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Soaking vs whirlpool bathtub? It can be difficult to choose your ideal tub if you do not know exactly what features to look for. Some people believe that a tub is just a simple bathroom element used for cleaning the body. However, the vast majority of homeowners see the tub as the centerpiece of the bathroom and the perfect space for rest and relaxation. If you are planning to purchase a tub in the foreseeable future, there are a lot of things to consider including the shape of the tub, its material and dimensions. You should also think whether you want a freestanding tub or a built-in one.

If you are one of those people who cannot imagine their lives without a relaxing bath, you should definitely consider a soaking or a whirlpool tub that have been designed for bringing you the utmost pleasure and satisfaction. But which tub is better for you? In fact, there are some differences that can influence your final choice. Let’s dig deeper into the topic soaking vs whirlpool bathtub to find out what each bathtub has to offer. Hopefully, this information will help you select your best tub and never regret the choice you have made.

Pros and Cons of Soaking Bathtubs

As the name suggests, soaking tubs have been designed to provide you with long and comfortable soaks. These tubs are deep enough to give you the most fascinating bathing experience. A soaking tub is about 23 inches in height. Some soakers are deep enough to hold 250 gallons of water.

A soaking tub provides you with a unique opportunity to relax after a stressful day and leave all your worries behind. This tub is a perfect choice for those homeowners who want to add more elegance and glamour to their bathroom.

Soaking tubs can be found in almost any shape and configuration. So, you will definitely find the tub that makes your bathroom design even more vibrant and unique. You can choose a square, round, oval, rectangular, clawfoot and even an hourglass soaking tub.


Soaking tubs are also available in any tub material including cast iron, acrylic, copper as well as stone and stainless steel.

If soaking in a hot tub is not enough for you, you can choose a tub equipped with one of the following features – light therapy, aromatherapy, thermotherapy, sound therapy and chromatherapy. So, a deep soaking tub with additional features can turn your bathing into a fantastic experience you will definitely want to repeat.

Despite the fact that deep soaking bathtubs are so luxurious and can bring you so much joy and happiness, they still have some drawbacks you should consider prior to buying the tub.

Soaking tubs are bigger than regular bathtubs. So, the biggest challenge is to find enough space to install this tub. Plus, filling a soaking tub requires more water in comparison with a standard tub. But it’s not a problem for those homeowners who are ready to face the additional expenses.

Soaking tubs can be really expensive. The cost usually depends on the materials and the size of the tub. It starts at around $1,000 and can reach $5,000.

If you are still not sure whether a soaking tub can meet your needs, keep on reading to get acquainted with the main features of the whirlpool bathtubs. Comparing the two tubs will definitely help you make the right choice.

Pros and Cons of Whirlpool Bathtubs

We all have busy lives. That’s why, relaxation is extremely important. Proper relaxation can help us stay always happy and healthy. Bathing in a whirlpool tub is a great way to rest and relax. These tubs are usually equipped with 6-8 water jets located throughout the tub. The jets work well and can effectively soothe the muscles making you feel fresh and rejuvenated.


Whirlpool bathtubs can be found in different sizes and styles. So, you will be able to purchase the tub that perfectly fits your home and your bathroom design. Drop-in whirlpool tubs are often chosen by homeowners who want to save space in the bathroom. Corner tubs also save bathroom space. At the same time, they provide much space to bathe.

If you are looking for a more elegant and luxurious tub, think about getting a clawfoot whirlpool tub. Walk-in bathtubs have been designed for people who have problems with climbing in and out of a standard tub. This tub eliminates the risks of falling and slipping.

A whirlpool tub keeps the water hot much longer providing a unique way to unwind and reduce stress. This tub is ideal for people who have some health issues including tendinitis and arthritis.

The whirlpool bathtub has another advantage that most homeowners consider important. This tub adds value to your home. You should definitely keep this fact in mind if you plan to sell your property in the future.

Whirlpool tubs can be expensive indeed. The average price usually ranges from $3,000 to $16,000. In fact, this price can be even higher. But you can be sure that the tub is really worth the money.

Some people refuse from getting a whirlpool tub because it is too big, can be very noisy and needs a lot of water to fill. In some cases, homeowners need to change the ventilation system in your bathroom to be able to use the tub.

Soaking vs Whirlpool Bathtub – How to Make a Choice

The choice soaking vs whirlpool bathtub largely depends on your personal preferences. Soaking tubs do not have too many features. They look just like standard bathtubs. However, these tubs are deeper providing you with enough space to soak. If you simply want to bathe in warm water and do not need any additional features, a soaking tub will suit you well. Soaking tubs are often chosen by people who are looking for pleasure and comfort, but cannot afford to spend too much money on a tub. Soaking bathtubs are less expensive in comparison with whirlpool tubs.

Whirlpool bathtubs can be extremely beneficial for people with some medical conditions. Whirlpool therapy helps reduce swelling and inflammation, improve mobility and relieve pain. However, you should be careful if you have any medical condition. Consult your professional healthcare provider before you start using a whirlpool tub to make sure that this therapy is exactly what you need.

Getting a new bathtub is a great way to transform your bathroom and even change your life. Now, let’s return to our main question – soaking vs whirlpool bathtub? Choose the tub that will take your bathing experience to the next level making you feel happy indeed.