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The bathroom is probably the first place you visit in the morning. It sets your mood for the rest of the day. No doubt, a well-lit and beautifully decorated bathroom can make you feel happy and ready to achieve success. An old and outdated bathroom has the opposite effect. If your bathroom does not bring you pleasure and satisfaction any more, you need a change. Think about a shower door.

In order to make your bathroom renovation project successful, you should think about adding a focal point that can completely transform your bathroom. Today, a spacious and luxurious shower enclosure can become a powerful focal point that creates an inviting and truly magical atmosphere.

Modern showers are not just refreshing and energizing, they are extremely beautiful as well. Shower doors are one of the key elements that do not always receive the necessary attention. In fact, the type of shower doors you prefer can determine the functionality of your enclosure. To ensure the longevity of your shower doors, it’s crucial to choose the right material they will be made of. Let’s analyze the different shower door materials and discuss the pros and cons each option has to offer. Hopefully, the information you are going to find out will help you make the choice you will never regret.

Selecting Glass Shower Doors for Your Enclosure

Glass shower doors have been immensely popular for many years. Their gorgeous look and sophisticated design make them the right fit for almost any bathroom. Glass doors are highly durable and can last for many years. To get the right doors, consider the thickness of the glass. This parameter can vary significantly. Obviously, the thicker the glass, the longer the doors are going to last.

When it comes to selecting a glass shower door, tempered glass is likely to be the best choice you can make. Tempered glass is extremely strong, durable and resistant to breakage. It usually comes in various styles including clear, ultra-clear, patterned, tinted, acid-etched and cast. Each type of glass is visually appealing and can complement your bathroom design adding a touch of glamour and character.

You can also find shower doors made of laminated tempered glass. This shower door has two sheets of glass with a sheet of transparent vinyl between them. Laminated glass offers extra security, soundproofing and UV resistance. Laminated glass is thought to be stronger than tempered glass. But it’s not often preferred for shower doors because of its heavy price tag.

Glass shower doors are easy to clean and maintain. A glass cleaner and a sponge would be enough to keep your shower doors crystal clear and sparkling. Installing a glass shower door is definitely a great idea. It can make your property more attractive for potential buyers and increase its resale value.

Despite the fact that glass shower doors are a smart choice for your bathroom interior design, they still have some drawbacks you should consider. As you already know, the glass used for making shower doors is strong and durable. However, it still can break accidently. Plus, glass shower doors are heavy. It really makes installation difficult. You should hire a professional to install the doors properly.

Adding an Acrylic Door to Your Enclosure

Acrylic shower doors are a relatively new option on the market. Durability, affordability and a nice look make acrylic shower doors the perfect choice for so many homeowners. If you want to add a touch of beauty and tranquility to your bathroom, but cannot afford to buy a glass shower door, acrylic would be the right material for you.

In comparison with glass, acrylic is a lightweight material. So, it is much easier to install. Acrylic is a better option for those homeowners, who want to install a shower door without professional help. Compared to glass, acrylic is more difficult to clean and maintain. You should use a mild cleaning agent and a soft sponge to avoid scratching the surface of your door. Keep in mind that using any abrasive cleaners can seriously damage your acrylic shower doors.

Acrylic doors are a great addition to your enclosure. But they come in limited options and cannot offer the diversity you need. Plus, you will have to replace your acrylic shower doors more often than glass doors just because they have a shorter lifespan.

Installing Fiberglass Shower Doors – Is It a Good Option?

Some homeowners prefer simple, but yet functional shower doors. This is when fiberglass shower doors come to mind. With these doors you can create a comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom and add a touch of elegance without overpaying. Fiberglass doors are less expensive in comparison with their glass and acrylic counterparts.

Keep in mind that you should clean your fiberglass shower doors on a regular basis to avoid hard water spots, soap scum build up, mold and mildew. To keep fiberglass clean and shiny, you can use such household products as vinegar, dishwashing liquid and baking soda. You can also try using lemon or even grapefruit to deal with stubborn stains. Citric acid is an effective natural stain remover.

If you want your shower doors to last for decades, fiberglass is not the material you need. Fiberglass doors are not resistant to cracks and scratches. That is the main reason why they have a shorter lifespan. If not maintained properly, fiberglass doors are prone to staining and discoloration. You may notice that the doors have lost their initial beauty and look dull indeed.

If your fiberglass shower door is damaged, repairing it is not a very good idea. The repair will be too costly and in most cases not worth the result. So, replacing the doors would be a much better option. Fiberglass cannot provide homeowners with various opportunities to customize the doors according to their needs and preferences. The color and texture options are very limited.

Shower doors can become an important design element that changes completely the way your bathroom looks and feels. Choose high-quality shower doors that will always impress you with their brilliance and sophisticated style.

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