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When designing your kitchen, choosing the right range hood is an extremely important decision that will have a huge impact not just on the aesthetics of the whole room, but on its functionality as well. An elegant and sophisticated range hood can become a great addition to any kitchen space. It can become a valuable design element that complements your kitchen and helps create a truly harmonious space.

The importance of having a high-quality range hood can hardly be overestimated. This kitchen item effectively removes smoke, odors and the harmful particles that the air in your kitchen may contain. So, you will be able to breathe clean air while cooking. Plus, the vast majority of range hoods have light panels or bulbs which illuminate the cooktop making the cooking process even more pleasant and satisfying. And of course, a powerful and stylish range hood will increase the resale value of your home.

It’s worth mentioning that there is a huge variety of range hoods you can choose from. Just keep in mind that the devices differ and you should choose the one that will perfectly suit your kitchen space. Let’s dig deeper to find out what aspects you should consider to be able to select the right range hood.

Different Types of Range Hoods

If you are planning to add a range hood to your kitchen space in the nearest future, you should know that there are different types of range hoods available on the market today. The most popular range hoods include wall-mounted, under-cabinet, built-in, island and downdraft range hoods.

If you really want to make a range hood a focal point of your kitchen, you should definitely consider a wall-mounted option. This range hood is attached to the wall. It comes in different styles and can easily add a beautiful touch to your space.

Under-cabinet range hoods are one of the best space-saving solutions. Just like the name suggests, they are installed under the cabinet above your cooktop. You can choose the design that will incorporate easily into your kitchen creating a truly beautiful and functional space.
Built-in range hoods are another popular option among homeowners and interior designers. These range hoods are hidden in the cabinetry. They provide a seamless look making your kitchen truly stylish and unique.

If you have a cooktop installed in the middle of the kitchen, you will hardly ever be able to do without an island range hood. These range hoods look elegant and can easily beautify your kitchen space. If you have an open concept kitchen, an island range hood would become the perfect addition to it.

And finally, you have an opportunity to install a downdraft range hood. This unusual device is integrated into a countertop and can be hidden once you don’t need it. This range hood can add a unique touch to your kitchen transforming it into a luxurious space.

Understanding How Many CFM Your Range Hood Should Have

While selecting the ideal range hood for your kitchen, its design is not the only factor you should consider. To be able to function properly, your range hood must be powerful enough. Otherwise, it will not be able to remove effectively the odors from your kitchen air.

CFM, or cubic feet per minute, is known to be the amount of air your range hood can move per minute. In order to find out how many CFM your range hood needs, you should measure your kitchen first. You will need three parameters including, the width, length and height of the room. Multiply these numbers and you will get the CFM you need.

The CFM you may require also depends on your cooking habits. If you cook a lot and on a regular basis, you will definitely need a more powerful range hood. Just keep in mind that the higher the CFM, the more noise your range hood may produce. The distance between your cooktop and the range hood also matters. The more distance between these two devices, the more powerful your range hood should be.

Choosing between Ducted or Ductless Range Hoods

Whether you are planning to renovate your kitchen or just want to update it with a new range hood, there are some important factors you will have to consider. Choosing between a ducted or ductless range hood is definitely one of them.

A ducted range hood expels the grease, smoke and harmful particles out of your home. A ductless range hood cleans the air and recirculates it in your kitchen space. Ducted range hoods are highly effective. Their quit operation and the lack of charcoal filters make these devices popular indeed. However, they are not for every kitchen. In some cases, it’s impossible to install this range hood. That’s why a lot of homeowners prefer ductless options.

Ductless range hoods are easy to install and can be used in any home. These range hoods have a more affordable price tag in comparison with their ducted counterparts. To make sure that your ductless range hood works well, you will have to replace filters on a regular basis.

Additional Features to Look for in a Range Hood

While choosing a range hood for your kitchen, consider the additional features that offer so many benefits. To change the level of air flow, your range hood may have push buttons or digital control panel.

Automatic shut-off is another important function. You will not have to worry about turning off your range hood. It will turn off automatically. Having heat sensors built into your range hood would be great as well. This function allows your range hood to feel when it gets hotter in your kitchen. As a result, it starts venting the air more rapidly. Some new models of range hoods can be controlled from your mobile phone.

It is a very useful function when you are not in the kitchen, but need to change your range hood settings right away.

A beautiful and functional range hood is an essential part of every kitchen. Get a high-quality device that will breathe new life into your kitchen space and make cooking even more enjoyable and engaging.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Hood

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Kitchen Hood