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Are you searching for a new shower door for your bathroom? Whether you are planning to replace your shower enclosure or just want to update your existing one, a shower door is one of the most important things you will have to think of.

With an elegant and functional shower door you can create a truly fascinating bathroom space where you can relax after a hard day at work. A beautiful shower door will bring a sense of coziness and style making the bathroom one of the best rooms in your home. A sophisticated shower enclosure will become a focal point of your bathroom complementing and even enhancing its design.

Some homeowners do not pay much attention to the process of choosing shower doors. However, selecting the right shower door can prove to be more difficult than you have ever suspected. You should install the door that meets all your needs and requirements. Plus, it has to be aesthetically pleasing to improve the way your bathroom looks and feels.

In fact, there are many different styles of shower doors your can choose from. Let’s analyze the most common types of shower doors. Hopefully, the information you are going to find out will help you choose the perfect shower door and turn your bathroom into a masterpiece.

Sliding Shower Doors

A sliding shower door is the best choice for small bathrooms. This type of door saves space making your bathroom look bigger and brighter. The doors are attached to tracks and move smoothly without requiring any extra space. Sliding doors offer a convenient and safe access to the shower enclosure. They open effortlessly making it really easy to get in and out of the shower enclosure. The doors also prevent the water from leaking and getting on the floor.

When it comes to choosing the sliding shower doors, keep in mind that they come in a huge variety of configurations, finishes and styles. You will definitely find the one that perfectly fits your bathroom space.

Along with all the benefits that sliding doors provide, they still have some drawbacks you should know about. Sliding shower door are more difficult to maintain because of the tracks that often accumulate dirt. Plus, the door offers limited opening that is not suitable for everyone. As time goes by, the tracks may get damaged and require replacement.

Hinged Shower Doors

Hinged shower doors are another popular type of shower doors often preferred for shower enclosure. As the name suggests, the doors are hinged on one side. They usually open outwards requiring some extra space to operate properly. So, a hinged shower door is a better option for larger bathrooms. But if you use your space wisely, you can install this type of door in a small bathroom as well. Hinged shower doors come in different styles and can complement any bathroom design.

Pivot Shower Doors

Elegant design, practicality and versatility make pivot shower doors one of the most popular options for bathroom remodels. A pivot shower door provides a quick and easy access to the shower enclosure. Unlike hinged shower doors, pivot doors open in both directions. It is a great option for people with some mobility issues. Pivot shower doors can go well with different shower enclosures.

The doors reduce the risk of water leakage. So, you can be sure that your bathroom floor will always be dry and safe. To operate smoothly, the door has to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. This door is not the best option if you want to install it by yourself. You should hire a professional to ensure that a pivot shower door is properly installed.

Bi-fold Shower Doors

Just like sliding shower doors, bi-fold doors are a great option for smaller bathrooms. The doors usually have two panels that can fold inwards. They are the perfect solution for those homeowners who have limited bathroom space. Bi-fold shower doors are not just convenient. They are beautiful and elegant as well. This type of door will add a unique touch to your bathroom. However, this door can be really hard to clean and maintain.

Framed or Frameless Shower Doors

When it comes to choosing the ideal shower door, there is another question you will have to answer. Which door is better – a framed or frameless one? In fact, your choice largely depends on your personal preferences and the design effect you are trying to achieve.

Obviously, each shower door has its own pros and cons. A framed shower door has a metal frame around the glass. Some experts believe that the frame makes the door stronger and steadier. Plus, a framed shower door has an affordable price tag. That is the main reason why so many homeowners choose to install them in their bathrooms.

But if you want to create a truly luxurious bathroom space, a frameless shower door is what you should really consider. The lack of metal framing makes the door look perfect indeed. A frameless door lets more natural light in making your bathroom feel light and airy. The only problem with a frameless shower door is its price. Frameless doors can be very expensive. But they are definitely worth the money.

Choosing the Right Shape for Your Shower Door

The shape of the shower door has a huge impact on the functionality of your shower enclosure and the way your bathroom looks. When it comes to choosing the shape for your shower door, you should consider the size of the shower enclosure and the design of the whole bathroom space.

The most popular shapes of shower doors include square, rectangular, round and neo-angle. Square doors are often preferred for smaller bathrooms, while rectangular doors are installed in large bathrooms. Round doors are an excellent option for circular bathroom designs.

Neo-angle doors are often chosen for corner showers. You also have an opportunity to get a custom shower door to create a unique and exquisite bathroom space.

A shower door is an important element of every shower enclosure. Get a high-quality shower door that will last for decades making your bathroom a beautiful and cozy place.

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