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A clawfoot bathtub is a symbol of elegance and beauty, a powerful design element that can completely transform your bathroom space creating an exquisite and luxurious oasis. A clawfoot tub will take your bath experience to the next level bringing a sense of utmost comfort and satisfaction. The tub will also add a touch of character and style to your space. Moreover, it will significantly increase the resale value of your home.

A successful bathroom renovation depends on plenty of factors. No doubt, the tub you prefer plays a decisive role in the way your bathroom looks and feels. An elegant and sophisticated bathtub will definitely attract the attention turning your space into a true masterpiece. A clawfoot tub will complement your bathroom design and help you create a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

Do you want to add a unique touch to your bathroom? Installing a clawfoot tub is the way to go. In fact, these tubs come in different shapes, sizes and styles. You will easily find the one that perfectly fits into your bathroom space. Let’s dig deeper to find out how a clawfoot tub can make a statement in your bathroom and turn it into a dream escape.

A Modern Bathroom with a Beautiful Clawfoot Bathtub

A clawfoot tub is a combination of luxury and style. It has a timeless look and can become a great addition to any bathroom. Some homeowners believe that this bathtub is the ideal choice for traditional bathrooms only. However, it can breathe new life into a modern bathroom as well.

In your modern bathroom space, a clawfoot tub will look amazing indeed. It will quickly become a centerpiece of your bathroom adding a unique touch and refreshing the whole space.

A Traditional Bathroom with a Sophisticated Clawfoot Tub

A vintage bathroom design will not be ideal without a beautiful clawfoot tub. To make your traditional bathroom look even more sophisticated, prefer a slipper or a roll top clawfoot tub. This tub will add drama and romance turning your bathroom into a truly fascinating place.

To design a vintage-style bathroom you can pair a clawfoot tub with a lot of other interesting items including pedestal sinks, antique mirrors and metal chandeliers. All these elements will add excellence and charm to your space.

A Small Bathroom with a Gorgeous Clawfoot Tub

The vast majority of homeowners believe that a luxurious clawfoot tub can be installed in large bathrooms only. But if you are the owner of a small bathroom, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the beauty, comfort and sophistication of a clawfoot tub. These elegant tubs come in different sizes. So, you can choose a smaller tub that would be ideal for your limited bathroom space.

A Colorful Clawfoot Tub for a Bold Bathroom

Do you want to renovate your bathroom and add a touch of color? Installing a colorful clawfoot tub would be a great option. A colorful bathtub will become a focal point of your bathroom creating a unique atmosphere and mood. This bright design element will have a huge impact on the way you feel. No doubt, you will get a lot of positive emotions each time you enter your bathroom.

Different colors evoke different emotions. You can choose the bathtub color that brings you pleasure and satisfaction. Blue is the color of relaxation and calmness. A blue clawfoot tub will become the perfect choice for those homeowners who want to turn their bathroom into a peaceful oasis. Red is the color of strength and power. It is often used to attract the attention. A red clawfoot tub will definitely make a statement in your bathroom. If you want to add drama and romance to your bathroom space, choose dark bathtub colors including black, brown or gray.

A Clawfoot Tub for an All-White Bathroom

White is the color of perfection and cleanliness. That is the main reason why a lot of homeowners prefer creating all-white bathrooms. This color is ideal for minimalist bathrooms. It makes the bathroom look and feel more spacious. No doubt, a clawfoot tub is a great addition to a white bathroom. The white color also symbolizes comfort and peace. So, you are going to feel more relaxed in a white bathroom.

A Clawfoot Tub in a Black-and-White Bathroom

Are you looking for an impressive color scheme for your bathroom renovation project? The combination of black and white is a classic option that always works perfectly well. These colors are a great choice for traditional and modern bathrooms. Think about installing a black clawfoot tub that will strike with excellence and style. If you are not a fan of black, you can prefer dark gray instead.

With red accents and a touch of gold you can turn your black-and white bathroom into a work of art. The bathroom will become the most beautiful room in your home, always relaxing and always inspiring.

Clawfoot Bathtub Feet Always Come First

Elegant feet are a distinguishing feature of every clawfoot tub. And there are different types of feet and finishes you can choose from. The most popular feet often preferred by homeowners and interior designers include ball & claw, lion paw, imperial as well as leaf-shaped and cannonball feet.

Ball & claw feet are a great option for modern and traditional bathrooms. If you want to create a vintage-style bathroom, lion paw bathtub feet are exactly what you need. These feet will add a touch of uniqueness to the whole space. Imperial feet are another classic feet with a timeless look. For a contemporary bathroom space, opt for leaf-shaped or cannonball feet. Most clawfoot bathtub feet are made of aluminum or cast iron. There is also a wide selection of finishes to match your bathroom interior. The most popular finishes include chrome, polished nickel, brass and oil rubbed bronze.

Are you looking for an amazing bathtub to add to your home? Find your ideal clawfoot tub to freshen up your bathroom and turn it into a truly luxurious space.

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