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It’s hard to imagine a modern bathroom without a tub. A bathtub has a huge impact on the way your bathroom looks and feels. If installed correctly, a tub can easily become a focal point improving your bathroom design and adding a touch of style and elegance to it.

If you are planning a bathroom renovation project, a tub is definitely one of the key elements to consider. Some homeowners prefer to replace a tub with a shower. However, that is not the best decision to make in terms of aesthetics and your home’s resale value. With a beautiful and functional tub you can easily turn your bathroom into a truly fantastic place full of glamour and romance.
Choosing your dream bathtub is a challenging, but at the same time rewarding process. There are a lot of important factors to consider including the material, size and positioning of your bathtub. Let’s dig deeper to find out what makes the tub a perfect fit for your bathroom.

Consider Your Needs

When choosing the ideal bathtub for your bathroom, think about your lifestyle first. The tub you install should meet all your requirements bringing pleasure and satisfaction. Having a comfortable tub is crucial for families with kids. If you have small children, a deep soaking tub would be a better option.

Consider Your Needs

68″ Streamline N203BGM Soaking Freestanding Tub and Tray With Internal Drain

Obviously, people without kids or with grown kids who have already moved out will have absolutely different needs. You should analyze your needs carefully to get the tub that will provide you with an amazing opportunity to enjoy your bath time to the fullest.

Choose Your Bathtub Style

When it comes to picking your bathtub style, you should know that you’ve got plenty of choice. Today, freestanding tubs are one of the most popular bathtubs and it’s no wonder why. Freestanding tubs look stunning indeed. This tub can become a great addition to your bathroom creating the most fascinating conditions for your rest and relaxation. A freestanding tub will help you get the perfect bath experience. These tubs are a great option for spacious bathrooms. They are easy to install, clean and maintain. But if you have a limited bathroom space, think about the other tubs that can complement your bathroom design and provide the experience you need.

Alcove tubs are standard tubs with one side visible and three sides pressed against the walls. These tubs are often preferred by homeowners who want to save some space in their bathroom. Drop-in tubs are put into a frame that is usually finished with stone or tile to match the design of your bathroom.

If you want to add luxury and style to your bathroom, consider buying a clawfoot tub. It is a freestanding tub that sits on four feet. A clawfoot tub is a symbol of beauty and elegance. With this magnificent tub you can transform even the simplest bathroom into a masterpiece.

Your Bathroom Style

63” Streamline N377CH-IN-BL Soaking Clawfoot Tub and Tray with Internal Drain

Walk-in tubs are designed for the people with mobility issues and the elderly. The tub provides an easy and safe entry and exit reducing the risk of falling.

Size and Capacity of Your Dream Bathtub

The standard bathtub is 60 inches long and 32 inches wide. The depth can be different and usually depends on the style of a bathtub you prefer. You should consider the dimensions of your bathroom in order to choose the tub of the right size.

The bathtub capacity is usually a matter of personal taste and preference. Standard tubs hold about 80 gallons of water. Small tubs can hold only 40 gallons of water. Larger bathtubs hold about 100 gallons of water. If you cannot imagine your life without soaking in warm water, you should definitely get a deeper and bigger tub that can bring you more comfort, pleasure and satisfaction.

Considering Hot Water Issues

You can easily find your dream tub if you know what you are looking for. But when you install this tub, you may face the problems you have not even thought of. Here, we are talking about a water heater. Keep in mind that your water heater must be able to fill at least two thirds of the tub. If you want to install a large bathtub in your bathroom, make sure that the water heater can handle the task and provide you with enough hot water. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy your bath time.

Your Best Bathtub Material

The beauty and durability of your bathtub largely depends on the material it is made of. If you are looking for inexpensive and lightweight material, fiberglass is definitely what you should think of. Acrylic is another lightweight option resistant to stains and cracks. Acrylic tubs are gorgeous and strong. They can complement any bathroom design adding a touch of beauty and character.

Your Best Bathtub Material

65″ Cast Iron R5440GLD-WH Soaking Clawfoot Tub and Tray with External Drain

Cast iron tubs are incredibly durable. If you need a tub that will remain untouched for many years to come, cast iron tub is exactly what you need. The only problem with this tub is its weight. A cast iron tub can prove to be too heavy for your bathroom floor. You should check it before buying the tub. You may also consider ceramic, cultured marble, stone resin and even wood bathtub. Just analyze your budget and things you really want to have in your dream tub.

The Most Comfortable Bathtub Shape for You

Bathtubs come in a huge variety of shapes. No doubt, you will be able to find the shape that brings you the comfort you need so much. Rectangular tubs are a popular choice among homeowners. This tub can integrate into any bathroom design. Oval tubs have a brilliant appearance. They are selected by people who want to create a truly unique atmosphere in the bathroom. Slipper tubs are tubs with one or two ends raised up. A slipper tub has an appealing design and can accommodate two bathers. If you are looking for a truly charming bathtub shape, consider a round tub. The tub is deep enough and does not require too much floor space. A square tub is another deep tub that can take your bath experience to the next level.

Do you want to turn your bath time into a fascinating spa-like adventure? With an elegant and functional tub you can easily plunge into the atmosphere of utmost comfort and relaxation. Find your dream tub today and make your bathroom look stunning indeed.

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