood looks great in a kitchen. It’s also important to note that wall-mounted range hoods are available in different styles and finishes. So, you’ll find it easy to integrate a range hood into any kitchen design. The appliance makes kitchen space stylish.


Wall mount range hoods require regular cleaning and maintenance. However, a range hood will serve you successfully for a long period of time if you maintain it correctly.

Wall mounted range hoods can be very noisy. However, noise production of a range hood depends a lot on the brand, model and size.
A wall mount range hood requires a lot of space. That’s the reason why it’s not recommended to use wall mount range hoods in small kitchen spaces.

Pros and Cons of Island Range Hoods

Unlike a wall mount range hood, an island range hoods is a good option for a kitchen where the cooking area is not positioned against the wall. A range hood is installed on the ceiling above the cooking area.

More and more people choose to have a kitchen island. This kitchen design trend constantly gains in popularity. An island range hood is an effective ventilation solution for a kitchen island.

A range hood is installed above cooktop. It’s suspended from the ceiling. This appliance will help you pull smoke and fumes out of your kitchen space. So, you’ll be able to maintain good air quality in your kitchen.


Island range hoods are very practical and stylish. Range hoods of this type provide effective ventilation and have an attractive appearance. Island range hoods come in different designs. So, you’ll be able to choose the design of a range hood that’s more to your liking.

Installing a range hood is a very important upgrade in your kitchen. An island range hood increases the value of your home. An island range hood improves the design of a kitchen and impresses home buyers. So, they are ready to pay more for a kitchen with an island range hood.

An island range hood is a flexible solution. With an island range hood, you’ll have a lot of flexibility.

It’s a good idea to install cabinets in a kitchen. Cabinets provide the additional storage space in a kitchen. However, a range hood can be limited by cabinets. If you choose to install an island range hood, you don’t need to worry about its size. Island range hoods are not restricted by cabinets.

There are duct-based and ductless island range hoods. It’s important to know that island range hoods with ductwork are more powerful.

That’s why they clean air more efficiently. The appliance catches grease, smokes and odors and pushes them outside successfully. However, the same can’t be said about ductless range hoods. On the other hand, ductless island range hoods are a cheaper option. Installing ducts means the additional expenses. So, you have to analyze pros and cons of both options carefully and make a smart choice.


Island range hoods are more difficult to install. The installation process of island range hoods is very complex. That’s why the installation has to be done by a real professional.

What is the Right Type of a Range Hood for Your Kitchen?

Let’s return to our main question – a wall mount or island range hood? Actually, it all depends on your kitchen layout, positioning of a cooking area and your ventilation needs.

When selecting a range hood, you should aim to pick the best option in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Make sure that a range hood of your choice provides proper ventilation and creates comfortable cooking environment in your kitchen.

A large selection of wall mount and island range hoods are available on the market these days. Explore different options carefully and pick a range hood that suits your kitchen design, preferences and budget in the best possible way.

Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted Range Hoods

Pros & Cons of Island Range Hoods