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Remodeling your bathroom can be a time-consuming and expensive process. But in most cases, it’s really worth the money spent. Bathroom remodel can significantly increase the resale value of your home. It can also improve usability and functionality lowering the utility costs at the same time.

If you are tired of the way your bathroom looks and feels, it’s the right time to change it. You will definitely agree that your shower enclosure is the centerpiece of the bathroom. Whether you are planning to upgrade your existing shower enclosure or want to get a new one, you will have to think about the shower door that ideally suits your space.

There are a lot of crucial things to consider while choosing your best shower door. An elegant and sophisticated shower door can add a touch of style to your bathroom creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. However, the door you prefer does not have to be just beautiful. It has to be safe as well. Let’s dig deeper to find out what features can really make your shower door safe for you and all your family members.

Choose Tempered Glass for Your Shower Door

The safety of your shower door mainly depends on the type of glass it is made of. Today, tempered glass is widely used for manufacturing shower doors. This type of glass is much stronger in comparison with standard glass which breaks into sharp pieces that may cause injuries.

Tempered glass is well known for its safety. It still can break. But even if it happens, tempered glass breaks into small pieces that are less likely to cause any serious injuries. Tempered glass is scratch and impact resistant. Despite the fact that the shower door made of tempered glass is strong and safe, you should still be careful when using it.

Consider Laminated Tempered Glass to Make Your Shower Door Safe

Laminated glass is gaining huge popularity as a reliable and safe option for shower doors. This glass consists of two or even more layers with strong and durable interlayer between them. Laminated glass offers improved safety features in comparison with the other types of glass. The construction of the glass makes it incredibly strong, resistant to cracks, chips and scratches. This feature is extremely important, especially in homes where kids and pets live. Elegant look and durability make laminated tempered glass one of the best options for shower doors.

In fact, there are many reasons why you should consider laminated glass. It is not just immensely strong and durable. It also insulates sound between your shower enclosure and the rest of the bathroom space. No doubt, it helps create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Laminated glass also provides some level of UV protection. It effectively prevents fading and discoloration of bathroom fixtures. You can be sure that with the shower door made of laminated glass your bathroom will last for many years preserving its brilliant look.

Framed or Frameless Shower Door – Which is Safer?

A new shower door can transform your old and boring bathroom into a vibrant and attractive space. When it comes to safety, you should really think whether a framed or frameless door would be a better option.

As the name suggests, a framed door has a metal frame around the edges. This door is a great addition to your shower enclosure. The frame provides more stability making the glass steadier and significantly reducing the risk of breaking. This door can open just like a frameless door or have a sliding design.

Both types are equally safe. However, safety largely depends on how you use the door. Make sure that there is a soft-close mechanism for your framed door that opens inward and outward. The mechanism closes the door softly and gradually. Without this feature, the door can break suddenly and cause you a lot of trouble. To ensure safety and durability, a sliding door should have this component as well.

If you are looking for a modern and sophisticated design, you can opt for a frameless shower door. This door is made of high-quality glass. But it is less stable that a framed door. Some experts believe that a framed shower door is stronger and safer. But it’s not always the case. A frameless door is made of thicker glass. So, it doesn’t break easily. Frameless doors are more functional. They minimize the risk of mold and mildew growth.

So, framed doors are considered the safest option. Frameless doors are also safe, if used with caution.

Tips to Ensure Safety of Your Glass Shower Doors

If you really want to get a high-quality shower door that is incredibly strong, durable and safe, deal with a reputable manufacturer only. When you buy from a reliable brand, you can be sure that your shower door is safe and will last for decades bringing you pleasure and satisfaction.

You shouldn’t install the door by yourself. Hire a professional who can do the job well. Remember that even a minor mistake during installation can cause serious problems. The door can break right after it’s been installed. Check all the moving panels to make sure that they are properly attached to the door system. Keep in mind that nothing should come in contact with the door when it opens. Otherwise, you run the risk of breaking the shower door.

You should also be careful when getting in and out of your shower enclosure. Think about getting a nonslip matt to minimize the risk of falling. Avoid slamming the door and putting the excessive weight on the towel bars. If you do so, you can cause the glass to crack. If you have kids in your family, explain safety rules to them. Always watch your kids when they are in the bathroom. And finally, inspect your glass shower door on a regular basis. If you notice any cracks, don’t hesitate and replace the glass. Remember that safety is your number one priority.

Glass shower doors offer a lot of benefits adding a touch of elegance and style to your bathroom space. Modern and sophisticated shower doors will completely transform your bathroom space creating a comfortable and safe environment.

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