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Have you recently purchased a newly built property? Or, maybe, you just want to renovate your bathroom? On way or another, you should consider installing a bathtub. It will not only provide you with amazing bath experience, but add value to your home as well.

It’s worth noting that choosing a bathtub is a very responsible task. A bathtub is one of the key elements in your home. The right bathtub will add a lot of comfort to your space and decorate your bathroom for a long time. That’s why it’s so important to make the best possible choice.

There are many bathtubs available for sale these days. Bathtubs come in a vast variety of shapes, materials and sizes. That’s why picking a bathtub can be hard. Explore all of your options and give a preference to a bathtub that suits your bathroom style, lifestyle preferences as well as budget.

Today, we are going to dig deeper into the process of choosing a bathtub for your bathroom. Here, we’ll explain what to consider and give you tips to help you make a smart decision. As a result, you’ll manage to figure out how to choose the perfect bathtub.

So, let’s get started.


Renovating a bathroom requires meticulous planning. It’s incredibly important to select a bathtub of the right size. Make all the necessary measures before choosing a bathtub. It’s necessary to measure walls, a toilet, vanity, doorways, shower and plumbing in your bathroom. So, you’ll know the dimensions of your space well.

Measuring your bathroom helps realize what size of a bathtub you need, where fixtures have to be located and, most importantly where your bathtub has to be installed. When selecting a bathtub, you should take into account its length, width and soaking depth.


The durability of a bathtub depends a lot on the material that’s made of. There are acrylic, cast-iron and solid surface resin bathtubs. Each material has its own pros and cons.

Acrylic bathtubs have gained a huge popularity among homeowners. Let’s try to figure out what makes this material so special. Acrylic is a non-porous and light weight material. Acrylic bathtubs are easy to clean. If maintained properly, an acrylic bathtub can last for many years preserving its brilliant look. Affordability, durability as well as an elegant look make an acrylic tub popular choice. It’s important to know that scratches can appear on the surface of your tub. However, they can be removed easily.

Cast-iron bathtubs are more durable than the other bathtub materials. The tubs have a thick layer of enamel. Cast-iron material retains heat very well preventing the water from cooling down too quickly. On the other hand, cast-iron tubs are heavier. It’s also important to note that cast-iron tubs are more expensive.

Solid surface resin bathtubs are very beautiful. Solid surface mimics the look of natural stone, but it has a more affordable price tag.
Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each material before choosing a bathtub. Make sure that the material of your choice meets your requirements and fits your budget.


Bathtubs come with different finishes. There are bathtubs with glossy and matte finish. The question is – which finish is the perfect fit for your bathroom? Let’s dig deeper into this question and try to get the answer.

Matte finish is a good choice for the modern bathrooms. Matte finish can add drama to your bathroom creating the most fascinating atmosphere. Matte finish has a stunning look. The finish itself is soft and soothing. It brings warmth to bathroom. Matte finish can complement any bathroom design. It’s also important to note that matte finish goes well with bright color palettes. A bathtub with matte finish would be a good addition to a bathroom with white tones.

A tub with glossy finish makes your bathroom look more spacious. It adds a touch of style and elegance turning your bathroom into a truly fantastic place. Glossy finish would be a great choice if you have other sparkle elements in your bathroom. Bathtubs with glossy finish have the clean look.


Some bathtub materials give you an opportunity to pick the colors you prefer. Pick bathtubs of colors which are more to your liking.
For example, acrylic bathtubs come in a wide variety of colors. The most popular tub colors are: black, dark blue, green, grey, light blue, purple, red, white and yellow.

Keep in mind that bathroom’s claw feet may have different colors. The most popular claw foot color choices are: brushed gold, brushed gunmetal, brushed nickel, matte black, glossy white as well as polished gold and polished gold.

Installation Types

Bathtubs can be installed in your bathroom differently. There are alcove, clawfoot, drop-in and freestanding bathtubs. Analyze different installation types carefully and pick a bathtub that suits the design of your bathroom and your lifestyle best.


Weight of a bathtub is another important factor. Acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs are the most light-weight options. So, you shouldn’t worry about them. On the other hand, iron-cast bathtubs are heavy. Such tubs can create problems in your bathroom. Remember, water increases the weight of a bathtub. So, a bathtub filled with water is heavier. Make sure that floors in your bathroom are strong enough for a bathtub of your choice. Reinforce the floor in your bathroom if such a need arises.


It would be great to setup a budget for a bathtub in advance. In other words, you have to decide how much you are ready to spend on a bathtub. The budget includes the cost of a bathtub, the cost of installation and some extra costs. Add 10% to your budget to cover the unexpected costs. After that, you have to do research and select the bathtubs that meet your budget.

In this guide, we’ve provided everything that you need to know about choosing a bathtub for your bathroom. This will help you find out what to look for in bathtubs. Take advantage of our tips to make the best possible choice!

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