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When you have a small bathroom, using fixtures that can maximize space is extremely important. If there is no opportunity to install a tub in your bathroom, getting a shower enclosure is exactly what you need. In this case, you need to consider shower bases for small bathrooms. With a glass shower enclosure you can make your bathroom look more attractive and spacious. An elegant and sophisticated shower can add so much style and character turning your bathroom into a cozy place.

When it comes to choosing a beautiful and functional shower enclosure, your options are endless. There is a huge variety of showers designed to save space in your bathroom. A shower base is an essential component of every shower enclosure. Even if you have a limited bathroom space, you will easily find your ideal shower base that offers comfort and takes your shower experience to the next level. Let’s see whether you really need a shower enclosure in your small bathroom and what shower base would be the perfect choice for you.

Why You Should Have a Shower Enclosure In a Small Bathroom

The installation of a shower enclosure provides a lot of benefits. It is a great way to maximize space in your bathroom creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Versatility, durability and interesting design make a shower enclosure the right option for optimizing the square footage of your bathroom. While planning a bathroom remodel, some homeowners wonder whether a shower enclosure is really worth it. The answer is definitely yes.

Taking a shower saves time and water. Plus, it can significantly lower your utility bills. Enclosures with a small shower base save your precious floor space making your bathroom look and feel larger. With the right shower base you can completely transform your small bathroom making it more functional and visually appealing. You can select the shower base of the proper size and shape to complement your bathroom design and create the most soothing space ideal for rest and relaxation.

Choosing The Right Shape for Your Shower Base

In most cases, the dimensions of your bathroom space determine the size and shape of the shower base you can get. Space-saving options include square and quadrant shower bases that are usually a perfect fit for small bathrooms.

Square shower bases are a popular choice among homeowners. There is a huge selection of shower doors that can be installed with square bases. If you have a small bathroom, you can prefer a bi-fold shower door. This type of door offers space-saving functionality and style.

Choosing the right door for a square shower base can beautify your bathroom breathing new life into it.

If you manage to use space wisely, you will enjoy your time in the bathroom without even noticing how small it is. A quadrant shower base is another space-saving option you can consider. The shape of this base allows it to be installed in the corner of your bathroom optimizing the available space. At the same time, this shower base provides enough space helping you get pleasure and satisfaction while showering.

If you have a long and narrow bathroom, you may consider a D-shape shower base. It can be installed against the wall leaving some free space on both sides of the shower enclosure. The only problem with this base is that it cannot provide as much internal space as you need.

There is another shape you may prefer for your small bathroom. It is a pentagonal shower base which is ideal for a bathroom with limited space. However, this shower base does not provide enough internal space as well. Plus, finding a pentagonal-shaped shower enclosure can be difficult. The options are limited. Probably, a pentagonal shower base is not the best choice you can make.

Getting The Right Size Shower Base for a Small Bathroom

If you are planning to install a fascinating shower enclosure, you should choose the shower base of the right size to make your small bathroom a calming and harmonious place. The sizes of shower bases can vary significantly depending on what you are looking for. If standard sizes do not fit your space, you have an excellent opportunity to get a small shower base.

The smallest square shower base has the dimension of about 30 inches. This base is small, but still comfortable. It is ideal for a small home or apartment. Keep in mind that smaller size would make it almost impossible to use the shower effectively. Quadrant shower bases come in different sizes starting from 36 inches. No doubt, it is the right size for a smaller bathroom. Rectangular shower bases are great for more spacious showers. Even the smallest rectangular shower base that is about 32 x 48 inches can prove too big for your limited bathroom space. That’s why, you should properly measure your space in order to buy the shower base of the right size.

Why Choosing a Custom Shower Base

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom space and need a new shower base? In this case, you can greatly benefit from choosing a custom shower base. You will get a high-quality shower base that perfectly fits into your bathroom and complements its design. As a result, you will not have to worry that your shower base will be too large for your small bathroom. The base will be made to ideally suit the dimensions of your bathroom and shower enclosure. You can choose the material your shower base will be made of. The most popular materials include fiberglass, acrylic, natural stone, cast iron and solid surface.

You can also choose the color and finish for your shower base to improve the design of your bathroom. With the right material, you can select almost any shape. A square and even oval shape will not be a problem if you opt for a custom shower base. If you have a bathroom of an unusual shape or if you just want something unique, getting a custom shower base is the best solution for you.

A shower base is a major component of any shower enclosure. So, it’s critical to get the one that perfectly fits your bathroom. The ideal shower base can turn even the simplest and smallest bathroom into a work of art. Make your bathroom beautiful with an elegant and functional shower base.

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