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A shower base is an integral part of every shower enclosure. However, the importance of this item is often underestimated. Without a comfortable shower base you will not be able to get the most out of your shower time. And if you want to create a beautiful and cozy bathroom space, you will need a stylish shower base as well.

If you are planning to redesign your bathroom, you will definitely have to think about choosing an elegant and sophisticated shower base. When it comes to selecting a shower base, your options are almost endless. There are different styles and designs that can become a great addition to your bathroom space. You can choose the shower base depending on your needs and preferences. Keep in mind that this item can become a valuable design element. Moreover, it can completely change the way your bathroom looks and feels bringing a sense of utmost comfort and style.

The right shower base offers the most fascinating shower experience. With the perfect base you are going to feel safe and comfortable enjoying every minute spent in your shower enclosure. But how do you know which shower base would be the perfect fit for your shower enclosure? Let’s analyze the best shower base styles and designs to help you make the choice you will never regret.

Shapes of Shower Bases for a Beautiful Bathroom Interior

There is a wide range of shower base shapes that you can prefer for your shower enclosure. Square shower bases are one of the most popular options especially for smaller bathrooms. This base has the size enough for a comfortable and relaxing showering. Plus, a square shower base fits perfectly into the corner helping you save so much precious bathroom space.

Rectangular shower bases are the ideal choice for larger bathrooms. Versatility and the ability to provide more shower space has made rectangular shower bases extremely popular. These bases can be paired with alcove or corner shower enclosures. It all depends on your bathroom design and the atmosphere you want to create.

If you want to add a unique touch to your bathroom space, think about adding a pentagon shower base. This base has a very interesting and unusual look. It will complement and even improve your bathroom design. A pentagon base is a great solution for small bathrooms or bathrooms with non-standard dimensions. A quadrant shower base is another space-saving option. It can be paired with an alcove enclosure providing enough space for a relaxing and comfortable showering.

Most Common Shower Base Sizes

Choosing the right shower base size is critical for a pleasant shower experience. Plus, you need the size that will perfectly fit your shower enclosure. For a standard shower enclosure you can prefer square shower bases that are 700mm x 700mm or 900mm x 900mm. These shower bases are always available. So, you will not have to spend too much time and effort to find the one that suits your bathroom space well.

There are also larger shower bases ideal for more spacious and luxurious bathrooms. You can find rectangular shower bases with the dimensions ranging from 1,000mm x 1,200mm to 1,000mm x 1,800mm. With this huge shower base you will easily turn your bathroom into a soothing sanctuary ideal for a peaceful and relaxing showering.

Shower Base Styles and Drain Options

Along with shapes and sizes, there are also different shower base styles. The right style can really make a statement and turn your shower enclosure into a masterpiece that brings comfort and increases the resale value of your home.

There are low profile and raised shower bases. The height of low profile bases ranges between 25 mm and 45mm. These bases provide quick access to the shower enclosure. It is a great option for families with kids, the elderly people and people with some mobility issues. A low profile shower base has a stylish look and can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom space. If you want to create a contemporary bathroom, a low profile shower base is the item to look for.

Raised shower bases are higher in comparison with their low profile counterparts. However, they are still a popular option for modern bathrooms. A raised shower base will add a touch of luxury and style to your bathroom providing the most fascinating shower experience.
Walk in shower bases will also help you create a sleek and modern look in your bathroom. They are extremely comfortable providing quick and easy access to the shower enclosure. You may also prefer a wet room shower base that will be built into the floor creating a contemporary look as well.

When it comes to choosing the drain for your shower base, you have got a lot of different variants. You can select square or round, dark bronze, chrome, matte black and many other options.

Most Popular Shower Base Materials

The longevity and durability of your shower base largely depends on the material it is made of. The most popular shower base materials include acrylic, solid surface, natural stone, ceramic and tile. Acrylic is a strong, lightweight material that has an affordable price tag. The material has an elegant look and can add a nice touch to your space.

Solid surface is a gorgeous material that mimics the appearance of natural stone. The shower base made from this material will last for many years preserving its brilliant look. Natural stone is the ideal option for luxurious bathrooms. The material has incredible durability and sophisticated look. A ceramic shower base is another durable option that offers a timeless look. It is the right choice for many bathrooms. And last but not least is the tile. With this material you can create a truly unique and unusual shower base. You can choose the pattern that suits your bathroom most and reflects your personal preferences.

A shower base is an important element of every modern bathroom. With a high-quality shower base you will manage to create a contemporary bathroom space that impresses with beauty and style.

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